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    OMJG the scene with her daughter laughing :loveu::loveu::loveu:.


    That should be women's slogan everywhere. WE decide. WE FUCKING DECIDE. Jeff Goldblum damn this week in legislation.
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    Dirty daughter

    Dear delete

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    The whole thread is amazing.
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    I wish I could emotionally torture everyone who uses the term post birth abortion.
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    What in the Handmaid’s Hell is this bullshit:

    So if the pregnant woman can be charged with manslaughter because she “started” the fight that ended with someone SHOOTING HER IN THE ABDOMEN while the shooter walks away scot free, where does it end?? Get in a car accident while pregnant and had lost the pregnancy due to severe injuries? Manslaughter! Should have kept the fetus safe. Slipped on a staircase and fell? Manslaughter!!

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    Backwards AF. :angry:
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    It is royally fucked up. That poor woman.
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    This doesn't bode well for the poor woman given the location and the fact that she's African-American. I would say opt against a jury and have the judge decide, but again...
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    The slippery slope keeps getting steeper.
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    Yeah I’m guessing judges in Alabama are elected ... :sad:.
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    How cute are her parents in the stands, love it!!
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    Get it young lady scientist!
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    So my fear as a 2-3 year old was not unwarranted!
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    Dear men,

    Please just assume you cant touch me. Touching includes but is not limited to cornering me in a stairwell at a pub and kissing your hand before putting your hand on my face.

    Fuck off,
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    Eat a bag of rotten sausages, fucker
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    That's assault
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    Holy shit. Ugh. I’m so sorry, Ham.
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