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    So we've talked about where and what to register for before, but after searching it's all over the place so I think a new thread may be helpful. I'm just starting so I welcome any advice!

    I'm wanting to do Amazon plus a big box store (dunno which one) for family that prefers to shop in person. Can I do something where I can link them? Like if I start an Amazon baby registry can I pull items from Target/BuyBuyBaby etc? Or do I add items on the box store's site, then I can link them?

    We haven't bought anything for baby yet. We have been gifted a small amount of cute girly clothes from our parents but that's it. Like some others in the Chickens Laying Eggs thread, we didn't want to fall into the first-time parents trap and buy a bunch of useless stuff, but the more I think about it we ARE going to need things and we are lucky enough to have people who will purchase for us so it's stupid not to register for everything and see what happens. Also, then maybe we get discounts later on unfulfilled items.

    So wise chicken mamas:

    1) Which stores are worth it to register for and which aren't?

    2) Obviously subjective, but what should we definitely register for and what's a total bust?
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    My SIL used where you can build one single registry with a items from several stores/websites. She liked it and it seemed to work well when I used it.
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    My SIL used Babylist too. For a third-party aggregate, it was pretty good. I found it easy to mark stuff purchased. The downside was that it only showed whatever price the item was the day my SIL put it on her list. I wanted to buy her the stroller on her registry, but it was no longer available via the Amazon seller she selected. When I did find it, it was like $40 more than the price listed on her registry.

    There is an Amazon add-on called the Universal Wish List button that lets you add items from any website to your Amazon wish list. That might be a good option because you can register for stuff available at good brick and mortar stores with not so great registry systems of their own. (Target, anyone?)

    And selfishly, if you create an Amazon registry via Chicken link, we get a lot. Like, $5. Your shoppers don't have to click through here or know we exist and we still benefit.
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    We used the Amazon Universal Registry for our wedding registry and it worked out pretty well. It does have the same problem Honey mentioned with Babylist though - it lists the price as of the day you added it and won't update for price changes or if something goes out of stock.
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    I didn't like babylist - used it and wouldn't recommend. It was hard to keep up with. I think it might be more user friendly for the shopper than the editor.

    I would register with physical stores, personally. Much easier to return items. That being said, Target's registry was beyond frustrating. Items went out of stock or not available and then you'd have to update it. But overall fine, plus completion coupons are great.

    Worth registering for: car seats, stroller, rock n play, receiving blankets, feeding items (however you choose), humidifier, gift cards, books, baby care kit (nail clipper, brush, meds, gas drops, etc), blankets, hand covers, baby washing contraption, boppy

    STFU you're wrong: I feel like everything else is super dependent on your kid. Swing, walker/bouncer, crib sheets, bumpers, crib set, etc. baby toys, laundry soap, clothes, wrap, etc

    Did not use (bust): pack n play, pacifiers (never took to them)
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    I used Babies R Us to register, but I've never used a universal registry so I can't comment in that regard. I liked it.

    -swaddles and lightweight/muslin swaddle blankets. I especially really like the Summer Infant swaddles and Comfort & Harmony Woombie.
    -nursing pillow, and even if you don't plan to nurse it's really nice to lay baby on in your lap without putting too much strain on your arm if they fall asleep for awhile. Later you can use it to support them for floor play.
    -medicine. I didn't register for this, but a cousin made me a little basket of them and it turned out so helpful when you suddenly need it in he middle of the night
    -if you nurse, breast pads and lanolin

    Optional: a bassinet. I didn't think I needed one, but it ended up nice to have in the living room and took up less space than the pack and play.

    -toys. You'll probably get a million at a shower. We received so many lullaby music crib/stroller animals and they just wound up shoved in the back of her closet
    -clothes. Again, a million and people like to choose their own
    -pacifiers - E only likes one specific type. I have about 15+ that I received as gifts but they're unused. If I try and offer her one, she will swish it around her mouth for a minute, pop it out and inspect it, then look at me like "wtf is this?" If you plan to use them, just try one or two to start.

