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  1. Rico Suave

    Rico Suave Chicken

    Well, I've been here for awhile, but I've got some time to waste this morning. I too read through the 15 pages and learned a lot!

    I'm 25, turning 26 in October. J (why the fuck are there so many J's??) and I have been together for 4 years, married for 5 months. We met through his sister who was one of my best friends in high school. We also happened to be next door neighbors. It's convenient now for holidays! We have a 4 year old daughter (mine from a previous relationship) but J has been around since she was 6 months old, and bio father isn't in the picture.

    We live in San Diego and I freakin love it here, minus the COL. I'm a huge football fan, and glutton for punishment because yes, Chargers are my team.

    J is from a small town of approx. 3k people right at the base of Mammoth Mountain. He moved here when he was 12 to live with his aunt because his mom passed away. I moved to SD when I was 10 from the shit fuck city of San Bernardino when my mom and step-dad got married. I was a weird kid and didn't fit into my high school's mold of a perfect ivy league bound student, so I said "fuck this shit" and went to an accelerated charter school when I was 15 (which whom I now work for!). I graduated at 16. I enrolled in college and wanted to major in sports nutrition but never took it seriously. I got pregnant at the ripe age of 20, and dropped out of school. Someday I'll go back.

    I found the CoS through the bee, obvs. I was a pretty active poster for a couple of years while I lurked over here. I decided to emerge last summer. I was finally snarked on over here because you guys hated my wedding dress. I was pretty excited about it. :mrgreen: I started posting on the non-snark boards about 6 or 7 months ago and have found that the chickens are the coolest, most supportive, funny, smart group of women ever.

    Love you, bitches. :loveu:
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  2. Lh718

    Lh718 Chicken

    San Bernardino huh? We lived for three years down in Pomona north of I10. Good (not really) times. We drove through San Bernardino on 215 or 210 on our way to Joshua Tree a few times.
  3. BedBath&Beyonce

    BedBath&Beyonce Chicken

    I said a brief hello in the introductions thread, but I've enjoyed reading more about everyone so I'll post here as well.

    I'm 23 years old. J (yet another J!) and I have been together 5 years, and married for 4 in December. We met through mutual friends. We have a one year old girl, and I'm a stay at home mom with her + going to school FT to finish my BAS.
    We live in Alabama, near the gulf coast. I've lived in AL my whole life, minus a 6 month stint in Georgia. We moved from NE Alabama to the lower half 2 years ago.
    J is an operations manager for an established furniture company (he works in the warehouse) and works long hours so it's just me and BABBY most of the time. Autocorrect wanted babby to be capitalized, apparently.
    I am a huge bibliophile, and could easily read 1000+ books in a year. I don't have a specific genre I prefer, I'll read anything.
    I've been looking for friends in this area since I'm pretty introverted, so I've joined meetup- we'll see how that goes :roll:.
    I found COS through the Bee (obvs) and couldn't resist searching my own username to see if I'd been snarked on. Of course I had, but my parents were the subject of the snark itself- gave me a good chuckle.
    I've been reading the forums and love the community here, everyone seems awesome. :chicken:
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  4. TaterTot

    TaterTot Rulebitch


    My sister has met some AWESOME people via Meetup in the Bay Area.

    See you in the Chicken Book Club! :)
  5. BedBath&Beyonce

    BedBath&Beyonce Chicken

    Thank you! I'll make my way over there soon.
  6. Rico Suave

    Rico Suave Chicken

    It's a corrupt, bankrupt, crime ridden city. Makes me sad actually. It wasn't shiny when I lived there as a kid, but in the last 15 years its gone down hill considerably. :sad:
  7. TaterTot

    TaterTot Rulebitch

    @Rico Suave Link me to the dress. I desperately need to know.
  8. Rico Suave

    Rico Suave Chicken

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  9. A. Ham

    A. Ham Chicken

    @Rico Suave I <3 your pink sash!! Before I got my dress I had thought about doing the same but in blue or green. Doesn't work with mine but it's lovely on yours.
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  10. moose

    moose RINGWORM GIRL :(

    I don't even think your dress is snark worthy!

