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Discussion in 'Free Range' started by Vespidae, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. Lh718

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    You read it as dismissive while I read it as vague as well as a subtle reminder that people usually behave better. So, no, not bitchy from the start.

    And why should she apologize when none of you have apologized to anyone else for your roles in this shitshow?
  2. hellohelloagain

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    @Lh718 from an outside perspective as I wasn't involved in either hullabaloo and am not close personal friends with anyone here, I think people are upset because they feel that V should have continued to behave as a mod.

    IMO if V had responded to Canals call out with "This isn't the place for this, we can discuss this privately if you like, or just drop it" instead of the you're the problem and we've gotten loads of complaints about you response that she got, it would have been a non issue. Likewise, if the response here had been something more diplomatic than "Canal was being a heinous bitch" it again likely wouldn't have blown up like this.

    I think people are just wanting someone to say "we hear your complaints and agree this could have been handled better" instead of being defensive and continuing to shift blame. I get we're all human beings, but I think a moderator on any platform is held to a higher standard and is expected to diffuse situations or just shut them down entirely, not add fuel to a fire by name calling and placing blame
  3. HBC

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    My posts were not upsetting. I’ve reread them.
  4. Lh718

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    @hellohelloagain I see it as a bunch of bullies getting butthurt about supposedly being bullied but not giving any shits about anyone else they may have hurt in the process. Yeah, community.
  5. HBC

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    Other than me and canal, who are you considering bullies?
  6. Imabug1002

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    And locking the post wasn't shutting it down?

    This. I expected a much more empathetic response vs. what I saw.
  7. Lh718

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    Why does it matter to you who else is on that list? For starters, I am with Bug and am adding CJ specifically for that thread. But yeah, you and Canal have been the biggest perpetrators. Again, the "I don't see what I said as being bad" defense is not actually a defense.
  8. Honey

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    I don’t think I can contribute anything productive to the conversation about what happened in the past, but I am making changes going forward.

    First off, I won’t be moderating the forum anymore. I will continue to pay for domain registration, hosting, and forum software for the board. As such, I’ll still need Admin privileges to ensure the site runs (relatively) smoothly, but I won’t be the one handling the day in and out forum moderation. I hope those of you who still want to post here will have me as a forum member.

    Second, @Vespidae is going to do the job that she has done well, voluntarily, for the last ten years. Which is back-end administrative stuff. I cannot even begin to tell you all how valuable she has been with customizing this website’s functions and trying to make the experience fun and interactive from a software standpoint.

    @megatron will be the administrator in charge of choosing and overseeing a new moderation team, as well as doing other user management functions like vetting new applicants to weed out trolls and spammers before they even set foot here. She’s already doing this now, and doing a damn good job of it.

    I think that several people in this current discussion would be good moderators. If you are willing to help, we want two people right away. DM Mega and she’ll let you know what it will entail so you can decide if you’re interested.
  9. hellohelloagain

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    That was shutting it down. And, imo, it should have been shut down again by saying she wasn't going to engage when Canal brought the issue to another unlocked thread. I don't think a "well no one likes you anyway" response is ever appropriate from a mod.
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  10. Lh718

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    For all the people who are crying about unfair mods, there's your chance. Be the change you want to see.
  11. HBC

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    I don’t reckon anyone wants any of us bullies there
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  12. Lh718

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    But why not when clearly you know how to do it so much better than anyone else?
  13. Erie

    Erie Florida AF

    I mean this right here is why not
  14. user3695

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    Y'all are about to have a website of like six people. Why the fuck you need 2 mods anyway.
  15. megatron

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    I’ll leave this thread open for a bit longer, so everyone who wants to say their bit can. Then it will be closed. If you want to leave, feel free to go.

    I am starting a new Chit Chat thread for anyone who wants to chat about other stuff.

