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    Commence bitching about your J-O-B, whether it be running a household (we know that shit ain't easy) or running a Fortune 500 Company (I'm sure that ain't easy either, but I bet you get paid in more than giggles and snuggles).

    Me first. Today I stayed home because snow. Also I have some stupid excel stuff to do that I just need peace and quiet for. Perfect. I planned, brought it home. Get a text from my boss at 3pm.

    Basically it says, take the rest (!) of the day off and log a personal day. Someone told (HR coordinator) that I allowed one of my direct reports to work from home and he sent me a note reminding me there's no allowance for that in our policy, he'll be checking to be sure it's marked as a personal day. We can talk about it live but just take the personal day. Sorry it was handled this way, sometimes I forget where I work.

    I am so pissed. First, it's 3pm, I've already been working all day, what's the point in taking time off now? Second, who the fuck is tattling on me and my boss to HR? Get a fucking life!! We get paid for our personal days if we don't use them at the end of the year. I never do, so this is going to cost me $$ (we can't use vacation with less than 1 week notice and they've started being super stupid about that too). Third - people work from home. Last time it snowed the company notification line encouraged everyone to work from home. I have never not come to work before and worked from home a full day and was thinking what a great benefit it would be to be able to once in a while.

    TLDR; I hate my job, company policy is bullshit and only enforced when some fucking tattletale goes whining to HR.
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    I had my 90 day performance review today and I am very excited about the salary bump I will start receiving. (I was on a lower probationary salary for the first 3 mo)
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    Actual, that's super fucking lame. I'd be incredibly angry about working all day and having it actually COST me money. Probably not worth raising a stink about, but I'd consider it.

    There's no one in our office today. Just me and another guy. Everyone else called in sick or had a meeting off-site or just didn't come in because the president e-mailed us all at like 7 a.m. saying HE wouldn't be in. Whatever.

    Working at a magazine feels a lot like Newman working for the Post Office on Seinfeld. It's just never ends. Same cycle of work every 20 days, no end in sight. Ever. And I deal with the same coworkers' incompetence on the same stupid issues every time. Six years, same shit. I'd be more worked up about it but my own boss has been here 26 years and I see where banging his head against the wall has gotten him, and he's advised me not to follow in his footsteps.

    My job is Groundhog Day, you guys.

    'Grats, droid! I'm sure you deserve it!
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    Ah yes. This is needed. My job is mindless. Generally, there's nothing to do but when one person gives me something to do, ten other people will come to ask me to do something that was due yesterday. Also, boss is a tactless bumbling moron. The promotion I applied for? They decided not to fill it at this time.

    Also, oh my Jeff Goldblum, personality conflicts galore. Not with me though. I'm so nice that everyone feels bad if they're ever mean to me.
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    The company I work for does a ton of video projects and I just found out that one of the editors we work with also worked on Rocko's Modern Life back in the day.
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    Ugh that is so shitty, actual. Really now, working til 3 and forced to take a personal day?! Bullshit.

    There's a bunch of stuff going down at work - massive conflict in one of our labs - but I only know this from piecing together bits of information I've heard from others. Unfortunately for me, this directly affects my department (unrelated to the lab, but caught in the crossfire).

    There are two people in my department, me and another guy (we'll call him B). B was voluntold to take over lab supervisor, but initially it was just as a project planner/scheduler because they have serious budget issues. Now it's turned into a mediator type role which sucks for him, but also me, because his 20% lab/80% my department split has turned into 50/50. And as we know when you have to work for two different managers, that never works and he will probably end up closer to full time lab than here in our department.

    Where does that leave me? Oh yeah, doing all the work in my department when I'm already quite busy! We just got this department going after it died and petered out last spring and now this. And no one from management has even told me about this change even though it directly affects me and my workload! Yesterday, I had to spend my day cleaning out someone else's old office to accommodate this crazy person that they won't let go, but instead have moved her into the office beside mine that I had to clean out. Why - her husband is our head IT and they can't lose him. Wtf is this?!

