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Discussion in 'Free Range' started by CoolWife, Mar 12, 2014.

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    Oh I'm so glad for you, Doom.
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    A news reported called tonight to ask to do an interview with how veterinary services are changing in the current environment and I don't know what came over me but I said yes :bored: Hopefully I don't look dumb when it airs. They also tried to film Vixen but she kept barking at the camera man.
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    There’s unofficial word that school will not be returning to the physical locations this school year. There’s some confusion on the news so I’m just waiting to hear from my district. I think I’ve been holding in my emotions for the past 2 1/2 weeks because it came out tonight. I miss my kids so much. I miss the conversations we had and the jokes and Friday art days. I miss seeing the growth both academically and emotionally. I’m really upset that I’ll never see them again in person. I feel like I’m not going to get any closure. I still have to go back to get my shit from my room so maybe by mid June it’ll be safe to see them. Probably not but I’m going to hold out some hope.
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    I feel the same :sad: They haven't made any announcements extending anything yet, but I cant see how they wont eventually. My kids will be off to kindergarten so I won't get to see them again. The lack of closure really bothers me. We left on a Friday with the mayor being ADAMENT that the schools were going to remain open, but then Sunday afternoon they said schools were going to be closed starting Monday. I didn't get to say bye to them :sad:
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    @Apples&Oranges :cry: We get so attached and then to have it abruptly end... it sucks.
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    E has been talking a lot about her school and friends and her teachers. It’s actually surprising how much she remembers and how detailed she gets with what they would do and where they would go during the day for different activities. She won’t be back until fall and she will have different teachers. I’m really hoping they do an event where she can go back and see her old teachers and they can talk to her about moving on to an older classroom. I’m sure that’s part of the “normal” end of year talks with the kiddos. It just sucks to not see them again when I know she feels safe with them.
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    My work made my line manager use all his annual leave so he's only back yesterday after 2 weeks off. No one checked in on me and my coworker so we put together a spreadsheet of what we could do remotely (we work in learning and participation).

    My boss just asked me if I am able to do 2 major parts of the spreadsheet by tomorrow. Each is easily a week's amount of work. Tomorrow is my last day before furlough.
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    That sucks, @Comet. Good luck today!

    Prior to the shift to WFH, we got about 90% into the hiring process with a candidate. He never got the final approval, an offer, or a start date - there is a lot of politics with internal to the college system hires. We have to pull back now. The unit director thinks that we might need the position as a buffer to save currently filled positions after we get back, especially since this position pays a lot more than most of our positions (it's in IT). He currently has a job and his job classification has a lot of protections. The job he would be going into is an at will position, so if this had gone through, there would be a chance that he would get cut without a job at all. This sucks all around though.
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    Got scheduled into an 8am meeting at 10:15 last night it’s 8:05 and they didn’t join. Wtf
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    Sucks you have to be the messenger @Comet
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    ETA: it is not a happy expression
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    I feel like everyone here is getting much better at their smize after a week.
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    @Lh718 Are they giving you filters inside of that thing or is that it?
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    Lolol @ filters!


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    Do you want me to go look for some Merv-13 polyester? I’ve got instructions from a biomedical professor engineering on how to make them assuming I can find the material. Actually I have the material from our old A/C filters since our new unit has different size filters. Say the word and I’ll start disassembling them and get some more.
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    I'm gonna order some AC and vacuum filters and try it out myself, but thank you so much @MagnificentCat .


    I got back from a short lunch and was told no cloth masks. We were given surgical masks, which are also useless against viruses anyway. The rumor is we are supposed to return them "for disinfecting" at the end of the shift and will be given recycled ones from now on. :sick::sick::sick:

    I may have to quit.
  18. MagnificentCat

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    I pm’ed you the instructions so you have the info.

    Sorry you’re not getting the PPE you need.
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    Surgical mask should be fine unless you’re doing something aerosolizing. Better than cloth, in fact.
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    Yes, but I'm more worried/grossed out by recycled masks. Like my lips touch the inside as I breathe.
  21. Chevere

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    Depends on if they're using the peroxide Chambers. Those are actually pretty promising, though of course the ideal would be new masks
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    I am on a Webex call and my colleague has five massive guns on the wall behind him.
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    I hate that we use Teams and not Zoom. I want a fun background.
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    P partially randomized the take home exam for one of his classes and gave instructions that they are not to work together. Of course, he knows they will but figured he wouldn't have to worry about punishing them because who would cop to it anyway.


    A student today emailed to clarify whether they were supposed to work with chemical A or chemical B. Both chemicals are in play but on different versions. He responded that they should work on the chemical specified on their own tests.