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    I would make sure you change your username and password at your bank, but then also change your password everywhere else you can but to something completely dissimilar to your banking info. Also change the password on your email and enable two factor auth on your email and every platform its available. I’d also ask your bank to add a call in code. If I call one of my banks I have to give a security code before they’ll talk to me (optional feature I enabled). You can also enable your cards to email you every time a purchase is made so you see immediately.

    We had a debit card that hasnt been used in 6 years and was sitting in our safe hacked, and then a CC at a different bank (also still in our possession) hacked all in a matter of two weeks last fall. We caught the debit card thanks to the email we have turned on for that account. They didn’t have the same password either but similar derivative. I read most hacks like this hack your email and can see all of your accounts from there, or they may get card/account #1 from something like the Disney+ hack and then work their way through similar accounts banking on the fact you gave the same/similar username and password.
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    I will change all of my passwords and do a scan of my phone and work computer. When this happened in September I had a pass code put on my account for phone calls to the bank. The reason I caught this back in September was because of the email notification request I put on my account for any purchases over $500. The new purchase is less than $500 but I scroll through my transactions so regularly I caught it anyway. It was just put through yesterday.
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    My life right now:

    Called my bank - wait on hold for 20 minutes before speaking with an agent. I can't remember the passcode I set up. I try three of my usual and then she says she can't help me and I can't try any others. Tells me I need to go to a branch location

    There is one under my office

    Go to the branch on my lunch: 2 tellers working and probably 40 people in line. Wait 35 minutes

    Go to the teller: she tells me they don't deal with these type of issues at the branch. I explain the problem with the passcode. She says she will call and tell them she verified me. Note: she asked me for literally no forms of ID, tells me she has to go in the back to call the credit card people and takes my credit card with her.

    Wait another 25 minutes: her boss comes out to tell me she is still on hold and recommends I come back later when they are less busy. I explain that she has my credit card so he goes to the back to get it from her

    THANKFULLY, when he gets there she has finally connected to someone and told them she "verified me" (not sure how... but okay). So I get directed to the back room and get to talk to the credit card agent who has now cancelled the card, issued and new one and updated my passcode.

    Now for the ever fun task of changing my credit card number everywhere once again... for the second time in 5 months
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    It looks like the reason a part of our floor in one room is sinking, is because we have a bad termite infestation, and now we need to get the house fumigated. And then the floor in that room pulled up, treated in that area, and then replaced.

    And the wood on the pergola in our backyard is sufficiently damaged that it's not really a safe structure.

    So great to have to add this to our costs and the list of stuff we're trying to deal with in the next 4 months or less.
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    Oh no. That’s awful! Hopefully your insurance will cover at least some of it??
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    Based on looking at our policy and talking to an agent, very unlikely. I feel like the only way to know for sure would be to file a claim, but then we’d lose our no-claims discount, even if it’s denied (which it probably would be).

    I think the fumigation will end up costing us around 3K, which we can make work, but we’d like to bring a baby into the world with a healthy savings account instead of a depleted one.
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    Ughhhhh that's awful.
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    I’ve been on hold with the pharmacy for an hour and I am not amused.
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    For real? That's some kind of racket.
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    Girl, WHAT is up with pharmacies? I never get through to mine.
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    Push the button for prescribers. Tell them “my bad” when they answer.
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    I had mediation for that car accident in 2016 today. Basically, I’m going after my own under insured coverage because I had significant neurological problems and still have a daily headache. I have a very good attorney who used to work for the insurance company years ago. The mediator also has lots of experience with this insurance company. Going in, they both thought it’d settle quickly today because I’ve had good medical care and have consistently been treated and followed through. I’m not even making a claim about the broken vertebrae because that healed. I wouldn’t be making any claim but a daily headache for 3 years is a lot.
    We did not settle- the insurance company signed the agreement to negotiate in good faith them basically noped out. Their attorney is furious, my attorney is furious and the mediator is furious.
    F them.
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    For the second time Fedex put a package on the truck for delivery but didn’t deliver it and waited until tonight to change the status to “Scheduled delivery: Pending”. Why put it in the tracking info for customers to see that it’s on a truck for delivery if you’re not going to deliver it? So frustrating. It’s a stationary bike from NordicTrack and I really don’t want it sitting outside. Ryan was home early today but tomorrow he’s gone all day and I won’t be home until 3:30. I really hope they deliver late afternoon but when they delivered our mattresses, it was earlier in the day. They also left those by the mailboxes for all to see. I have a feeling they’ll do the same with the bike even though we’re only up 1 flight of stairs.

    eta- I just checked the tracking from the mattresses and I was wrong. They were delivered at 3:06pm so there’s hope for my bike.
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    So about 3 weeks ago I got a "courtesy call" from the hospital where I delivered F to let me know I would be receiving a $5k bill for services. They said they didn't know why my insurance didn't cover anything, but they wanted to let me know so I wouldn't be shocked when the bill showed up.