    I'm so irritated and I still haven't officially been told what's going on. Suck it, work.
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    Sorry, TA. :sad: I really hate shit like that.

    I really like my job, I do, but I get SO FRUSTRATED over people being fucking idiots. We're doing some account transitions and I've been really trying to explain things out to the guy who's taking my stuff, and he is fucking up the simplest stuff. We have a customer who recently split into two different companies, but in our system, they're still one, so we're manually separating things for right now. We got their monthly invoices, so I split them up for him, clipped them in separate piles, scanned them in for him, renamed the files appropriately (Company X invoices Feb14, Company Y invoices Feb14), and sent them to him in two separate emails with explicit instructions (literally the fourth time I've given him those instructions). Yet still--STILL--he sent the electronic ones to our contact at Company X, he had RESCANNED THEM ALL TOGETHER and sent ALL OF THEM to her.

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    I’m home sick today. Yay! I got an email from our dumb legal secretary asking how to set up a webinar on the conference room computer. She’s pretty dumb and definitely not tech savvy but it’s really easy to use that computer. I told her to either email the registration instructions to her personal account (because she wouldn't be able to access her outlook on that computer) or print out the email so she can manually type in the address. Apparently, she did neither of these. She didn’t know how to log in to the computer even though I told her to log in as herself. I even explained that she did not need to log in remotely to her computer. Just log on to this one and open a web browser. NOBODY IN THE OFFICE KNEW HOW TO DO THIS. Are you fucking kidding me? I even told her to call me from the conference room if she needed help. She didn’t call. The attorneys didn’t get to watch the webinar because nobody could figure out how to do it. I’m still face palming about this.
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    Android - congrats! I wish more people would figure out that rewarding your employees motivates them!

    Tater - I plan to raise a stink. In a very passive aggressive way, of course. We can put comments on our time off applications and said HR manager has to approve them (who WILL CHECK). I plan to mention that I was working all day and then was forced to take the day as "personal" because apparently someone has too much time on their hands and a personal vendetta against me. Boss has to approve it and won't want to, but will have to because he's also in hot water. Don't care. People need to grow the fuck up and learn that treating your employees like adults will get your a lot further.

    Mega, feel you girl. Love learning about everything important through the rumor mill or even better, press releases. Oh, we're going to be hiring 50 new people because we're doing a huge construction project in the area I MANAGE? Awesome, wish someone had told me.

    Pus, that shit I just have to laugh at.

    virgo - legal secretary = paralegal? We have a corporate lawyer (whom I could write a book about, guy is the biggest, dumbest, sleezeball, he's what lawyer jokes are made of), and he has "paralegal" staff (half of them are educated paralegals, half of them are cute blondes who can kind of file). Anyway - just me or is it 50/50 that a paralegal is either a complete fucking moron, or actually really good at their job but a pompous bitch about it? Or maybe it's just the girls (only) he hires (and goes through constantly).
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    Virgo, sweet Jesus, that cannot be for real.

    Mmm, this thread is so sweet right now. I almost FB-raged about my job last night, but then deleted it.

    I teach test prep (part-time, in addition to being a grad student, both of which I normally love). Sometimes, though, the parents are SO fucking infuriating. I have a student who is trying to prep to take the SAT for the 3rd time as well as the AP English Literature test--he is in terrible shape. This kid cannot write. His essays are (literally) like "One day, my dad bought a lawnmower. It didn't work. So he had to buy a new one. Which was more expensive but it worked better. This is why technology is not always beneficial." except with half the words spelled wrong. And the AP English Lit test is expecting sophisticated, college-level writing! It is so far beyond this kid's scope, it's kind of sad.

