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  1. Erie

    Erie Florida AF

    I wish I had seen this yesterday but I know what the gift is and it’s definitely not something you should feel obligated to get something in return for. It’s soooooorta for you both lol.
  2. A. Ham

    A. Ham Chicken

    Oh, and on the carrot cake thing, A's grandmother puts chocolate chips on top of the icing, and it's amazing.
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  3. Canaligator

    Canaligator Barbie Police

    Haha he told me he checked with someone about it and I wondered if it was you / you and K! It was a good gift and definitely for both of us.
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  4. MagnificentCat

    MagnificentCat Chicken

    I’ll dig out my vanilla cake and buttercream recipes when I get home. They’re simple but amazing.
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  5. Zombie Llama

    Zombie Llama Ain't no corn bitch

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  6. Zoomzoom

    Zoomzoom Old Curmudgeon

    Bookmarking these recipes for if I ever actually attempt a cake instead of just buying one.
  7. Zombie Llama

    Zombie Llama Ain't no corn bitch

    @Kimmers here is the original recipe from the book. Not sure if NYT changed anything.

    Screenshot_20200214-125053_Amazon Kindle.jpg Screenshot_20200214-125059_Amazon Kindle.jpg
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  8. Kimmers

    Kimmers Chicken

    Excellent - definitely making this. Thank you!
  9. Zombie Llama

    Zombie Llama Ain't no corn bitch

    I just saw one difference - NYT uses pre-sifted measurements and the original uses post.
  10. MagnificentCat

    MagnificentCat Chicken

    Here’s my go to vanilla cake (just the cake, I haven’t tried their frosting).

    And here’s my frosting. I add 1 tablespoon meringue powder to it, but that’s just personal preference. I try to make the frosting with the highest fat content I can find (I heard once that makes a difference for buttercream), but I don’t know if that matters.
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  11. Rico Suave

    Rico Suave Chicken

    I officially need to leave my hair color on for the additional 5 minutes for my resistant grays.
  12. Canaligator

    Canaligator Barbie Police

    How do you even have grays?? My husband started going gray at 16 so I get it but ... you are the picture of youth!
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  13. Rico Suave

    Rico Suave Chicken

    I, too, started going gray at 16. :angry:

    They just decided to start being resistant at 29! Wahh!
  14. Canaligator

    Canaligator Barbie Police

    I mean I’m 19 years older than you (!!! I am old!) and I have sparse random grays that blend in with my highlights. Genetics are unfair.
  15. MagnificentCat

    MagnificentCat Chicken

    I call them glitter strands in the hope of changing my outlook since I’m too lazy to commit to coloring just yet. No such luck on a more positive outlook yet.
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  16. CoolWife

    CoolWife Chicken

    At this point in my life I’ve earned them. :lol: But at least I’m not my cousins who were both totally salt and pepper grey by the time they were out of college.
  17. Kimmers

    Kimmers Chicken

    My library e-book was returned before I could finish it, and there’s a 2 week wait now.
  18. Comet

    Comet Chicken

    My poor kid only took a single 50 minute nap at daycare today so of course he fell asleep on the drive home. I am sitting in the car in the driveway and I have to pee SO bad.
  19. Fitz

    Fitz Leslie Knope Monster

    My stomach bug is back and B’s is just starting. If C gets sick in the next 24 hours we are doomed.

    Yes I Lysoled everything
  20. Canaligator

    Canaligator Barbie Police

    Oh no! That is awful especially on your birthday. My paralegal had to leave early today b/c her toddler has the stomach bug too.
  21. ClamJam

    ClamJam Chicken

    Hope everyone is okay today, @Fitz !!!
  22. LouiseBelcher

    LouiseBelcher spampants

    This last week has truly sucked. C shared his sinus infection with me and of course I got it in my chest too. We went on our monthly glamping trip and I felt awful and it rained a lot more than it was supposed to. My kitteh died the day we got back then Monday morning I went to the doctor because sinus and cough for nearly 2 weeks is horrible and I was seeing blood, which is generally not a good sign. Of course I have pneumonia so a forced 2 days off (glad I was home with Stella even though I am so sick). Now I’ve been on antibiotics for 3 days and am not getting better. I’ve just had enough now and would like to sleep for about a year.
  23. whatchyagonnado

    whatchyagonnado Chicken

    Thats too much LB! I am so sorry about your kitty and hope the meds have you feeling more human soon.
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  24. Kimmers

    Kimmers Chicken

    I’m so sorry LB.
  25. Comet

    Comet Chicken

    I'm sorry LB, what a shit couple of weeks. <3
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