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  1. fantasynerd

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    So sorry you’re dealing with this. Fingers crossed that you get great news on Monday <3
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  2. calicat

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    I compared my 6 week ultrasound (all I had measurements for) and today's tech measured at least one side wrong. I had one side of my uterus measuring 7.7cm at 6 weeks and today it was 6.5cm so we know that at least one measurement is off. Also, my clinic called me back and doctor reassured me that heartbeat is fantastic and very reassuring and to not read too much into the size from today because an ER isn't staffed properly or may not have the best equipment or have it calibrated accurately
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  3. calicat

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    She would have had to be off by 1/3 of the baby's length for it to be okay buuuut given that she measured one side of my uterus to be 1.2cm shorter than at my 6week scan, I'm going to say anything is possible.
  4. MagnificentCat

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    But seriously with the measurements, you move a cursor a little off to one side, the image is blurry and they hit the cursor where they think the edge is, but it’s not. It’s really easy for it to happen.

    Also the equipment at your RE’s is likely much more cutting edge than what’s available at the ER. My 10 week ultrasound at the RE is much crisper than the ultrasound images at my OB’s.
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  5. moose

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    Sending you so much love Cali. Even if the tech is wrong, it’s still so hard to deal with right now. My gut is saying that your RE is right- ER staff doesn’t usually date pregnancies with as much precision. I know it’s hard but try to breathe a little until then.
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  6. shakespeer

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    As we’ve talked about in the past (and I know it’s hard not to!) I wouldn’t put much stock in mm changes, especially on an ED scan. It’s just not what they’re trained to focus on. I’m thinking positively for you!
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    Hope you get great news on Monday @calicat

    I agree with others that I wouldn't worry too much about the measurements from the ER. When I had my bleeding episode, the ER doctor basically said since it wasn't his specialty, all he could really do was confirm she still had a heartbeat and was still in there, and I really needed to follow up with my OB for more concrete answers.
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  8. calicat

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    Thank you shakes. I am certainly feeling a bit better since I've found that discrepancy. Also the lady couldn't find my left ovary so I'm trying to just think she isn't well versed in that kind of stuff.

    The only measurement that is likely to be accurate is her heartbeat as that is measured by a computer and with 176 at 8w6d, I need to focus on the positives.

    At the end of the day though, nothing explains my bleeds that I've had. No mentions of subchronic hematoma today and last time that was ruled out.

    This time waaa lot more blood which has since tapered off. Again no cramps, so just utterly terrifying but confusing
  9. calicat

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    Yeah and when you consider that an increase in HB doesn't align with such a stagnation in growth, it's clear something isn't lining up. I guess I'm just spoiled because the ER by our house is brand new and has equipment that is like 2 years old and they send down their ob staff to do the ultrasound so I got perfectly accurate information last time. This time around they couldn't find an ovary, measure my uterus off and now the baby is magically 0.5-0.7cm behind
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    I imagine it is VERY dependent on time of day and who is on call. I would put money on calikitten being totally fine and you having a friable cervix or something like I did.
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  11. Zoomzoom

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    I'm sorry you're dealing with all this stress Cali. Hope calikitten is hanging on in there just partying it up.
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  12. Fitz

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    Cali I’m so sorry you’re still on this roller coaster. I hope things look good on Monday and you can take a few breaths.
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  13. Kimmers

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    This is totally anecdotal but I feel like I’ve seen sooooo many people with a subchronic hematoma that wasn’t detected for a while. A coworker of mine whose wife did IVF had bleeding several times, very heavy, and it took a while to figure out that was the reason. I think they can be hard to see depending on different factors/positioning/anatomy. And their son is 5 now! I know my old RE always said with bleeding cramping is usually more worrying than just bleeding. I really really hope you go for your scan on Monday and discover that she’s totally fine in there.
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  14. calicat

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    Something has to be causing the bleeding and if it isn't the baby in distress, then I feel it is probably an SCH. Monday can't here soon enough but no matter what, J and I will be okay.
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  15. Comet

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    I can't remember, are you using any vaginal progesterone @calicat? If so, that can definitely cause cervical bleeding. Fingers crossed that everything goes well tomorrow and that there are no more scares from here on out.
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  16. calicat

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    Nope just PiO. Got it upped to 2ml. I am however inserting estrogen vaginally twice a day. My first bleed I feel could have been that - but yesterday's was quite substantial. I suppose it is possible and I am going to talk to my doc about tapering off or switching to oral.
  17. calicat

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    So the baby gave us a wiggle this morning. She is measuring a single day behind, and her heartbeat 182bpm. No cause for the bleeding was found and I was told that I probably could expect another "episode" since I've had two. Not the best answer and I was put on modified bedrest, but I will follow the rules! J and I decided to cancel our September trip as we didn't want to be in the middle of a national forest in New Hampshire and have this happen again.

  18. CoolWife

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    Oh I’m so relieved for you. I hope you can steal a moment to just be happy.
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  19. calicat

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    I am beyond relieved and was very happy to hear that things look good. Placenta is in a good place, etc. So she's just keeping me on my toes I guess.
  20. moose

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    Motherhood in a nutshell.
    I’m so glad she’s doing well.
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    I’m so glad everything’s looking good!
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  23. Kimmers

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    I’m so happy for you guys! What a relief. And yay for bonus baby pics!
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  24. calicat

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    What does one do while on modified bedrest? Listen to Bram Stoker's Dracula of course.
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  25. calicat

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    Our U/S tech is the SWEETEST. She gave us like 12 different pics including that 3D one. We go back next Monday for more!