    Anyone who is serious about joining the moderator team can reach out to me on PM for details.
  16. scotchbutter

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    I haven’t said anything because I was on the sidelines throughout this and didn’t feel like I had anything to add that wasn’t already being said. But this all sucks a lot. Maybe it sounds like “crying” but I truly expected people to care more about what long time members thought. This forum has been fairly small and damn close through lots of different losses and celebrations in our lives. I guess I just expected more understanding? More ownership of “yeah, xyz could have been done better, I really do value you guys in this community”? I guess you could perceive that as blowing rainbows, but I just see it as being genuine.

    But what could have been an opportunity today to talk it out devolved into more name calling and devaluation of community members. It’s no wonder people feel unwelcome or like this isn’t somewhere they’d want to share their lives anymore.
  17. Pickles

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    Well, I supposed I missed a lot of this but one thing I want to say is that we as a group put up with A LOT of emotional baggage from members who we knew were lying in the past. The reaction, I think, was coming from that.

    pretty disappointed in the public shaming of members for not wanting to accept that. Especially @Canaligator and @HBC
    By saying that “no one likes them” which is just silly.

    anywho. I guess I just want to say that I’ve enjoyed getting to know some of you guys.
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  18. moose

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    all of this. It’s a shame.
  19. user4290

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    Oddly enough, Canal was one of the members I often reached out to to chat privately. I am baffled by the idea that there were multiple complaints about her. I honestly thought V was joking in the blues thread. I talk about her to my friends IRL. I quote her advice often. I really value her friendship.

    I've been here for years but I don't post as often as I once did. This whole situation makes me sad. There was opportunity here for discussion but it wasn't taken.

    I realize from reading through this thread that we won't get any satisfying answers. Some of the "meanest" snark I've seen here over the years has been from mods.

    That's all I need to say.
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  20. calicat

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    I've been quiet on this matter because I didn't see the LK thing until it had passed and was shut down.

    This board as a whole has been a great place over the years. I have seen posters really be there for one another in times of need and I myself have been on the receiving end of the kindness of several board members. I think tensions have indeed run high over the past several months and the dynamic of the board has most certainly changed. I won't speculate on the details of back channel complaints about posters. However, I do think some reactions have been overboard and we lost some long time valued posters in recent weeks. That sucks, for sure. I just hope that going forward, we can continue to foster the supportive environment that I've been privileged to be a part of for the past 4 years.

    Sorry if I sound like let's bake a cake girl from Mean Girls
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  21. Rico Suave

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    Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by a mod.

    Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by canal.

    We all know which of these had more hands raised...

    I’ve always been terrified to piss off the mods here for fear of exactly what happened to canal, and others. I’m not surprised to see this blow up. Shit has been fucked for a long time. Hence my absence. My opinion on this whole thing might not be worth shit, but if I didn’t speak up, what does that say about me?

    The LK situation was handled poorly. Period. The reactions are justified. I respect and like so many of you, but my deliberate decision to step away from the board is completely validated in my mind after seeing all this go down.
  22. Comet

    Comet Instigator

    I want to believe this and that they're generally given without malice, but when you know that some are most definitely not good-natured, it's hard to know what to think and who to trust. Is my title really about burger toppings, or are you covering for V, again?

    I don't know, and tbh, it's not about my stupid title anyway. The titles are just a small part of a much larger problem. The way Canal was treated was not right. The way the whole LK thing was handled was not right. And the way V continues to double down on it all is just absolutely exasperating. I don't expect the other mods to apologize on her behalf, but the changing of the guard is too little, too late.

    I'm sorry it's ended up here, I really am. It's mostly been fun and I've appreciated the support I've gotten here over the years.
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  23. megatron

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    Ok I think everyone has had time to say what they wanted to. I’m closing this now. Chatting can continue as usual in the v.2 thread.

    If you want to help with moderation of the board as we move into the next phase of CoS, please PM me.

    If this is it for you on CoS, then I’m sorry to see you go, but I understand. I wish you well. But I do hope to see you all around on the other threads again sometime.
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    I’m unlocking this thread so anyone who wants to edit their posts can. No further replies please - they will be deleted.