    Here's the thing, I could work with this kid if kid and dad were motivated and dedicated, but they are NOT. The kid does NO homework, leaves our tutoring sessions early, and then constantly complains to dad that he has too much schoolwork, so dad just cancels our tutoring sessions. And then they get pissed at ME when the little prince's scores don't improve. The dad makes excuses for his kid constantly, is incredibly last-minute with our sessions (meaning, MY time!) and basically just sucks. Plus the kid is rude and obnoxious. Ugh.
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    TA- she’s actually a legal secretary and isn’t billable. Our paralegal would’ve known how to set up the webinar but she was swamped with stuff. I have to agree that, in my experience, it’s 50/50. I’ve worked with paralegals who are awesome (like our current one) and others who are so stupid that I don’t understand how they even got a job. Of course, this is true for almost every job. Even among the attorneys I work with, there a are few that make me scratch my head, wondering how they got this far.

    Android- congrats!! I meant to congratulate you in my first comment.
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    Thank you for starting this thread, I NEED to vent.

    My day started off by my boss claiming I stole a disc from the microsoft office pack, only one disc though not the whole pack. He stood over me in my office and watched me search for it until he realized I did not have it. He suggested I may have taken it home, I told him I don't even own a computer at home so that's not possible.

    A few hours later my boss kept asking me if I was done with the project I was working on. I was not and informed him I was not but after the third time asking he seemed antsy so I said if there is anything else you need me to do you can tell me and I can work on that when I am finished with this project. He then begins in a very passive aggressive manner to go on a rant about how he never knows when I am done with projects and need to tell him so that he can assign me new work and not sit at my computer doing nothing. This is actually the contrary as I email him every time I finish something and often ask if anyone needs help. Welp, I snapped on him and told him if he would like to sit down and talk about my productivity like adults we could have a meeting about it but I don't appreciate him being passive aggressive.

    Under any other circumstances I would be afraid of getting fired but, my boss is so terrified of confrontation that he has never fired anyone.
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    OMJG MrsC, I would have flipped my shit too. Thank goodness my boss is actually a decent guy, just a terrible boss.
  15. MrsC

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    Haha yeah I left out the part where he flipped shit on me because staples didn't deliver a part for the printer within 12 hours of ordering. Dude doesn't get that staples uses trucks not drones.
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    I love my job actually. I just have too high of a workload right now, but it's not high enough to hire a complete additional person. I was able to give away part of my workload and it helped some, but it's still just a little too much. It's all good though because our department met our goal and we were promised a "work-free trip" if we met it. We voted a few months ago and Napa was the winner. Won't care about workload if I'm drinking wine in Napa.
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    Yes... I want virgil to come with!

    skin tests = team bonding.
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    I'm a consultant. I work for a company that supports a particular software suite. We have a lot of customers but most of them use an area of the software I don't work with, that is generally more important to the day to day operations of the company than my area of expertise.

    That said, because my area is less common, there's not a whole lot of people familiar with it, up to and including our support center located in a foreign country.

    My boss is always after me to talk to one of our larger companies, make sure they don't need anything, yadda yadda...but there are rarely if ever emergencies in my area of expertise. It's just not critical to operations that something happen RIGHT NOW in my area. I am starting to get tired of annoying them, she sees it as customer service, whereas I see it as nagging. Whatever.

    I like my job but I work from home almost 100% and I think it is affecting my sanity.
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    I am taking a sick day today because my leave resets on Tuesday, and I didn't want to give the day back.

    This is the life, man. I could be a stay at home nothing, for real. I slept til 9, took the dog on a nice walk, went to Walmart, pickled some carrots and onions and made sriracha mayo for tonight's dinner, all before noon!
  22. Fitz

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    So productive, SM! I'm jealous of your mental health day.
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    My boss is out of the office today so I can actually play music!!
    We share a small office space and she's forever on conference calls so normally music is a no-go.
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    This thread reminds me of how much I hate the corporate world. I lack the desire to climb the corporate ladder, I did it for a long time and finally said "For what??" I applaud anyone who does without losing their minds!
    Now I work with children, mainly toddlers. I freaking love them, and my job, but their parents can be such dicks sometimes.
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    I've had three 5am conference calls this week. Not a fan of eastern standard time or daylight savings at the moment.