Celebrate Easter by torturing baby animals!

Discussion in 'Photobombs' started by Honey, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. Honey

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    Sensitive chickens may not want to click: https://petapixel.com/2018/03/10/photographer-receiving-death-threats-using-live-ducklings-bunnies/

    Mercer Harris Photography is taking heat for Easter mini-sessions featuring children with live ducklings and bunnies. When parents received their galleries, pictures began circulating in which animals are thrown, dangled by their legs/ears and squeezed by the children. The above article is the only one I’ve found about the story so far, and it is frustratingly sympathetic toward the photographer.

    Commercial shoots with live animals require permits on a federal level precisely because of shit like this. This guy claims he’s been doing the same Easter shoot for 30 years. Maybe it’s time to get with the fucking times.
  2. user3695

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    Where the fuck are the parents?! If I ever saw C going to handle an animal like that I’d be stepping in (not that I’d be down with a photo shoot with this concept anyway). How could you 1. Watch your kid do something like THROW A DUCK and then 2. Buy a picture?!

    I’m honestly baffled
  3. allmaple

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    How do you have these pictures of the children manhandling the poor animals and think "yep, this one's going on Facebook!"??
  4. Honey

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    Any why would the photographer put them in the gallery in the first place?
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  5. Honey

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    More screenshots:
  6. CJ

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    An excess of bad judgement and lack of empathy all around there.
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  7. SassyLlama

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    Gross gross gross gross gross.
  8. user4030

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    It would be one thing if a photographer owned a pet rabbit and incorporated it into Easter shoots with kids who wouldn't actually touch it or would handle it respectfully, but this is terrible.
  9. user4058

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    There's a farm here that does Easter photos with their lambs but I don't think the kids touch them. The lambs sit by the bench the kids are on. I didn't realize you were supposed to have permits for that.
  10. Honey

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    Yup, any commercial shoot using a live mammal that is not the client's pet requires a permit from the USDA, and possibly additional state and local permissions. Source. I'm sure it depends on your local office, but it can be pretty involved (agents making visits to the site, and even reserving the right to be present during photo shoots). Lots of photographers won't use live mammals because it's just not worth the red tape or liability. I've been wanting to partner with a local animal shelter that has an equine center, but doing a shoot involving an adoptable horse seems like a headache at best.
    Um, isn't the point of Easter to eat baby animals? Lamb, suckling pig, veal?
  11. NerdLady

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    People suck. And here I thought that people buying bunnies for their kids for Easter for a couple of pictures and then getting rid of them was the worst thing about Easter pictures.
  12. shakespeer

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    We do salmon. And quiche. And like 18 side dishes because my mom is Martha Stewart.
  13. user3695

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    I strongly dislike most “traditional” Easter foods so a new tradition A and I have started is eating this amazing Easter buffett at a local restaurant so I can have waffles and he can have things like salmon and ham.
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  14. Honey

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    Girls, get yourself some pizza chena and sheetcake that shit while we rage about toddlers choking out ducklings for commercial gain.
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  15. MagnificentCat

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    Lamb is a carryover from Passover. For that reason I don’t remember ever having pig at Easter ever. I think all the imagery of bunnies and ducks and chickens are from Roman festivals.

    The poor rabbit hurts to watch. My cousin had a rabbit when we were junior high age. The rabbit was so sweet but was clearly a prey animal so you always had to be careful how you approached him and how you held him so he was comfortable with what was going on around him.
  16. HBC

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    We always have ham and turkey both, but that’s a subject for another thread.
  17. LouiseBelcher

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    I think we had flatbread pizzas for Easter dinner last week. We are heathens.
  18. Honey

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    Yes, back on topic.

    This pic, tho!
  19. CoolWife

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    Easter is April 1 this year!

    @Honey that pic is just asking for trouble, they had to have the kid holding the bunny standing up, right? Why? That bunners is just peacing out.
  20. LouiseBelcher

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    Not last week- last year... headache.
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  21. CoolWife

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    I mean we can all still have pizza...
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  22. allmaple

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    I really hope the bunny in that last pic didn't break its back :no:
  23. BigFatGoalie

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    So horrible. I could maybe understand having a few bunnies around or whatever, but little children handling them? And then those little children handling them like that?! How do you let that happen and then think it’s okay to post.
  24. Yes, I don't understand how "obviously abusing adorable defenseless little animals" is a popular theme for an Easter photo.
  25. shakespeer

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    I mean, I don’t know what holiday that would be suited for. 4th of July?