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  1. HBC

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    I did these in the morning and the Purina fortiflora at night for a while.
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  2. allmaple

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    Sorry friend, GI issues are the worst because about 5 million things can cause the same symptoms. I have heard good things about Hill's GI Biome food. I just put my first patient on it so don't have a l lot of personal experience yet.
  3. RogueLlama

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    @allmaple I’ll add that one to my list of possible foods. We decided to put him back on the pro plan since he did so well on it for so long and his most recent issues started when he transitioned fully to the prescription Hills food. I think his first set of issues were based on treats at his daycare/boarding after being there for almost a week. He was definitely less gassy last night, which was a welcome relief during our nightly cuddle.

    Vet called and wants us to try giving him a dose of flagyl every other day, potentially long term, to see if that helps with everything as well. He’s also been banned from the kitchen so he can’t scam bites of food from the generous toddler, which has broken his heart.
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  5. Canaligator

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  6. HBC

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    Chickens for Dolly Pawton
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  7. moose

    moose RINGWORM GIRL :(

    If there’s someone out there who wouldn’t, I don’t want to know them.
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    Poor Vixen is having problems with her lady bits again :sad: I wish J did the stupid surgery back in March. He’s swamped but hopefully can do her surgery on Monday (his day off). She’s miserable in her cone and goes straight for it when she’s out of the cone for eating/walks.
  9. Pickles

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    @allmaple remind me what she needs done?

    I’m contemplating switching Scouts food again. When I got him he was on beneful, I slowly switched him to Purina Pro salmon and rice. He’s started giving himself hot spots on his belly from itching and I read aussies are prone to food allergies?? I give him Claritin daily because the vet recommended it incase it’s just environmental allergies. It doesn’t seem to be doing too much.
  10. nym711

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    Poor buddy! Purina Pro makes a sensitive skin formula too. B&H were on it for a while, but B didn't like the taste of it. He's snooty about food though.
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    Eva is allergic to fish. But it’s also hot spot time of the year, which makes it really hard to tell.
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  12. allmaple

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    @Pickles Vulvoplasty. Or as I like to refer to it “vaginal rejuvenation”*

    *yes, I know it’s not her vag :lol:
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    She’s perfect
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    The cuteness indeed
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    I love the floof.
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    There’s a nose I’d always boop.
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