Finger Painting

Discussion in 'Photobombs' started by redredrose, Aug 21, 2012.

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  2. Zombie Llama

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    I showed S. He shuddered in horror.
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    @allmaple I kinda love it too, but on someone else and not someone I see all day.
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  4. Fitz

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    How do you even live your life with that?
  5. allmaple

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    I guessing it was done for the picture and then removed. From the description on Instagram (google translated, her Instagram is in Russian): I wanted to do something extremely impractical, but inspiring

    Browsing through I like her work, most of it is fairly "normal". And then there are a few crazy ones.
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    that's terrifying.
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    The song in that video is really appropriate.
  11. Erie

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    That is horrifying.
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    Oh my Jeff Goldblum the IG gets way worse.

    There’s also all kinds of weird shit on nails, like models of pregnant people and baby faces.
  14. allmaple

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    I don't get my nails done very often, but is it normal to basically hack off every single scrap of cuticle? That looks painful. And those toe nails are nasty, why would you put gels on toes??
  15. bluevalentine

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    Those cuticles look so sore and angry. Also it looks like she might have a fungal infection and I don't think trapping the infection under gel / acrylic is a good plan.
  16. CJ

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    Ugh the baby hand model is so gross :sick:
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    Her nails just look sore

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  19. Fitz

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    Why would she ever post that?
  20. MurderMystery

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    Believe it or not she was advertising for customers. She’s training and looking for models, but still charging to do that work it’s not free! There were more pictures. They weren’t any better.
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    Those nails look like a fungal trap just waiting to happen...if it hasn't already. Woof.
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  23. Fitz

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    Is she wearing two rings or three? Is that a second cushion cut ring on her pointer finger? I have so many questions.
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    I assume anyone with nails shaped like that doesn’t wear contacts.
  25. Or that they wipe their own butt.