    ETA: bottles - nursing or not, you should have a few but I don't recommend registering or buying a ton. Ask for gift cards, try one or two as needed and build from there. E didn't care about nipples, but I ended up finding the flow of certain ones WAY too fast and would choke her. Took some trial and error.
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    Genuinely curious, how are crib sheets dependent on the kid? And bumpers are generally considered a no-no...
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    I registered at Target and Amazon, separately. I haven't had to return anything from Amazon, but Target has been a breeze and puts the money onto a gift card for me.

    Target has been kind of wonky for me - things got added multiple times so I would have to go back and decrease the number I wanted. But o caught most of the duplicates and returned the rest.

    Also curious about crib sheets. That's one of the few things we still need, and we have a bassinet so we won't need them right away.
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    Re: crib sheets, I'm assuming she means quantity? I have a bunch, but I only ever needed two really - one in laundry and one in the crib because E never really spit up, blew out her diapers, etc. She was pretty clean and I could just toss it in the laundry once a week or so. But I have other friends who would have to change their sheet multiple times a day or week, and always had a few in the laundry.
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    Not a mum, but I have questions about clothing.
    Mostly, how much clothing do you buy for the first year or so?! Like a billion onesies, a million sleepsuits, and a few tiny adorable outfits? In each size?
  11. Honey

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    The best-case scenario is you buy a bunch of onesies, a few socks, and no outfits. Instead, game your friends into giving you their kids' hand-me-downs that they grew too fast to wear more than once or twice.
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    Socks are going to be lost like crazy, but sometimes babies have ham legs and can't wear certain brands. You'll need a lot, but you never know which brand is gonna work.
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    Some kids don't sleep in cribs, and if they do, it might be some time before they do.
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    This is all very helpful info! I feel like I know nothing.

    Also feel free to add your favorite baby gear in general, not just stuff to register for.

    I plan to breastfeed but of course we'll see how it goes. I'll want and need baby to be able to take bottles too though. There is so much info out there on which bottles to buy and which not to, glass, plastic, super low flow nipples, regular ones. Where do I even start?
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    @deetroitwhat Got it. AFAIK I don't know anyone who has never used crib sheets (though some don't for a while), but I guess there are situations where it happens, and I can see not wanting to register for them if you know it'll be a while.
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    @scotchbutter if you're planning to nurse but occasionally use bottles, go with a slow flow where the baby has to work a little more. If it flows too fast or easily, they'll possibly take preference to the instant gratification when on your breast they have to work more. Slow flow will also give them more control to pause while eating. In terms of actual nipple shape/style though, likely will come down to your infant's preference.

    My personal favs - Kiinde and Born Free Breeze. Munchkin Latch was okay.

    Hated - Philips Avent Natural. The slowest nipple was so fast to me.
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    I've said it before but if I could do everything again I would have bought a car seat and gotten everything else from consignment stores. I spent way too much money on shit that from the registry that was never or hardly used.

    Anyway, my recs (everything except carseat secondhand bc you never know what babby will like and despise with the fire of a thousand suns, like the swing I bought haha)
    Swaddle blankets
    Rock n play (preferably auto)
    Lightweight carseat
    Carrier (I like the Lillebaby)
    Dr. Brown's bottles
    A stroller you can handle folding and lifting by yourself
    Rainforest Jumparoo (thank you @Erie!) or Baby Einstein or equivalent

    Also, get advice but listen to your gut. I put a BOB stroller on my registry and then heard a lot of comments about how expensive it was, so I took it off and got the Maxi Cosi Kaia stroller. It was doable for the first few months, but now it's a pain in the ass to move around and I just dumpster dived my neighbors house for their BOB. :lol:
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    I know quite a few people that coslept and went right to beds. I guess I can totally see how you could never use a crib sheet or crib...but if you are gonna do daycare, getting a few makes a lot of sense.
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    THISSSSS! I have the Britax B-Agile and I love that I can ultimately hold the kid in one arm and still open/close and put in the car with my other hand. I really like their stroller/car seat system.

