Engagement Photo Conundrum

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  1. sparklesparkle

    sparklesparkle How is gold babby formed?

    I think this bee's problem is that her photos don't look like the photos of other people she's seen because SHE doesn't look like those other people... The photos don't seem much different from the examples otherwise. I could be wrong, though.

  2. HBC

    HBC Chicken

    They look less overexposed than the other ones, but I'm no photographer.
  3. nettysgirl

    nettysgirl Ultrawhore

    I wondered if part of the problem is that she wants her photos to look both "buttery" and "crisp" which to me seem like not the same thing. Maybe I don't understand what she means by "buttery" photos. My amateur interpretation of that would be soft-focused. Or pretty much the opposite of "crisp". Also, who's idea was the black and white? Of course that's going to be a completely different look than over-exposed color-saturated ones.
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  4. BootyBounce

    BootyBounce Sparkletwat

    I mean the ones on their website will always be their very best shots. And their pictures are def less overexposed...composition weird... but also theyre just not models and that might be part of this.
  5. AnonyCat

    AnonyCat Chicken

    I think their photos do look a lot more posed. And uncomfortable. I get the impression they are at a junior high school dance and leaving lots of "room for Jesus!".

    But that might not be entirely photographer's fault, some people just are not comfortable in front of a camera no matter how many tricks the photographer tries to get them to relax. I think I am likely one of them.
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  6. user4290

    user4290 North of the Boarder

    The website ones also seem to be taken in the fall. I don't know a lot about photography, but I imagine fall sunsets and colours are far different?
  7. MagnificentCat

    MagnificentCat Chicken

    I wonder if they also modified their style based on the conversation with the clients. They may have said "we like the trees at this place" and the photographers heard "by up the green of nature."

    It's also possible that the images on their website have more after effects than the normal images-- in which case they probably should have shown the couple a portfolio of standard images in print rather than just the website.

    The other thing is that she's pulling the best single image per couple and comparing them to all of hers-- who knows if those are her best or worst pictures.
  8. Snarchitect

    Snarchitect Chicken

    They look very uncomfortable, and I wonder if these are just the "raw" images, while the other ones have been enhanced.

    We were miserably hot during our engagement photos, and it shows.
  9. Snarchitect

    Snarchitect Chicken

    Apparently "buttery" means "golden." Okay.
  10. LouiseBelcher

    LouiseBelcher spampants

    I think they are comparing apples to oranges. The insta pics are finished products, likely shot in the fall and of model looking couples who appear to be photogenic and have some chemistry. Hers, the opposite.
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  11. Manhands

    Manhands definitely an asshole

    I'm not noticing any stark difference. It looks like their day was over-cast and the other's weren't? We need @Honey to tell us if she's crazy or not. I have no idea what I'm looking at. I agree they seem more uncomfortable.
  12. Canaligator

    Canaligator Barbie Police

    I'm curious to hear Honey's take. We didn't get engagement photos taken for a few reasons, not limited to the fact that we aren't models and I'm pretty sure we would have looked as stiff as these folks did. I know Honey (and others) recommend engagement photos to get comfortable with your photographer, but for us it worked out well doing it just on the wedding day - we knew our photographer already and we had good wedding-day excitement that helped overcome the stiffness I can almost guarantee we would have had for engagement photos.
  13. Snarchitect

    Snarchitect Chicken

    They just don't look that into each other. No amount of butter could help that.
  14. Ironring

    Ironring This Momma

    I'm assuming she's projecting body/image issues. I won't lie, this is one of my fears, that my photos won't look as good as the ones on the website. But I know that my fears (and any subsequent photo disappointments) are based on weight insecurities and not on the photographer.
  15. MagnificentCat

    MagnificentCat Chicken

    Yeah, I don't see a major difference. It's silly for people to say that it looks like they were taken on a phone... Especially since most of us are probably looking at them on a phone.
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  16. AnonyCat

    AnonyCat Chicken

    Oh, I was going to offer a hand on the buttery aspect. All that work for nothing. Now I am just hungry.

  17. Ciley Myrus

    Ciley Myrus Chicken

    @AnonyCat you get the Paula Deen Butter Chicken Award of the Month.
  18. AnonyCat

    AnonyCat Chicken

    Yeah, I thought the sample photos she posted just showed couples who were a lot better at eye gazing. One couple looked like they were having a goofy moment. You can't photograph (or edit in) that kind of chemistry if it isn't there.
  19. Meatz

    Meatz Roma Basic

    I think she looks super freaking cute (I want that dress) and with some color editing I think she will be happy.
  20. AnonyCat

    AnonyCat Chicken

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  21. BootyBounce

    BootyBounce Sparkletwat

    who the fuck is that little cowboy in the corner???!
  22. Cashmere Bandit

    Cashmere Bandit Minion moocher

    They look really uncomfortable with each other, and a lot of the shots she likes feature seated couples. They aren't seated in -any- of their shots.
  23. Honey

    Honey Historian Staff Member

    @Manhands got it. These were taken during midday on an overcast day instead of toward the end of day when the sunlight is more diffused. You can warm up the tones in post, but since she's pale af and he's got a good base tan, you can't make her look not pink without making him look like a Snooki monster. I also think that, in all of these sets of photos, the photographer is metering based on the couples' skin tones. But since the backgrounds are darker and more shaded in this bee's location, they look darker. The composition is nutty too. It's like she was taking wide environmental photos so the focus is anything but the people.

    She should have had her assistant throw a gold reflector on the bride to warm her up and mitigate some of those harsh shadows. And maybe the Bee shouldn't have used Mimi Bobeck as her makeup inspo.
  24. Meatz

    Meatz Roma Basic

    How have you lived without seeing "Everything is Awesome"?
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  25. AnonyCat

    AnonyCat Chicken

    So when she says they were taken during the "Golden Hour" they weren't? Or, rather, it was useless as it was overcast?
  26. amonavis

    amonavis Chicken

    I actually agree with her that the reference photos have a different "feel," which is frustrating because that can be hard to describe. The reference photos seem to have a warmer color tone, be brighter, and have more depth because the couples are in focus and some other elements are out of focus. Their photos have less depth because everything is in focus and they have an overall cooler tone. That is my totally non-professional opinion. I think her photos are fine, but I understand her feelings.