"Artistic" aka Awkward Ring Pics

Discussion in 'Photobombs' started by sweetheart, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. HBC

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    I do like her set, though.
  2. Derpina

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    STFU you're wrong, I'm not big on heart shaped anything so her set doesn't really WOW me. What does is that she actually posted a picture like that. I get the flowers/rocks/pets/etc to a certain extent.. but a dusty/hairy remote? Totally ruins the classiness of her classic set.
  3. CoolWife

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    "Artistic" aka Awkward Ring Pics

    Guys I have the best ring pic to share with you, brb.

    Eta - it's C for chicken. And the grossest thing living in my keyboard.
  4. Soleil

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    I wish I didn't just take my garbage out, that would have been the perfect setting for these ring pictures I've been meaning to take.
  5. NerdLady

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    May or may not have taken a picture of my ring on 11's sonic screwdriver for a thread on the bee. 8)
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    Re: "Artistic" aka Awkward Ring Pics

    Her ring is so pretty tho...
  7. hellohelloagain

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    Idk if this belongs here but I couldn't think of where else to put it


    What is going on in this picture? It looks like her pinky has been dislocated
  8. Fitz

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    Is her hand rested on the chest of her muppet fiance?
  9. Miss Skunk

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    Re: Disney fans are picky eaters.

    This gets to be on this thread because it's food and it's got a nice big Mickey Mouse logo on it...
    Is this person WEARING HER WEDDING RING ON THE OUTSIDE OF THAT GLOVE?? That glove which is her excuse to not wash her hands after handling raw meat???!
  10. Honey

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    Re: Disney fans are picky eaters.

    This post has nothing to do with picky eaters, and you can't use a website URL to embed an image. I'll fix both for you.
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    Manhands definitely an asshole

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    Re: "Artistic" aka Awkward Ring Pics

  15. Ironring

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    And not paper towel or foil tube, TP.

    People are fuckin weird.
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  17. spaceboots

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    Why the heck is she playing around with a flashlight and toilet paper tube?!? I hope she wasn't photographing her ring while she's on the toilet... Gross.
  18. AnonyCat

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    If it was at least made of white paper then I guess it could be a mini photo lightbox but nope...brown toilet paper tube.

    Truly perplexing.
  19. JaneBrady

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    That looks like a butthole.
  20. Honey

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    Girl, what buttholes are you looking at?
  21. Avocado

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    Bedazzled ones
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  22. curlysarah

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    Besides the fact that this ring doesn't fit....she's in the hospital taking ring pics?
  23. Honey

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    Looks like it fits to me.
  24. LouiseBelcher

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    That looks like a baby crib in the hospital room. WHY the ring pics? (and I agree- it is a little tight.. and her cuticles make mine hurt.)
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  25. CoolWife

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    That's just the bedside table. Way too familiar with that.
    Also her ring fits fine.