What the actual fuck?

Discussion in 'Smothers' started by Hyperventilate, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. hellohelloagain

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    Honestly, I see the "bio dad" thing as the equivalent of a sperm donor. Excluding for a potential medical reason, I don't much see the point of the daughter or the other guy needing to know the situation.

    Maybe I'm biased though as I am the child of someone whose family always accused my mom of cheating, and if it came out that my dad was in fact not my bio dad, I wouldn't really care? That person didn't raise me, I have no interest in knowing them
  2. Afishwish

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    Yeah, Imma call bullshit on mom doing this “for his own good”. She did it because she hates the wife.

    I am not surprised that this is the thing, but what the fuck?!

    I’ve wanted to do a 23andme test just for curiosity’s sake, and I’m PRETTY sure my dad’s my bio dad, but if he’s not I won’t be shocked. It wasn’t the case for my brother.
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    @Afishwish it hasn't happened since covid because no visitors, thankfully, but yeah. It wasn't like everyday, more like once a month. If I'm getting those, I'm other nurses were, too.