"Artistic" aka Awkward Ring Pics

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  1. This morning while googling for local jewelers, I discovered that a local shop, which I thought was strictly silver goods, also sells fine jewelry. I couldn't decide between this thread and the "interesting rings" thread for the majority of these, since they could definitely compete in both categories.

    First up, we have this lovely ring.
    Picture is not as bad as we know these pictures can be, and I'm not totally mad at the ring. But in the jewelry store's slideshow of their jewelry, the above photo was after this one...

    Sorry, no, putting it on the red silk flower does abso-fucking-lutely nothing for the ring!

    Then we have...

    This ring is definitely interesting, but I can't tell if it's interesting-"Yes, please!" or interesting-"Oh, honey, no." because the ring is basically buried in...wtf is that? Spaghetti?

    This last one is not a ring, but I love these earrings...
    ...so to see them displayed with their posts piercing through vegetation just makes me sad. And, I don't know why, but it sorta turns me off from the earrings altogether. Not that I could afford them anyway. This store is located in a wealthy town in the county with the highest per capita in the USA. I'd probably have to sell my kidney to buy anything in that store.

    Two other weird rings, which are not "artistically" photographed...
    I actually sorta like this, but what's up with the weird gold flake on the center stone? I dont think that's glare, because the color is completely different from the glare on the other stones.

    Anyone missing a mood ring?

    The stone looks awesome close up--anyone know what it is?--but tell me that this doesn't look like your run of the mill mood ring?
  2. Okay, one more.

    Is this photo meant to sell a necklace, or a half-torso-statue-thing?
  3. A. Ham

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    That last photo reminds me of this photo of an ancient Incan mummy from a National Geographic that came out when I was a kid. The earrings piercing the flower are also majorly wtf.

    I love that emerald ring though, 100%.
  4. MagnificentCat

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    None of those rings are as bad as their placement in the photo. Wouldn't it just be easier and look better to take a photo of them on a dark velvet cloth?
  5. hallokween

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    That first ring, tho.

  6. nettysgirl

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    Yep, dumb photography but mostly pretty rings imo. I love the emerald one. The gold is glare. It's different than the sidestones because it's angled different. The brown one looks like tiger eye or a cat's eye form of something. Hard to tell from that pic.
  7. RoryGilmore

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    Why bother buying an earring stand or jewelry box when you have indoor plants?

    ETA: I’m ashamed for seeing these, like, a month late.
  8. Ciley Myrus

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    Is there really NOWHERE ELSE she could have taken a ring pic....?

  9. unicorn

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    It probably had the best lighting.
    There's a specific corner in the receptionist's area here at work that I direct all newly engaged co-workers who I see taking ring pics at their desks. Sure, they get a lot of "wtf?" looks but they also get some poppin' pics.
  10. shakespeer

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    How often does that extremely specific situation come up for you?
  11. Zombie Llama

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    Why not crop the toilet out?
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  12. unicorn

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    4 times so far.
  13. Ciley Myrus

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    I mean, I am glad there's no shit hanging out in the toilet, so I guess that's a plus.
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    At least close the toilet lid ffs.