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    Damn. We had to pay 2 weeks' tuition as a deposit, but the application was only the $65, then they'd hold your spot for a while.

    Speaking of daycare. My next door neighbor is going to put her daughter in C's daycare, I'm so glad they can play together more. Related - they asked to hold a spot for her (she's 7mo now) for the fall, and were told "oh yeah, we'll have kids graduating to toddlers by then!" C is the oldest in the infant room now, I got an email the next fucking day saying they were going to move him. His teacher doesn't think he's ready, I don't think he's ready, and I told the director so. She backpedaled and said "well, yeah, it's just to let you know what to expect over the next while, we send it out when kids turn 1 to let the parents know, we transition them between 12 and 14 months." Which is all well and good except bullshit because he's not really 1 until June, he can't walk, he can't talk, and he doesn't eat. They can't have bottle in tots, and a lot of days still most of his calories come from the one bottle I send with him.
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    I spoke too soon, he's been up the last two nights - this morning at 5am and the flopped around our bed for an hour before passing out on my arm as my alarm went off.

    Dropped him at daycare this morning and there's, like, 12 kids in the infant room with one teacher. C's teacher was out at the bus stop (they take before/after and get them on/off the bus), so I imagine she'd be in soon to take the tots, but wtf. The infant teacher said 2 people called in sick this morning, and of course the owner/director is never there in the am, but someone else would be in at 8.
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    And if you remember the day I dropped C off with a dozen kids in the same room with one teacher - now apparently I'm fighting the director about it. She sent another super passive aggressive email about check in/check out and I asked what I thought was an innocent question. If you want to real my novella, tell me I'm not being a super huge bitch and I have the right to ask these questions of the people I trust with my child?

    Her (bulk) email and my replies:
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    You are not being a bitch. Her responses are quite defensive and bitchy.
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    Wait, so the kids need to be checked in by her, but she isn't there in the mornings during check-in? And she is pushing back against this?

    UGH CW. I don't think you're being bitchy at all.
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    There's a computer program we use to check them in and out. But more often than it should, the computer is off or not logged in so we can't.
    She isn't there until well after I drop off, I've NEVER seen her there at drop off (usually 7:15-7:45am).
    Then in the afternoon if you forget you didn't sign in and try to sign out, you end up signed in overnight, which gives the error.
    Also, you're there because people have busy lives and need childcare. Cut them some slack when dad picks up and forgets to check them out.
    The passive aggressive emails piss me the fuck off. Just check before you leave if there are any errors, nbd.
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    I mean, I get needing to check in/out from a liability standpoint, but it sounds like she needs to make a few (simple) system changes so that when she's not there, and the computer isn't logged in, someone can do that so that parents can do what they're supposed to do. That seems much more productive than sending passive-aggressive emails to parents about checking in and out. You can't be the only person who has noticed this.
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    This woman sounds like a peach. If I were you, I'd be looking for a new daycare.
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    Unfortunately it's not that easy, and we love everything else about the place. The teachers are amazing and his best friend is there. I'd have to convince them to move and chances are there's no place with two openings.
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    @CoolWife That director has a major chip on her shoulder. It's odd she doesn't even remember your exchange wherein you expressed your concern about lack of staffing. So she is or is not looking for more teachers? It's pretty absurd for her to be harping on the sign-in when she's the one responsible for getting it going in the mornings and isn't there before the first kid is dropped off.

    She should reassure you she won't short-staff again in the future, by whatever means necessary. JFC. "I work daily. And Fridays."

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    I actually didn't even say anything at the time of the 12:1 ratio. I figured it would turn into this, and another parent (our neighbors) assured us there were teachers there 15 minutes later and she had said recently she was looking for an AD. Apparently not the case.

    That's my favorite, too. I work daily. And Fridays. YES BUT YOU AREN'T THERE WHEN YOU OPEN. I hope my threat came off as a threat, lol.

    Thanks for validating me, chickens. <3
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    @TaterTot aquaphor is magical! We've mostly left it alone for now. It was pretty small - when they called and said he needed stitches I was freaking out and I got there like...that' I'll give it some more time.

    @CoolWife I've certainly complained over less! That sounds like a silly check in/out system and she has conveniently ignored the actual issue a legal issue for HER. One adult with 12 kids is unacceptable.
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    ...she hasn't responded to my last email. I was cordial but I still asked a question. Also spent the last hour looking up and reading state daycare rules.