    When I was pregnant everyone told me I just HAD to get the City Select or a BOB (I REALLY wanted a jogging type, inflatable wheels), but they were $$$. When I get pregnant again, I plan to sell my Britax and upgrade to a used double City Select. Awesome score, @DaleBrennan!!
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    We did Amazon with the Universal Wishlist for everything. But we didn't get much stuff gifted, so really it was just helpful to have a list of all the stuff we wanted in one place.
    Definitely put your carseat(s) and stroller(s) of choice on there. Add the jogger and convertible, that bigger car seat is a $100-$300 expense you'll be glad to not have in 8-12 months if someone gets it for you.
    Rock n play was a lifesaver for us. He lived in there during the day, and his pack n play at night. You can get both used but the basic versions are about $60 so make great registry gifts, IMO. We have the barebones of both and no regrets. Mini crib sheets and pads fit the PnP so add a couple of those if you'll use it to sleep, you don't need a mattresss for it.
    Crib - I always recommend 3 sheets and 2 mattress pads (waterproof!). I keep 4 layers on the crib all the time: pad, sheet, pad, sheet. All goes well I just change the top sheet once a week. But when it doesn't, yank off the top pad and sheet (wrap up the dirty sleepsack and clothes in it) and bed is good to go. Toss the wad in the wash so you're ready if there's a round two.
    I wished I had put more toys on ours, we had nothing. The play mats are good but babies hate tummy time. Hanging toys are great for bitty babes, and anything with a mirror. And all kids eventually like the basic stacking toys, shape sorters, toy cars, bath toys, etc. It's nice to have a couple small things for a few developmental stages ahead so you're not waiting until they're bored to death with what you have to get out something new and challenging. Also - the Oball is the best.
    I was in love with our bottle warmer but the best advice is get your kid used to room temp bottles. C was a diva and refused all but nearly hot milk for a long time. We even got a travel warmer for the car.
    Sleepsacks are a must, but you might have to try a couple different kinds. C did ok with the halo ones or even a muslin swaddle (brag: I can swaddle like a boss). In fact last night he demanded to sleep in his sleepsack.
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    Oh good call @CoolWife! Pack n play is awesome. O slept in his until 8 months or so, when we moved to a house and got him a crib. Now he can tumble around in it and today he napped in it in the backyard.

    Also forgot to add boppy or equivalent. It helped me with nursing but also as a great laptop holder when trying to get work done haha.

    O has never had a warm bottle. We've just always mixed formula and given it to him or grabbed a bottle of expressed breast milk from the fridge. A few older relatives clutched their pearls when they saw us giving him cold milk, but it's perfectly safe and there's no reason to do it unless the baby won't take a bottle otherwise.
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    Curse NICU and their fancy bottle warmers, lol. There's no going back.
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  23. Afishwish

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    Stuff We used:

    - Be Prepared - it's marketed as a dad book, but was hands-down the best practical Baby book we looked at, plus it's entertaining.

    - diapers (if you go for disposables we liked Swaddlers)

    -wipes (go for sensitive skin types because you never know what your kid's skin situation will be. Fry seems to do best with the Amazon and Target ones).

    - boppy pillow

    - car seat and stroller travel system. We went with the Chicco Bravo (it's nice but I wonder if we should have gone with the Viaro) and Keyfit 30

    - Muslin swaddle blankets (I like Hudson Baby, as they are big and reasonably priced). These are good multi-use items; swaddle, sun cover, burp cloth, etc.

