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Discussion in 'Free Range' started by user63, Oct 6, 2018.

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    Haha, I asked rooster if he was still sure his mom likes me since he's always trying to tell me that no, she doesn't hate me :lol: He didn't have much of a response finally

    No idea how the piece count impacts her, but it's not the first time she's said something similar about gifting other people things they like but she doesn't.

    @shakespeer gonna need at least a 2000 count puzzle for that
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  2. user4290

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    Wow! That is definitely odd. It comes across to me as a last minute, halfway out the door realizing there was no gift purchased for you?

    TG and I like doing puzzles together. We smoke before hand, get some coffee, set up a comedy special and then get to work. We have one going right now.
  3. user4350

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    I doubt it was last minute, she starts grilling for Christmas lists around the beginning of November. For the record, my SIL's husband was gifted a museum membership and IMAX tickets to the new Star Wars, among other things. This was intentional.

    But honestly, it's so ridiculous that it's comical and I've just been having a big laugh over it.
  4. CoolWife

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    That's a total intentional dig. Makes her look as crazy and vindictive as she is, so whatever and good for you finding the humor. She was never going to get you something that was actually for you.
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    What a bitch, seriously. My mom hates my brother’s wife but she still gets her “equal” Christmas presents, both in terms of cost and thoughtfulness.
  6. Fitz

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    That is absurd. What a terrible person she is.
  7. user5076

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    I’d have snapped a photo of the “completed” puzzle, sent it to her, and said “I think something’s wrong with this puzzle!”

    Then I’d take that picture to Instagram and publicly thank her for the gift. If she thought that was a legitimate present, she’d have no reason to be offended.
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    Rooster actually suggested we do that and ask her where she got it so we could return it and complain to the company about it being defective. You know he would never actually go through with it, but it was a fun thought :lol: Just not worth the drama that would ensue.

    I'm just going to enjoy that any argument for the foreseeable future regarding his mother will end with me going "and may I remind you of the Great Puzzle of '19...?"
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  9. CoolWife

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    Thank you so much for the 495 piece puzzle. It was quite challenging to put together! But we enjoyed figuring it out together in the evenings. We may have lost a few pieces, though we’re always so careful, weird. Anyway, can’t wait to show you the finished piece.
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    Have it framed and gift it to her for Mother's Day.
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    Psychosis is a serious mental health condition, not a symptom of being a giant bitch.
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    This is pure fucking gold.
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    Just looking at the puzzle box and piece count gave me anxiety. Whew. I wish I was into puzzling, but I get so impatient with it.

    I’d love to see the pic you took of yours if you want to DM it, @Dorothygale! I have an image of this sad thing in my mind and want to see how close I was :lol:
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  16. CJ

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    I love the idea of you rage puzzling Disney in revenge :lol:
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    The most wholesome revenge ever.
  18. CoolWife

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    Was moving my donate box and can’t believe I didn’t share this. MIL and FIL, of course. :lol:
    On the surface, a very thoughtful gift. They know I drink coffee (I used to bring my own after suffering caffeine withdrawal migraines there). It was a pair of mugs and pound of beans. The beans were from a local to them roaster, too dark for me to love but nonetheless a good gift.
    The mugs were a “matching pair” that said “His” with a mustache and “Mrs” with a diamond ring. His and Mrs. :lol: And they are definitely novelty quality mugs.
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  19. Honey

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    LOL can you Cricut over those? :lol:
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