    Eta - and found the online complaint form.
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    As a teacher in a daycare, all I can say is that I bet the teachers LOVE working under her..... SARCASM. One of those people who has the solution to everything, but isn't actually there to know how things work in an actual classroom environment. "More teachers than I know what to do with." really pisses me off. There is ALWAYS a place for extra teachers. Unless she's saying she has 3 full time staff per class, plus floaters. I highly doubt it.
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    Daycare teacher asked again if he needs sunscreen in the winter. Yes, he does. If there's sun there's skin cancer. He had his 18mo checkup last week and the doc specifically asked if he was wearing sunscreen outside. :roll:

    And I don't think I'm getting a response to my last email. I'll send another one later this week. I showed D and his response was also "I'm ok with another daycare, we can change!"
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    I'll be honest. When I started getting a bitchy vibe from our former provider, I had one foot out the door pretty shortly thereafter. Seeing her at drop-off and pick-up was just so fucking unpleasant, even though the ratios and quality of care were A+, 10/10, ****. It really is a gut feeling. Our in-home day care now is way lax, to the point that my rooster said he's actually happy I don't tell him everything I see going on there because it would just make him really anxious. LOL. The difference is that our kids both love it there and we feel deep down that our provider and her whole family are good people who are influencing our kids the right way.

    Anyway, all this to say I am in a situation now I would've been appalled at two years ago, but it feels good. So I'm going with it. You do you, CW. You do you.

    The sunscreen discussion is a good thing to bring up again. It's so cold out (and usually very cloudy), so the only thing exposed is noses, cheeks, chins. How hard is it to swipe some SPF 70 on there before going outside? Although to be fair, our kids have a very low risk of skin cancer on account of their fathers, don't they?
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    I hope so? My grandfather died from skin cancer a couple years ago so it's not a risk I want to take. Just... we know better now. I know they won't put it on him when he's in kindergarten, but I'll do it in the morning before school and be ok with that. By that point he won't have to have a face bath every couple hours from smearing lunch and snot all over himself and it'll stay on. :lol:
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    Dropped C off this morning and the computer wasn't logged in. Again. Just sent her a passive-aggressive email of my own.

    And on a lighter note: his teacher said yesterday he pulled one arm out the neck of his shirt, then pulled his pants down and just stood in the middle of the room. He's not even 2!
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    Ugh I am not looking forward to "flu season." C is such a whiny brat when he has the slightest fever, and of course I can't bring him to daycare even though it's obviously just a virus he got there.

    And.. today again, the computer was not signed in when I dropped him off at daycare. That's Friday and Monday. But guys she works daily. And Fridays. We got a blind group text at 11:16 that she had signed everyone in to the computer who was there this morning, so at least she's doing something.
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    Oh my fucking Jeff Goldblum you guys, DAYCARE.

    8am: drop C off. There are 9 kids (including a few infants) in the toddler room and 7 in Pre-S.
    8:10: decide I'm actually not ok with it and email the director just to make sure more staff are on their way and I don't need to go get him so I can know before I get 30 miles away (stall in Sbux drivethrough).
    8:21: text that they're closed because staff didn't show up for work
    8:24: same text
    (Neighbor texts and asks if they need to go get C, so nice, and also what made me even look at my phone)
    (I turn around, was halfway to work)
    (D calls in a panic because he's about to start training an hour away, I tell him I got it)
    8:28: super unprofessional email that daycare is closed because staff didn't call in on time
    (I get these emails when I check at the light off the highway, back almost to daycare)
    (Call D, decide to just go back to work since I have shit to do and they'll probably be closed tomorrow)
    9:00: reply to my email "C is fine"
    9:03: "Pre-S teacher can have 12 just an FYI and Tot teacher can have 4" (I know, there were 9 in tots)
    9:10: text "if your child is already here they can stay!"
    9:33: another defensive email: "shortly after 8 I came and (two other aides) so we took who we had and no more"
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    Ugh CW your day-care director needs to get her shit together.
  22. Pickles

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    Whoever runs this place clearly has no business running a daycare. Also, who says they're closed but your kid can stay if they're there...that's not how daycare closure works.
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    Right? She later clarified that they can't take any more kids because they're short, but the first text should have said that. Or rather - someone there should be empowered to make that call and should turn away parents when they get there. D was pretty hot about it so I'm going to let him discuss it with her since I got nowhere last time. And in a couple days I'm going to start calling other places (I'm sure everywhere that's open is swamped today). We liked this place because they're open on school snow days, but now apparently not.
  24. TaterTot

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    That is absolutely unacceptable. It's really too bad that a place with good teachers and a good group of kids can be spoiled by administration. I wouldn't tolerate it either, though.
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    Yeah, exactly @TaterTot. The owner/director is such a piece of work. We LOVE the teachers and the program, but shit like this keeps happening..