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    Like bad cop good cop, but gifts. Share a good gift if it's great, but the real glory is in the bad gifts. Post 'em so we can all say "wft??" together!
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    Maybe this thread should be in free range? Mod can move it if it's a better fit over there
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    I've definitely mentioned this before, but my aunt once got me a chocolate fondue pot for one for Valentine's Day.

    She has never before nor since, to my knowledge, gotten a family member a Valentine's gift. Still not sure if she was trying to be nice or passive-aggressive or what that was.
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  5. HBC

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    My MIL got us a book on recovery from sexual sin (maily pornography) written by one of MILs cousins in law for Christmas. There were two copies, one for each of us.
  6. shakespeer

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    Did they have dedications?
  7. HBC

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    lololol I should check. I never opened them.
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  8. shakespeer

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    I can’t believe you haven’t done a dramatic reading.

    One of our first long conversations as a couple was reading over a terrible self-published Amazon romance novel where the male romantic interest had Z’s name and I found it google stalking him.
  9. HBC

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    What if I told you this wasn't the first fanatical christian book published by a relative that we've been given as a gift.
  10. shakespeer

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    You could host a dramatic reading podcast
  11. Erie

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    I love it, yes please. A la My Dad Wrote a Porno
  12. Imabug1002

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    At least he tries. My brother just tells me what he wanted to get me but didn’t because he didn’t know if I would like it then doesn’t get me anything. :lol:
  13. user4092

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    My mom gave me a book on how to be a good wife and J a shirt with a giant ewok face on it :lol:
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  14. Honey

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    @Zoomzoom like Capezio or something? I’d have bought the hell out of some good socks or split-sole slippers.
  15. Zoomzoom

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    I can't even remember for sure. It was several years ago and it was the first and only time I'd heard of the store. I'm not sure if she could have even covered shipping and an item with it. One of our other local cousins got one too and is a dancer. My sis just gave it to her to use next time she was in a city with a store location. My uncle lives in a different province so he mailed it, but the local family was all baffled by the gift choice.
  16. Scout

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    My grandmother once gave my husband a book about herbs because she heard he was health conscious (he’s an Osteo).

    My uncle liked to get me classic books as a child, like the orange penguin classics. When I was 11 he gave me “a clockwork orange” for Christmas. My parents were furious when they found out (after I read a chapter and asked them what a few of the words meant eeek). They definitely paid closer attention to the books he gave me after that!
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    Ugh, love her but MIL has bought L two onesies and both are terrible... “I brighten mommy’s days and ruin her nights” and “sorry boys daddy says I can’t date until I’m 30”. Nope nope nope.
  18. Comet

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    Oh man, that no dating until 30 onesie. :bird:

    I'm sure I'll have a ton of material for this thread once MIL starts buying baby stuff.
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  19. CoolWife

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    The year I was pregnant BIL and SIL gave me a gift set of cocoa butter lotions for stretch marks and D Rogaine.
  20. user3695

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    One year we decided to do Secret Santa with A’s siblings.

    A’s older brother and I got each other.

    I got his brother Dr Who cufflinks

    He got me a $3 spatula.

    Thats the last year we did gifts with his family.
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  21. Zombie Llama

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    My mom's boyfriend (now ex) bought her a Lady Smith & Wesson for Christmas and gave it to her in front of our entire family. We were all horrified.
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  22. Miss Skunk

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    My (gentile, white) grandmother gave my (gentile, white) partner a book entitled “Jews and Blacks: Let the Healing Begin.”
  23. user4058

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    Someone gave us a thrifted Big Bird cookie jar for our wedding. Dust bunnies and all.
  24. amonavis

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    My aunt gave me gift cards to Outback and the Cheesecake Factory. What she thought I would eat there, I have no idea.

    M's family gives very "practical" gifts. Sometimes they're useful, like a USB charging hub, but usually they're things we end up donating within a few months. The biggest head scratcher I got was a vitamin/pill organizer. I have no medications that I take daily. And even if I did, is this really a Christmas gift?
  25. user63

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    These are all really good. (Bad).
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