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  1. CoolWife

    CoolWife Chicken

    FIL pulled a million weeds and they almost finished painting the garage. I guess it’s ok.
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  2. Canaligator

    Canaligator Barbie Police

    We are on our way to meet friends for a cider and cheese event in Maine and out of nowhere it started raining ...and we have Lucy with us so we had to abort mission :sad:
  3. hellohelloagain

    hellohelloagain Chicken

    The last couple of days the temp has been in the high 70s-mid 80s with humidity around 75%

    Every day I've come in to work my coworker has had the doors propped wide open. Idk wtf he's thinking but it's been miserable in here. I been spending a lot of time in the bathroom since the closed door means the AC actually is working in there
  4. Lucyinthesky

    Lucyinthesky Chicken

    Forecast is saying mid to high 60’s for the rest of August. With rain about every second day. Remind me why I live here.
  5. Comet

    Comet Chicken

    No Trump.
  6. Lh718

    Lh718 Chicken

    I put off packing til now. Since I wasn't sure if I was going to get to come home next weekend, I decided to be responsible and pack for at least 2 weeks. Everything was fine and calm and even mildly excited until it came to my toiletries and medications and general stuff that is better to just pack up whole.

    I'm freaking out, and there's way more stuff than I've been picturing in my head, which is dumb I know. I'm trying to keep my shit together because it's not like P is thrilled about any of this either.
  7. Afishwish

    Afishwish Bramblebutt

    This is mostly my fault, but I’m still annoyed. I need to pick up a print for rooster’s 40th. Online, the shop lists its hours as 10:30-5 M-F. I got an email saying pickup hours are 1:30-5, and to make a pick up appointment. I stupidly showed up without one assuming someone would be there during business hours. Nope. They were closed. Why not just say “by appointment only”? This company used to usually have someone there during business hours (they were flaky about it, but they would be open), and it’s on me for not making an appointment, but I’m still grumpy about it.
  8. whatchyagonnado

    whatchyagonnado Chicken

    Listen I’m sorry but I hate Fixer Upper and Love it or List It and I need HGTV to get their programming together for my nighttime watching needs.
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  9. Canaligator

    Canaligator Barbie Police

    Love it or List it enrages me.
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  10. A. Ham

    A. Ham Chicken

    Is Love it or List it there an American version or is it the Phil and Kirstie one?
  11. HBC

    HBC Chicken

    There’s two and they both suck
  12. whatchyagonnado

    whatchyagonnado Chicken

    @A. Ham specifically Hillary and David
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  13. virgo

    virgo Chicken

    Love it or List it is so staged. I can’t stand that show. I’m sure most of the HGTV shows are staged but that one is just soooo obvious. I can take Fixer Upper in small doses but the marathons HGTV has been doing are too much. Don’t they have any other shows?
  14. T-Rex

    T-Rex Chicken

    I haaaate love it or list it, so staged. I also couldnt stand Flip or Flop because of Tarek and Christina.
  15. Honey

    Honey Historian Staff Member

    I don’t ever think to flip to HGTV. What’s the point when there’s always a Law & Order marathon somewhere?
  16. Canaligator

    Canaligator Barbie Police

    I watched this nonsense at the urgent care this winter when I didn’t have control of the remote. I get why they opt for this versus Fox News but honestly it stressed me out.
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  17. Tumnus

    Tumnus Chicken

    Roosters job entails coding a bunch of emails and sweepstakes for those shows. He hates the content so much. My favorite text was "WHO THE HELL ARE THE BOISE BOYS???" :shrug:
  18. deet

    deet Chicken

    As a person who doesn't watch a ton of TV, I could honestly watch HGTV for three days straight lol.
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  19. MagnificentCat

    MagnificentCat Chicken

    Look, it’s okay and actually encouraged to hate on Fixer Upper and their shitty-chic style, but leave Hillary from Love It or List It our of it. I don’t care if it’s staged, I like her style.
  20. Tumnus

    Tumnus Chicken

    @deet same. We don't have cable so when we're staying a hotel I watch all of the HGTV before bed.
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  21. A. Ham

    A. Ham Chicken

    I like Phil and Kirstie on the British version (I am ONE person away from Phil in the whole degrees of separation thing!) and I like that it taught me some of the basics of house buying here, but I never watched HGTV back in the US and Honey is right...it's because SVU is on.

    SVU is on channel 21 here later in the evening, so even though we're watching it in order on NowTV at home, when we've been staying in hotels while travelling we've ended up watching it here too.
  22. whatchyagonnado

    whatchyagonnado Chicken

    SVU* is a real watch for me though. HGTV fills that “I’m eating and scrolling the internet but I still wanna look at the TV and make snarky comments occasionally” void.

    *lol fixed it
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  23. Apples&Oranges

    Apples&Oranges Chicken

    I'm annoyed that TLC never has trash shows on when I am in hotels. It's always like a say yes to the dress or 500lb life marathons
  24. A. Ham

    A. Ham Chicken

    That's a lot of SVU for me because I've seen most of them so I'm like...reminding myself of them haha. I can never remember whodunnit. Although at the moment we're in a stretch I haven't seen before which is interesting.

    I LOVE Say Yes to the Dress although Atlanta and Bridesmaids are far superior. The original one is annoying because there's only so many times you can watch someone buy the same awful Pnina dress for 15k.
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  25. Zoomzoom

    Zoomzoom Old Curmudgeon

    I don't have HGTV as part of our cable package, but we had a free trial like a month ago and there was no House Hunters or Love It or List It at all. So disappointed.

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