Family: The Gift You Can’t Return

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    I don’t think the conspiracies are getting crazier, there has always been a subculture of this stuff online. I just think more people may be getting sucked in since they’re probably spending more time online. My brother has been into them for a decade so the subjects arent surprising to me.

    Another one they’ve discussed is randonauting. Basically it’s an app that gives you random coordinates near you to visit so you can explore new places. Conspiracy theorist believe by doing it you could “jump timelines.” Since everything is scripted doing something completely random causes a glitch in the matrix. While I don’t believe it, it might be worth a shot to get off this timeline. :lol:
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    But the app is probably scripted and trying to write history in favor of some crazy overlord. That's probably their only form of communication with us, and they probably consider it super primitive and they're probably looking at us thinking "by Jeff Goldblum, this has to work! It's our only chance or we're doomed!"
  3. Imabug1002

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    Oh, there is a theory that were living in a simulation and this app is the simulation runners trying to connect with us without giving it away.
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    My dad has been refusing to eat at home. My mom took him for his 3rd ER visit in two weeks, and apparently this time they're admitting him. He's on oxygen via cannula.

    I'm both worried and pissed. His doctor told him he had to get more nutrition into his body. But what do doctors know.
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    I’m sorry, Lh. That’s stressful and frustrating. I hope he improves soon.
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    Because the antibiotics he was on gave him diarrhea. The doctor said to take imodium often and gave him a schedule of smaller snacks to try and work through it. He refused according to my mom.

    The antibiotics are done now, and his doctor said to at least eat yogurt and take probiotics along with his heart pills so he doesn't forget. Again, refused or at least only complied half of the time.

    Doctor also told him that it's going to be super rough with covid, but that he needs to get up out of bed and be upright a few hours a day. So he gets out of bed every morning only to spend the whole day full reclined in his chair then back to bed. ETA: which doesn't do much to stimulate any appetite, so he just opts not to eat until he feels hungry.
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    Im so sorry lh :sad: how frustrating :sad:
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    That's so frustrating, @Lh718 . I'm sorry.
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    My older sister's kids are coming into town in two weeks to visit one of my little sisters, T. Older sister has been going to outdoor parties with tons of friends, and bringing the kids along too. One set of friends even traveled in from Oklahoma. She posts all the pictures on Facebook. She is going to blow a gasket when she realizes that my other sister, P, and I aren't going to allow her kids to visit our kids. T already told me she is fine staying away from our kids for two weeks after the our nieces' visit.

    ETA: T didn't realize all the partying and socializing that had been going on, so she might not allow them to come too. Basically, I guess my older sister is just going to be mad at all of us, but what else is new.
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    I'm back at work (at home) now. My parents offered any help we needed, including childcare. I said we're fine but actually it would be helpful if someone could just hold and feed the baby during the day while I get back into it.
    Mom is painting the powder room, and Dad is cleaning out the dining room and garage. She's asking me to check if it needs another coat, and he's asking me where stuff goes every few minutes. Baby came to a couple meetings with me and I used my lunch to feed him. I appreciate the help with the other stuff, but this is not easier for me. And since my parents are here it's not as easy as pumping while I work and just sitting around topless feeding the baby all day.
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    @CoolWife That sounds super tough. It sounds impossible to work while also caring for baby PLUS not even being able to be physically comfortable since you have guests. Just sounds like extra stress. Are you close enough with your mom that you can admit it is even harder than you thought and you just need someone to hold him?
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    I plan to ask her to just cuddle the baby tomorrow.
  13. Who doesn't want to just sit around cuddling a baby all day??? Especially a baby that you don't have ultimate responsibility for!
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    I need y'all to talk me into calling my father so that he can wish me a happy birthday.

    Scratch that. I think that was a bullshit request for my mom to make. I'll call my dad tomorrow.
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    It’s a very bullshit request indeed. Phones work both ways.
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    I’m sorry. Even if it’s within character it still hurts.
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    I want to point out that he got on his phone to get on FB and post a very sweet and flowery message on my wall. He has his phone with him and has had it all this time. Yet he doesn't participate in our family group text and lets my mom just update us with what he tells her on their own private texts and calls.

    Thank y'all for validating my decision. There's a lot of untraining still left to do.
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    I’m sorry she’s not doing well, A&O.
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    I’m sorry, that’s really hard. It’s sad to see a loved one deteriorate.
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    Thanks guys <3
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    It is so hard. Sending you love.
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    I'm sorry A&O <3
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    Hugs A&O. <3
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    That's awful A&O I'm sorry
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