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    Maybe when UNICEF gets into the wedding venue business
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    They released a recording of their final phone call with her after they’d been dragged through the mud so much they had to. They were incredibly patient and supportive throughout the call even though the bride had previously called her assigned planner (from the venue) freaking out and called her a cunt at one point. So the planner had understandably said she would not be handling their wedding. The venue said they’d do everything they could depending on whether the bride kept the wedding as planned or rescheduled. The bride was just insane.
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    Holy shit that’s awful
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    Reddit thread with copypastas of bridezilla's rants.
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    That 28-minute phone call is gonna be so cringe. I can’t listen.
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    "I'm at my ends wits"

    "Why did you wait til now to try to get the marriage license?" " Because I have a job!"

    The fiance has to get on like 2 minutes in because she's already too hysterical. The wedding venue lady tattles on the mom being demanding too and it seems she went out of her way and worked overtime to keep in touch with the mom.

    "To be honest, Kelly is our only bride who is upset."

    Kelly called Elizabeth, the wedding planner not on the phone, the c word. Elizabeth is now not willing to work on the wedding on the day. Now, it does sound like the venue is not really taking the virus into account and wants to go ahead with everything, which is obviously not a great idea, but the venue does look to be offering her the dates that they have in the rest of the year. However it is clear that so late they would need to negotiate with the caterers to see if they can move because it's close enough they probably have bought the food at the time of the call.

    The bride starts crying and begging for the phone back. She says she wanted to call back and apologize to Elizabeth but....didn't? She apologized in this call but it's not to Elizabeth, who will no longer deal with her.

    "What do you mean that's all you can offer?" "Well, that's all we have...dates and times..." Clearly looking for some kind of compensation I think.

    "We've been together 6 years and if we can't do this Saturday I don't want to wait another year!!! If we can't have this party I just want to go to the courthouse." (The venue lady is silent clearly wishing she would just fuck off and do this.)

    "But you can reschedule...you just don't want to."

    "I just don't want y'all to hate me...I hope Elizabeth doesn't hate me." "I can tell you she doesn't hate you, but when I talk to your mom I get anxiety, and Elizabeth is the same with you. Y'all don't realize but the way you talk to us is demeaning."

    "If I have a Saturday I'll give you a Saturday...I can't invent them."

    "Now I'm worried going forward you guys will have a terrible taste in your mouth about me...I've tried to be soooooooo calm."

    "You're gonna have to send Elizabeth an email, I don't think she's going to answer the phone to you."

    The venue isn't setting a deadline for her to reschedule even, she could even decide on Saturday morning. Also there's a tentative cancellation in 6 months from a pregnant bride.

    Kelly does apologize but she turns on the waterworks whenever she does, for some reason it doesn't sound genuine but obviously I don't know her.

    The contract apparently doesn't require them to reschedule so the venue is being really nice offering it. However I do think the venue is being flippant about the infection risk.

    All the choices are explained to her. Then after all that, "But no refund?!?!" No Kelly. This has just been explained.
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    I do think the call with Elizabeth would have been more dramatic to listen to.
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    So now she’s trying to get out of it when what she did to the venue is essentially happening to her. The vengeful part of me hopes the venue threatens a defamation lawsuit unless she makes a very public retraction and apology.
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    What bothered me most about her "apology" was she completely removed herself from responsibility. "I'm sorry it came out that way" - "I'm just really stressed" - "I tried to call back to apologize and she wouldn't answer" So obviously it's the planner's fault she didn't get an apology :roll:

    ETA: I hadn't got to my favorite apology yet! "I apologize if there was anything said that was directed at you or Elizabeth" (goes on again about being stressed)
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    OMJG yes. If?? You called Elizabeth a cunt!
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    Well apparently the bride has now lawyered up. I really hope the venue sues her. I hate the idea that such a spoiled waste of space has bullied her way through life with her parents enabling her.
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    I, for one, am thanking her parents for creating such a fountain of snark content.
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    Post has already been deleted but I was able to see the first page of comments. Bee has a bachelorette destination party scheduled for July. She's upset that another friend is also planning a destination bachelorette for her own wedding. They have the same friend group and the other bride is asking for money up front. Bee is upset the other bride is asking the friend group for money when she hasn't received the money for her own party yet. Covid is not mentioned as a concern at all

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    I would decline both WITH GUSTO
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