    Called my insurance company, they say that's not correct and that my bill should only be for $345. They request that I send them the bill when I receive it so they can work out the issue.

    Still haven't received any bill, so I signed in to my online billing to see if I can download one. Notice that my balance due has now jumped to $24k. Call billing again, say I haven't received the bill yet for anything and that my insurance company was requesting it. Woman in billing tells me she can send me an itemized statement, I ask if that's a bill and she says no. I say my insurance company is requesting a copy of the bill. She then puts me on hold for about 20 minutes, and comes back to tell me that my insurance company THINKS they're contracted with them, but they're actually not, so my delivery was out of network and that's why I am being charged so much. I say ok, when can I expect to receive a bill? She says she'll send me an itemized statement...

    Sent my insurance company a copy if my outstanding accounts, hopefully that works for them since I have no idea when I'm actually going to receive a bill from the hospital.

    I don't get why they're making this so damned complicated.
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    WTF? I can't tell which organization is a bigger dumpster fire rn.
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    Yeah... I guess I’m confused. Is it the same where you are where your OBGYN office delivers at certain hospitals and they refer you ahead of time to the hospital billing person check benefits or do that for you? Like were you quoted anything ahead of time?

    They can’t just change their minds and surprise bill you $5K-$24K. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. Glad your insurance is on your side.
  17. Kimmers

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    I swear health insurance is as complicated as possible so you’ll just feel defeated and quietly pay your bill without questioning it. I got a bill last year for $185 for L’s birth, and nothing since. Figured we must have hit our out of pocket max with all my appointments before she was born, awesome. Except the hospital called me last week to let me know i will now be getting a bill for $2700 as they claim that Aetna denied some charges, the hospital was appealing the denial but the appeal is now ended. So L is 17 months old and I still haven’t received the actual bill for her birth... wtf.
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    I am so sick of being cold.

    I love my country, but fuck do I hate Canadian winter. My office is cold, my car is cold, my house is cold. TG and I keep the thermostat a bit colder than I would like, because he complains about being too hot. I agreed to this, because I assume it will come back in my favour come summer time when he wants to blast the A/C. Last night I told him I couldn't take it anymore. It's an older house. Some rooms are cooler than others. I get out of the shower and stand there shivering until I can psych myself up to getting out of the towel and into some clothes. Then I bundle up, go out to my car and shiver half way to work while my heat takes forever to kick in. And now here I am in my office... and it is fucking freezing.

    Another 12 weeks or so to go, too.
  19. Fitz

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    @hellohelloagain that's infuriating.
    I'm sure you're right.

    @yesmaster I sometimes wonder how y'all northerners do it. I like my winter and my seasons but couldn't handle the temps you get.
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    I wasnt quoted anything ahead of time, but yeah my OBs office works in a certain hospital group so that's part of the reason I delivered there. Consequently my primary care doctor also works for this group and his visits and my OBs visits were covered. So I don't think they're out of network.

    And even if they were out of network, my non network out of pocket max is 6k, so I don't see how a 24k bill would be correct in any sense.

    Talking with a friend of mine about it, she's also having billing issues with this same hospital group, so I think maybe their billing department is just fucked. I mean, the day I was discharged from the hospital I got a call from them claiming they didn't have my insurance info, which made no sense since I'd been going there for the previous 9 months. Then a couple weeks later I got a letter talking about my uninsured status, and I had to call them and give them my insurance info AGAIN.

    So yeah, hopefully my insurance can get this all worked out, because I'm certainly not paying anyone 24k
  21. scotchbutter

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    That sounds absurd! Hope your insurance handles it for you and you don’t have to go back and forth a million times.
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    The church next door has decided it was a great idea to rent their hall to a middle school group putting on a musical. I’m all for kids doing performing arts (I was in drama in HS) but this is a residential neighborhood with no parking and their hall doesn’t have adequate soundproofing. The church has no info on their website or on the signs out front about what this production is. I’m trying not to call because I’m pretty sure I won’t be calm about it. Rehearsals have been every fucking day for the past 2 weeks and they don’t end until 9pm. When parents come to pick their kids up, they’re coming too early and double parking in the street and also blocking driveways. I don’t know where these people think everyone is going to park when they have the actual show (which I have no idea when that is). I know I need to call because they need to know this isn’t working for the neighborhood and I don’t want them thinking they should do more shit like this.
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    Call the police about the double parking. Other than that, not sure what can be done.
  24. virgo

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    I thought about calling the cops but I already know they won't show up. Our department is understaffed unfortunately.
  25. RoryGilmore

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    Weird. Where do people park when church is in session?
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