    I was also snarked on after a particularly dense beeism and got a good chuckle over it. :cheers:
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  11. Zombie Llama

    Zombie Llama Ain't no corn bitch

    @Rico Suave I liked your dress and even told you so on the bee.
  12. Rico Suave

    Rico Suave Chicken


    It was kind of a hot mess before I took the little white belt off and steamed it. Taffeta is just kind of a bitch in general. Hair, makeup, and accessories definitely helped pull everything together.
  13. Zombie Llama

    Zombie Llama Ain't no corn bitch

    True with every dress!
  14. ThatOneGirl

    ThatOneGirl Dear Diary

    I find myself spending more time here than on the Bee so I guess it's time for introductions.

    I'm 26 and am planning a December wedding with yet another J. I'll just call him husband since we have enough Js. We met six years ago in college. Funnily enough, his older sister was in the same sorority as me but we didn't meet through her! I graduated with a degree in Business Admin and currently work in multifamily. I love it. husband works for the same company as a maintenance tech while he puts himself through grad school to be an accountant. He is so driven and level-headed and all around perfect.

    husband and I live in Texas; I'm a born and raised native but he's from Alabama. As if family in different states didn't make holidays bad enough, both of our parents are divorced and remarried so we have twice as much family to visit and shop for. On the plus side: twice as much family. You'll likely hear me rant/jab at my mother fairly regularly. She's a hardcore conspiracy theorist and the source of more than a little stress when it comes to wedding planning.

    I found CoS through the Bee on one of those 'OMJG look at this mean site!' threads and have been lurking ever since. I stopped lurking after I was snarked on and have been hanging out mostly on Klassy Brides but have started venturing out to other forums.
  15. Zombie Llama

    Zombie Llama Ain't no corn bitch

    Hola! What were you snarked on about? I was barely snarked on about having a bee in a bonnet re: Clarissabee. But that's not how I got here.
  16. Meatz

    Meatz Roma Basic

    Hello! I am a huge Margaret Schroeder fan.
  17. ThatOneGirl

    ThatOneGirl Dear Diary

  18. ThatOneGirl

    ThatOneGirl Dear Diary

    husband and I have been on a Boardwalk Empire kick and I absolutely love her.
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  19. Fitz

    Fitz Leslie Knope Monster

    Hello and welcome! May I ask which sorority?

    Signed, a sister in Panhellenic :)
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  20. user4290

    user4290 North of the Boarder

    I stand by bringing your post over here

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  21. ThatOneGirl

    ThatOneGirl Dear Diary

    @Fitz I'm a Gamma Phi Beta, which sisterhood are you a part of?

    @yesmaster the snark was well-deserved. I went full Bee. You should never go full Bee.
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  22. Rico Suave

    Rico Suave Chicken

  23. user3728

    user3728 Chicken

    Some day I need to buy you a beer (or sparkling cider!) and ask you about sorority stuff. The Jesuits don't like competing brother/sisterhoods so my college didn't have any, and I am really interested to know about the reality versus what I've seen in movies.
  24. Fitz

    Fitz Leslie Knope Monster

    Anytime! :cheers:
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  25. msnothing

    msnothing Chicken

    So, what can I say about me? I'm in my late 30's, and Mr Nothing and I have been married for 3 years. We met like most geeks - playing Dungeons and Dragons at the local game store. That was 15 years ago. We both married other people, divorced, and then ended up with each other.

    I was on the Bee for a good while because I really wanted Moissy for all the typical reasons - ethical, cost, and shiny. I still like to gawk at Moissy porn, but the rest of Bee completely baffled me. Weddings in my religious culture are a serious event, one that requires swearing an oath, and all those who are present are obligated to help the couple uphold that oath. So I just chalked it up to cultural differences. But inside, I snarked. I snarked so hard.

    I'm a computer programmer and work mostly in data analytics. We have two dogs, no kids and a rather normal, middle class life (Though in Arkansas, the bar for middle class is much lower.) I knit and tinker with my scooter for fun. I built my own hot tub.