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  1. Apples&Oranges

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    My brother had a moving issue when he was young, broke, and in college. He was living off campus in a small apartment and needed to move. He only had a motorcycle so he called a company that gave him X quote, but when they showed up, they said a waaaay higher price that a young broke college kid couldn't afford so they left. He had to be out that day though so I put out a desperate plea on FB (I was already living several stated away) and someone I went to high school with had a brother living in that city and he had a truck and was helping someone else move that day and they were able to help him. I'm still blown away, to this day. It was one of those life defining moments for my brother, in gratitude for strangers, basically, helping in his time of need, and basically feels like I saved him. He gave me way too much credit.
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    A car or motorcycle across the street from our flat has this alarm that gets set off every time it's rainy or windy. Both of the last 2 weekends have had storms with strong winds and heavy rain. I think I am actually going insane. It woke me up all night for the last 2 nights, and also last weekend, and now it keeps going off. It's impossible to get away from it anywhere in the flat. I don't even think anything can be done about it. It's been going on for years but it's happening so much recently with this weather. Why the fuck do cars even have alarms? No one fucking comes and checks that it's okay, ever.
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    My dad just texted me (it’s 02:30 am) to let me know that my grandfather is hospitalized and they’re concerned it’s cancer and he meant to let me know earlier but he’s “busy with work.”

    Cool cool.
  4. shakespeer

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    Also he started the text with “by the way,” which like...
  5. Zombie Llama

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    I am so sorry Shakes. My dad does the same thing, and it is so awful.

    Sending good vibes to your grandfather and hugs to you.
  6. Rico Suave

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    Yeah that’s not a casual mention... I’m sorry shakes. I hope everything is okay.
  7. A. Ham

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    Sorry shakes. I hope it turns out alright <3
  8. Fitz

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    Why are they this way
  9. shakespeer

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    Haven’t the faintest.

    This time they at least told me while he was in the hospital instead of a week later so there’s that.

    I’m going to let my brother do the yelling this time - usually he’s much calmer than me but he’s genuinely pissed this time.
  10. Zoomzoom

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    I'm sorry shakes. I hope he's okay.
  11. RoryGilmore

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    I’m so sorry, Shakes. Sending good thoughts your way. (And appropriate yelly thoughts to your brother.)
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    Love to you and yours, Shakes <3
  13. shakespeer

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    Thanks, all. Scopes so far don’t show anything, so we’ll see how it goes.

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