Family: The Gift You Can’t Return

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    My grandma has had 2 falls in the past 2 weeks :sad: the first fall resulted in a broken arm. I try to call her, but her phone always goes straight to VM. I reached out to my cousin who is her POA and he said her memory is getting worse and they will likely need to move her out of assisted living soon and into a nursing home :sad: He said he's getting her a landline next week since she keeps losing her phone. Wish I could talk with her though. I also recently saw that her facility has been the hardest hit in the area. Supposedly more on the nursing home side than assisted living. Not sure if my cousin plans to move her somewhere else or same facility, but obviously doesnt make me feel good. Just sucks.
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    I’m sorry she’s not doing well, A&O.
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    I’m sorry, that’s really hard. It’s sad to see a loved one deteriorate.
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    It is so hard. Sending you love.
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    I'm sorry A&O <3
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    Hugs A&O, that sucks <3
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    Hugs A&O. <3
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    That's awful A&O I'm sorry
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    I’m sorry A&O. <3
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    I’m so sorry. Or sucks how this pandemic is malt everything so much more stressful.
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    I give up on understanding my mother. All night were texts of woe and praying for a miracle etc. My brother and I hardly slept.

    This morning, it's as if yesterday didn't happen. She gave us a usual type update, mentioned the priest had come for anointing of the sick but not last rites. My brother and SIL apparently spent much of their night making plans to go to Houston and stay for a while. When he shared it with my mom, she feigned surprise and told him it was unnecessary and to maybe wait a week so our dad could maybe be moved to the long-term acute hospital as planned. When we asked what the doctors had said today, she claimed nothing new.

    My brother and I are just emotionally exhausted and confused. She either doesn't recognize or, worse, doesn't care that she's torturing us both. Yesterday was full of random, surprise video calls with my dad who seems super out of it. Today...nothing.
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    This is hard enough without dealing with the crappiness of family craziness. I’m sorry you’re being put through the emotional ringer on multiple levels. I know you know, but this is so not on you that your mom is doing this stuff.