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    ^Yes, this. I loved all my nurses both times, but the postpartum nurses are who you really remember when you leave the hospital. That’s when I was at my most exhausted and undignified, and the patience and kindness of then pp nurses is something I won’t forget, even if I’m too brain fried to remember their names and faces.

    All this is to say don’t sell yourself short in this role. It matters to your patients to have someone who cares, and it’s clear that you do.
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    @Afishwish that's what I love most about PP and is the biggest difference between the 2 roles. To me anyway. I was always disappointed at how minimal my interactions were with my laboring moms. Not nearly as much education or support needed.
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    My PP coworkers and charge nurses are the best! They've been so sweet to me all day. It has really taken the sting out of flunking out, lol. Plus I think my shoulders are finally back down to normal after being tense for the last month.
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    I'm in our covid unit with one patient waiting to be discharged. I got desperate while trying to stay awake and resorted to putting FB on the work computer. Now I'm just trying not to spend money on plants I can't fit on my shelves!
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