    - Hair brush - really good for cradle cap

    - Nose Frida

    - Thermometer

    - nail trimmers

    - Baby tub with newborn sling

    - people love giving baby clothes, so there's a chance you'll get a lot, but clothes-wise I think you just need onesies and zippered footies (my favorites are the Baby Cat and Jack ones from Target because the zippers are reversed and all footies should be that way). It's nice for newborn stuff to be long-sleeved because it usually comes with built-in scratch mittens.

    - (not necessary but a nice thing that makes life easier) JJ Cole diaper clutch - it consolidates everything and you'll be changing so many diapers you want an efficient setup. I have one with a Munchkin bag dispenser attached for poopy diapers.

    - baby restraining devices - bouncer, baby gym, etc. If you have friends with kids, see if you can get any of this stuff hand-me-down first. These things have a short window of use but are awesome. We've gotten the most mileage out of an Infantino ball pit Baby gym (love you, Chickens!) and a Fisher-Price infant-to-toddler rocker.

    Baby carrier - really helps you have a life. You might want to try several out with a baby wearing group to see what works, or borrow from friends if you can to see what you like. If these aren't options, the only carrier I've had friends universally love is the Tula (wish I'd bought it). I loved the Moby before Fry hit 15 pounds.

    - bottles - Comotomos are relatively expensive, but they're easy to clean and seem to be one of the few bottles even breastfeeding friends with finicky bottle feeders seem to have success with.

    Changing table (or something that ergonomically fulfills that function) - even a normal dresser with a changing pad will do, but something where you can change diapers without bending over too much.

    Soft crib sheets - adjusting to the crib went better when there was a plush sheet vs a plain cotton one

    Non-registry stuff that worked for me:
    IKEA Poang and Ottoman - nearly a year later this is still my nursing setup. Any high-backed chair will do, but I'm happy I found something that is at least pukeable.

    Trifold mattress: During the cosleeping and night nursing period this worked nicely for us. I set one up in Fry's room, and if Fry rolled off he was safe.

    Fitness ball - bouncing on this thing with the baby or bouncing the car seat on it was a really efficient soothing mechanism

    Must-haves that weren't must haves for us/stuff we got but didn't use/stuff we don't regret not getting:

    - rocker - ffs I heard so much about how I NEEDED a rocker. Yeah, didn't find it mattered much.

    - diaper genie - diapers stink no matter what

    - Magic Merlin sleep suit - made no difference. Found this to be true of many things that promised to help with sleep. The only thing that actually helped us was sleep training and the kid getting old enough for that to be possible.

    - Rock n Play - everyone swears this is baby sleep crack, but Fry didn't care for it. We could just have a weird kid.

    - baby outerwear - granted, we live in a mild climate and had a summer baby, but those first few
    months if we went out Fry was plenty warm from either being in the car seat or the carrier. Family friends gave us an adorable 3-6 month sized puffy coat. He never wore it.

    - Stuff clearly designed by people who've never had babies - "spot clean only" and clothes with buttons come to mind.
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    Our mattress is a sealy something. It has a firm side and a softer side. It is waterproof but it's hard and kind of crinkly. The pad makes it a little softer. You're right I could do without but I'd much rather wash the mattress pad than wipe off the mattress, esp at 3am. Maybe I'd feel differently with a less pukey kid but I doubt it.
  25. user4350

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    RIGHT? Like, who the fuck...:bird:

    Okay, sorry I keep coming back to and making more posts, but I keep remembering things I liked/hated. SO.

    Breast pumps - if you know someone who has one you can borrow before you buy (just get new flanges, tubes, whatever), do it. I borrowed my cousin's Medela (Freestyle), which is supposed to be like, the bee's knees of breast pumps, and I hated it. Nice features, but so uncomfortable no matter what size breast shield I tried. It also would have weak suction on one side on and off, which made things super frustrating. I'm so glad I never sprung the money for it. In the end, I much preferred the Philips Avent Comfort pump. Less features, but ultimately I didn't really need them anyways, and waaaaaay more comfortable. My only regret is that I bought the single and not the double pump.
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