Time to put on the cone of shame

Discussion in 'Free Range' started by Rico Suave, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. Comet

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    I accidentally shipped my Ulta order to a house that we haven't lived in for over six years. Thankfully we know the person who lives there now and he just dropped it off.
  2. Lh718

    Lh718 Chicken

    Lab: okay, so where is the baby?
    Me: with her parents
    Lab: ...no. what room?
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  3. A. Ham

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    I had one of those zero calorie San Pellegrino sodas and it's a tangerine/strawberry flavor. I finished it then put it on the coaster next to me. I've been sitting here for an hour being like WHAT IS THAT SMELL and IS SOMEONE VAPING??? Nope, I'm smelling the soda can.
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  4. Canaligator

    Canaligator Barbie Police

    I just spent 45 minutes watching Jon Lovett make cookies badly on Instagram live. In my defense the comments were 15/10 “no no, not a whisk!! Use a wooden spoon” and also it’s been a long week :lol:
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  5. RoryGilmore

    RoryGilmore Chicken

    That sounds way better than watching Shandi from ANTM season 2 poorly doing exercises in her bedroom in her pajamas.

    I didn’t watch it all, but it was... weird.
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  6. Canaligator

    Canaligator Barbie Police

    OMJG Shandi!! She was such a delightful mess.
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  7. Canaligator

    Canaligator Barbie Police

    Lol at least I wasn’t alone

  8. RoryGilmore

    RoryGilmore Chicken

    Okay, I just realized now that it was Jon Lovett and not Jon Lovitz.
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  9. Canaligator

    Canaligator Barbie Police

    :lol: It is confusing! Even more so when his usual cohost is Jon Favreau but not THAT Jon Favreau.
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  10. A. Ham

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    Once A and I had a whole conversation where I thought we were talking about Bill Nye and he thought Bill Nighey and it was only when he mentioned Pirates of the Caribbean that I was like, wait what?
  11. HBC

    HBC Chicken

    Bill Nighey the Pirates Guy

    Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!
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  12. A. Ham

    A. Ham Chicken

    My takeaway from the whole conversation is that I would watch this film.
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  13. Canaligator

    Canaligator Barbie Police

    OMJG I am not even joking when I say that we have been playing bar trivia with @Erie and K and two weeks ago there was a full category devoted to names like that! They used the Bill Ny(igh)ey guys as the example. I can’t remember them all but there was an Ann/Anne Hathaway question.
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  14. Erie

    Erie Florida AF

    That was an AWFUL round.
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  15. Fitz

    Fitz Leslie Knope Monster

    Hurried home from the park with C because I had a 10 AM work Zoom, but I wanted him to get outside time before the thunderstorms we were predicted to have today.

    My meeting is at 10:30
  16. CoolWife

    CoolWife Chicken

    Time for coffee!
  17. Lh718

    Lh718 Chicken

    So I'm in the kitchen washing dishes, and I hear P talking.

    Me, very loudly: hang on, babe. I can't understand you with the water running.
    P: garble garble garble
    Me, loudly: I'm almost done!
    P: garble garble
    Water off, move to doorway: Sup?

    That's when I realize he's in a zoom meeting and trying very hard not to laugh.
  18. Zombie Llama

    Zombie Llama Ain't no corn bitch

    We warn each other when we are about to go live.
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  19. Lh718

    Lh718 Chicken

    He might have, but I had the water running :lol:
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  20. Lh718

    Lh718 Chicken

    Hi, I live in this thread.

    My charge nurse assigned a new patient to me while I was away from the floor. No problem, got a while before mom and baby come down.

    Half an hour before they're due down and while I'm in the middle of stuff, she comes up to me all huffy wondering why I didn't tell her I already had a patient with that last name?!

    I...do? OH SHIT! I DO!

    My patient's last name is double like Smith Jones, and the new patient is Smith. Problem is the babies are both just Smith. I say both names in my head for mom, so my brain parsed it as not the same.

    Cue Benny Hill theme song while I have to include report on the new patient to a diff nurse on top of my last half hour of tasks.
  21. Lh718

    Lh718 Chicken

    I'm surprised I've kept myself alive for this long with as idiotic a brain as I've got.

    I may have left my car keys in Hayward. Hopefully P finds them in his car, but I have my doubts.
  22. Fitz

    Fitz Leslie Knope Monster

    I was wiping down the countertops, and had my water bottle close by (open). Took a swig of water - I had gotten spray in the bottle :sick:

    It was Lysol though, so maybe I'm now immune to Covid?
  23. Afishwish

    Afishwish Bramblebutt

    This pregnancy I seem to have foods of the week that are the only things that keep nausea at bay. Last week was chicken tenders, this week it’s tzatziki. There was no tzatziki in the house and I burst into tears.
  24. Vespidae

    Vespidae Antagonist Staff Member

    My life, in a sentence.
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  25. fantasynerd

    fantasynerd Extra Extra


    Tuesday was my birthday and I had scheduled an Italian food order to be delivered, but 45 minutes before curfew I found out the restaurant was actually closed so I settled for Plan B, carry out from a “Greek” Armenian restaurant. The tzatziki that came with my gyro was weird, lots of cucumber but not enough yogurt for it to be a true sauce. It was fine in the gyro but this is part of why I don’t love ordering from there, anything “Greek” is always a little off.