Daycare Drama

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    Awww, that’s really sweet. Hope you guys have a great experience with the nanny too!
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    Aww that’s so sweet. Onto better things though!
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    If you were creeping on your nanny on the baby monitor app, and you saw her leave your child on the changing pad on top of his dresser while she walked over to his closet to get him a new outfit, how would you handle that?

    Asking for a friend.
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    I would do nothing about that. Maybe a causal “OMJG C is being sooo crazy! He keeps almost jumping off the changing pad!” type deal if you want to drop a hint, but that strikes me more as just innocent misstep over true danger scenario. Thats just me though, I may be in the minority!
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    And depends if she knows you’re watching.
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    She does not, exactly - but she knows there is a camera in there. And I really don't check often, but I look to see if he's napping when I leave work so I don't open the garage which makes Indy bark & wake him.
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    Well then I’d mention that first. Like “hey don’t know if I told you explicitly, I can see the camera from outside and I check once in a while just to get a look at him.”
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    Yeah I'd go with @whatchyagonnado and play it off like he almost fell while he was with you isn't that a crazy story, so it's in her head as a possibility.

    F almost fell off our couch because she managed to scoot herself down and out of her boppy when I stepped away to make her another bottle. I think everyone makes mistakes like that sometimes, I don't think it's anything to really bother confronting about unless it happens repeatedly.
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    I definitely think it was an innocent mistake so I will do what Whatchya suggested.
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    I would do what @whatchyagonnado said, especially because N has been guilty of this before and it’s always more like a misstep.
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    If there was a service that would keep track of openings in local childcare centers and a list of nannies/home-based care, and match you to one in your neighborhood and budget, I would PAY for that. Like, a lot. C1 aged out of daycare once school went back in person (aside from summer camp). C2 was there for two whole weeks before he got sick which made him quit eating which brought about the feeding tube, which is why they wouldn't take him back. So my MIL has been practically living here since last June.
    Now, he eats! Kind of, but mostly it's fine. We are dying. Ok I am dying. I love my kids and my MIL and my job but like.. one at a time. We need childcare. The place we had the boys is like "oh, no, no openings until maybe September for him." Um, cool, but FUCK. No other places will answer their phone or return an email. So you have to assume they're full up or they'd take my money, right? Now I have to look further away from home (ew, when I'm just going back home) or for in-home care. In-home would be great but also everyone needs to gtfo the house sometimes.
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    I’m sorry. I really hope you find something that works.

    Working parents have a really hard balance to juggle at the best of times, but I don’t know how they’re expected to do it during these last couple shitshow years.
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