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    I'm sorry Cali :sad:.
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    That is beyond frustrating, I am so sorry Cali.
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    Fuck, Cali. That blows. So sorry, cipota. Crossing fingers.

    Also don’t blame you for being angry.
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    Is there such thing as starting folic acid too early?

    TG and I are about a year out from when we plan on starting to try. A friend has told me her Doctors recommendation was to start on folic acid about 3 months prior. She said you can really start it as early or late as you want though (my friend said this, not her Doctor).

    I bought a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility on amazon the other day and since I was there I ordered a bottle of folic acid as well. When it arrived yesterday TG said he wasn't sure if it was okay for me to start on it now. I'm not necessarily set on starting it now, but if it isn't going to harm things than I don't really see how it would be an issue. I can also pack it away and take it out again in the fall.
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    I recommend 6 months prior or earlier! Folic acid won’t hurt or you could even do a regular prenatal!
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  6. yesmaster

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    I'll admit, I am completely clueless about this stuff. What is a regular prenatal? A vitamin? Is that something I would need to get from a Doctor or would it be an over the counter thing?

    I do need to make an appointment to see a Doctor in the next few months anyway. Since we moved I am in need of a new GP and I haven't gotten around to finding one yet
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    What is he basing this off of?
  8. CoolWife

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    I’ve been taking prenatals (sporadically because I can never remember) for 6 years now. No harm in taking it early.
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    I get mine from the grocery store too. I started on a gummy when we weren’t quite TTC and then at some point during TTC I switched to a non-gummy with iron in it (I think gummies don’t usually have iron).

    The thing with iron is that if can be a little rough on your stomach.
  11. deet

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    I've known women not TTC that take prenatals for skin, hair & nails.

    Edit: always got mine OTC
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    My OB said to just take a standard woman’s vitamin like one-a-day since they also have folic acid in them.
  13. yesmaster

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    Nothing really, just the fact that I had previously mentioned the 3 months prior suggestion. I think his concern was that I would start taking them now only to find out they are detrimental over a long term period
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    Not at all ttc, I take methylfolate and methylb12 daily because my values were on the low end (methylated versions are better absorbed than the folic acid is, especially since a good number of people don't have enough of the conversion enzyme). Nothing wrong with it. They're water soluble so as long as your kidneys work, your body will just pee out the extra so you should be good :)

    Edit: I've actually seen a lot of docs recommend folate and a prenatal for all women of childbearing age because we are more likely to have deficiencies in our diet. It's not necessary but definitely doesn't hurt, especially if you find one without thousands of percents of the daily recommended value of each nutrient
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    I've been taking prenatal gummies since 2013 :mrgreen:
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  16. yesmaster

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    Thank you ladies. This is all very helpful.

    I am trying to do all the research I can this year so that we are fully informed going into it. TG and I have talked about it quite a bit. I'll be almost 35 when we start trying so I would rather be educated and make the most of each month right from the jump than find out 6-12 months in that some minor thing is slightly off. Of course, nothing is guaranteed and I know that. Now that we are a year out the baby fever is coming on strong! Thankfully, he is just as excited about it as I am.
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    YM + TG = TB (Theatre Babby)
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  18. Zoomzoom

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    C and I have been discussing if we'd like a second child and I really didn't expect this decision to be nearly as hard as deciding whether or not to have any kids in the first place.

    Anyone else struggle with this? How'd you decide?
  19. CoolWife

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    For me it was more about what I picture our family as in 5yrs and on than having another baby.
  20. megatron

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    Definitely look at the long term of what you see for your family because if you judge it based on these early newborn days and difficult first year(s), it’s going to be a no lol.

    For us we always knew we wanted more than one. Whether we decide to have more than two remains to be decided. S is a much harder baby than A was, and add in a toddler to that mix, and my answer is hell no to more children (at this moment when I am still only on 4ish hours of sleep total a night). But it’s not a decision to make when you are in the trenches because these hard times are temporary (even if it feels never ending for me right now).
  21. deet

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    I don’t have advice @Zoomzoom on deciding but just empathy regarding how much more difficult thinking about another baby when you already have one.
  22. hellohelloagain

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    I am having that same difficulty, brought on by my doctor asking at every visit what I'm planning on doing for birth control.

    I'd like F to have a sibling, but not any time soon. A 4 year gap like there is between me and my siblings would be good for me. But I'm also not getting any younger, and if I wait that long I'll be 39 and according to my doctor could be higher risk and might be more difficult to conceive.

    And twins run in my family like the plague, so I consider myself lucky my first was a single. If I decide to take that gamble, I'd like for us to be in a spot in our lives where I could stay home from work.

    Plus F is a little angel baby and I worry a second would be a little demon by comparison. I'd hate to resent the kid for being more difficult than F has been.

    So to make a long response longer, I have no idea how you decide something like that.
  23. moose

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    I guess I’m the opposite. I want another baby as soon as it is safe to do so, and we are planning on trying when E hits 18 months.

    I am, however, incredibly anxious over having the same complications I had the first time. I really think I have some sort of significant anxiety because of the ICU/hospitalizations. Nothing prepares you at 1 week postpartum to be back in the hospital with doctors exploring which organ isn’t working. That alone gives me pause, but not enough to question wanting another. We’ll see what happens when the time actually comes.
  24. Tumnus

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    Being an only child, I knew I wanted more than one. I know there isn't a guarantee that they'll get along great but I want them to have each other when they're older.

    Transitioning was difficult but it's slowly getting easier. The strangest part is feeling like I know S so much more, I'm guessing that will change too when E is older and can express himself better.
  25. Zoomzoom

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    Yeah I can picture our lives with 2 kids but I don't know if that's because that's what I want or if it's because I grew up with a sibling and that's the societal norm. I was a very hard no in the early days, but now I flip flop. I like our little family's dynamic. If we go for a second we'd be aiming for a 2-3 year age gap between them.

    @hellohelloagain I feel you on the angel baby thing. A has been such a good sleeper since early on and I had a relatively easy pregnancy that I dread to know how badly my luck is going to run out.

    @moose my SIL is somewhat similar. She thought she would likely have 2, but the doctors think if she has another they will likely be a preemie as well and she doesn't know if she can handle that. In her case I think she's leaning to stopping at 1, but he's still quite young.

    I am very much a planner and not being able to figure out our plan is stressing me out.

    Also I haven't lost the weight I gained while pregnant/postpartum with A so that is a worry for me about getting pregnant again.