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Discussion in 'Free Range' started by Vespidae, Jul 9, 2015.

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    K and I just got a personal loan to consolidate our credit card debt. Bye, debt in 3 years! Minus our house, obvi.
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    Would you consider looking into refinancing your mortgage @hallokween?
    I'm not sure what the market is like in your area but assuming your home hasn't depreciated in value, you should be able to get some equity paid out so you can clear the personal loan and have just the one payment.
    In theory, this would increase your mortgage payment (which should still be lower than two separate payments) but if you can get a better rate then you may even end up paying less per month/fortnight/week and it will cost you less in interest.

    Obviously you'd need to consider things like exit fees and it's not ideal to apply for financing right after getting the personal loan but it might be something to think about in the near future.
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    I'm still holding at 0 this week. (C took me to get wings and then bought some bins for me at Target. Does that count? He did the purchasing...lol)
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    That sounds scary to me :lol:. It would be something I would consider if we had a larger amount of consumer debt, but this loan is not huge and the payments are less than the individual payments we were making with our 21% interest rates. I'm fine with the 3 years this will take.
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    Girl, go celebrate.
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    Not super sexy or exciting but when I graduated grad school the only loan term they (the gov) would offer me was a 25 year repayment. Just refinanced to a new loan with almost 2% lower interest rate and a decade earlier payoff date for only $200 more a month.
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    Now that I’m not buying a $$$ condo I am thinking of following your lead. I’m too old to have student loans hanging around for another 15 years
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    You should! Interest rates are so good right now I feel like and who knows when they’ll leap back up!
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    It's January! Time for another no-spend challenge.

    TG and I are doing a "no-spend" month in pretty loose terms. We are still buying gas, groceries and weed (which honestly... we sort of consider part of groceries at this point) and there are a few spending obligations we had already committed to before talking this over (I had a nail appointment already booked and need to pay for the alterations on a bridesmaids dress plus we both have a planned family lunch at a restaurant this week.

    However, I am still anticipating a decent amount of reduced spending just by cutting out everything else (coffees, fast food and delivery, books and movies we could just get at the library, ubers downtown rather than the bus...)

    Who is with me?
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    I was trying to be super frugal this month just because last month we went a little overboard.

    I completely spaced on how much almost every vaccine for the dog plus cat medications would cost. The spring for our garage door snapped. I have no idea how much is going to cost. This year is already off to an expensive start and I’m not even a week in.
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    We had this happen a few months back. Can't remember for sure, but I believe it was a couple hundred CDN here. Hope things calm down soon!
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    Our pre-scheduled restaurant lunch from this weekend got cancelled! That's a bonus to our no-spend haha. Plus, the silver lining of my credit card information being stolen again is that I literally cannot put any money on my starbucks app right now.

    Today is going to be pretty rough because I slept in this morning and ending up just filling a lunch bag (well, TG did for me while I dictated with a toothbrush in my mouth from the other room) with whatever random shit from our fridge was easy and available. So my food options today are hard boiled eggs, clementines, celery, a granola bar, coffee, pretzels and a random wedge of cheese. This has to last me from 7am until 10:30pm because I have a obligation after work. Actually, come to think of it TG will be there so I can ask him to bring me something for dinner.
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    @MagnificentCat that happened at our old house and I believe we paid south of $300 to have it fixed (one door). I feel you on the budget knocks! Our final NICU bill finally showed up yesterday, 5 months later!
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    Well it was cheaper than the vet, so I’ve got that going for me.
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    Ugh our vet bill today was right around $500. It was just an annual check up but she was due for ALL her shots/vaccines, needed another year of the oral heartworm/flea/tick meds, the yearly blood test etc etc. There goes any hope of money going into savings this month.