Do we not have an ugly tattoo thread?

Discussion in 'Photobombs' started by Honey, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. bluevalentine

    bluevalentine Statler or Waldorf

    I like the snowflakes. The colors overall are really gorgeous.
  2. Scout

    Scout Chicken

    The blue dots look like freckles.
  3. virgo

    virgo Chicken

    I want to see that owl too. I love owls and that one looks like it’s nicely done.
  4. Sugarskin

    Sugarskin Scrooge McBalls

  5. ReginaPhalange

    ReginaPhalange Chicken

    Ew. The shading makes her hand look hairy.
  6. Sugarskin

    Sugarskin Scrooge McBalls

    I'm also questioning that awful profile pic of hers...
  7. Manhands

    Manhands definitely an asshole

    The design is whatever, but the work actually looks pretty good. That is about the worst place for a tattoo though. It's going to end up looking like Vhenke's tattoo on steroids.
  8. Sugarskin

    Sugarskin Scrooge McBalls

    ...are we looking at the same photo?
  9. ReginaPhalange

    ReginaPhalange Chicken

    The work looks good to you? I think you need a new tattoo artist...
    The lines are inconsistent (fat - thin - fat), the design doesn't even match up:
    And the shading is horrendous.
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  10. NerdLady

    NerdLady Chicken

    The tail of it is a ring tattoo...
  11. hellohelloagain

    hellohelloagain Chicken

    All of the blowouts make it look like Sharpie. Definitely not done well by any stretch
  12. Rico Suave

    Rico Suave Chicken

  13. Manhands

    Manhands definitely an asshole

    Yeah, you guys are spot on. I didn't examine it up close like that. It doesn't matter though. I stand by my previously posted opinion of it on her hand. Good or bad work, it's going to look like shit eventually anyway.
  14. Rico Suave

    Rico Suave Chicken

    Whoops. my bad y'all.
  15. hellohelloagain

    hellohelloagain Chicken

    Back of the hand shouldn't experience any more issues than most tattoos, but the area that goes around her finger will definitely have issues.

    But she's starting from a blown out poorly done tattoo anyway, so placement isn't gonna matter, it'll look like crap down the road because it looks like crap now.
  16. lrrr

    lrrr Role Model

    I agree. The line work and shading are terrible and there's an error. That black line shouldn't be crossing into the purple.

  17. Manhands

    Manhands definitely an asshole

    Anyone have any idea what it's supposed to be anyway?

    @hellohelloagain I've never seen a hand tattoo that didn't end up looking like Vhenke's tattooed on bruise. Hands seem to age quick.
  18. hellohelloagain

    hellohelloagain Chicken

    The closer you get to the palms and fingers the more likely you are to have issues, but the actual back of your hand shouldn't be a problem on its own. All tattoos will slightly blur and fade over time. Hands are more likely to fade faster because they are almost always exposed and most people don't think to sunscreen their hands regularly. But they shouldn't straight fall out like palm or finger tattoos tend to. I've seen some really awesome back of hand tattoos.

    Having a good tattoo to start makes a huge difference though. If it's marginal or crappy to start with, they're gonna look worse with time. But that's true anywhere, not just on the back of the hand.
  19. curlysarah

    curlysarah Chicken

  20. The spacing in hers is off. The Q is too close to the heart.
  21. AnonyCat

    AnonyCat Chicken

    Have we talked about thugwife's, uh, finger adornments yet? "Simple with (her) jewelry" but not so simple with the tats.

    Rings are pretty. Less so when sitting on top of what looks like a Sharpie exploded on her finger.

    • Wedding: December 2015
    [​IMG]I’m not a size 5, but I’m close at a 4.5 and my 1 carat solitaire is absolutely perfect. I actually downgraded recently to my 1 carat from a 1.4ct bezel set. I love the bezel set but it was just a little big. We also tried a 2ct princess cut that looked enormous on my finger. I really liked it but it was just a bit much as I’m usually very simple with my jewelry. Can’t get a great pic inside today :/ but here’s my baby.

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  22. LouiseBelcher

    LouiseBelcher spampants

    Her tattoos are horrible. Tattoos on fingers are rough to do but in this case they look very poorly done and like the ink may not have been specific for lining- it has faded more than it should and the edges are not crisp.
    I used to be a tattoo artist and had a studio of my own in Seattle for about 5 years. On principle, I wouldn't tattoo hands or necks.
  23. Meatz

    Meatz Roma Basic

    Lucky Charm hand tattoos.
  24. TaterTot

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  25. Ciley Myrus

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    When bad things happen to pretty hands.