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    Okay soooo I just feel blah and I figured those of you who haven’t seen this may get a laugh. My mom makes newsletters for her pets. Here are some of her best Halloween ones.


    Second one:
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  3. Canaligator

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    LOL that cat has murder in his/her heart.
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  4. Afishwish

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    To be fair, that’s just default cat setting. This one just has motive now.
  5. Erie

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    This is wonderful thank you for sharing. You’re doing Jeff Goldblum’s work.
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  6. virgo

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    I feel like Ben doesn’t like June because it seems to be a pattern that he stops eating around this time every year. He hasn’t stopped eating completely, just not finishing his breakfast and dinner. He’s gotten skinny and I can feel his bones. I know he’s old (13 but I suspect he’s older than that) and that alone could be a huge factor. I called the vet and we’re going to try dehydrated chicken liver ground to a powder to put on his food. If that doesn’t work, we’ll have mirtazepine on hand. The vet has shorter hours due to Covid so they’re booked until July. I went ahead and made an appt but she also put me on the list in case sooner appts cancel. If he gets worse, they have same day appt slots available for urgent/emergency things.
    I also think he definitely has dementia. For example, last night he was on the bed with me, got up and went to the living room and started yowling. I ignored it for awhile but he didn’t stop so I went to find him. He was facing the front door yowling which is what he does when we leave. I picked him up and took him back to the bed. He seemed confused when I first picked him up. I wish our pets didn’t have to get old.
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  8. moose

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    Lacey isn’t doing well and it’s stressing me out. She has hip dysplasia and because of that she has arthritis. She’s going through a flare up because she’s so limpy, especially after laying down for a while. It hasn’t stopped her from trying to play, and I know that’s not helping either.

    We have a vet appointment tomorrow but I’m worried that they’re just going to give me bad news and I don’t think I can deal with that.
  9. virgo

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    @moose I’m sorry. Hopefully the vet gives you good news.
  10. Lh718

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    Oh no. Sending love to you and Lacey <3
  11. Zombie Llama

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    @moose I am so sorry. Sending good vibes to Lacey's hips and hoping it's just a short term flare up.
  12. Apples&Oranges

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    sorry Moose :sad: I hope they can get it under control soon.
  13. Afishwish

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    Poor Lacey!
  14. moose

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    It was not a great appointment but also not the worst. The vet called and said during the exam she didn’t indicate any pain. He thinks it’s a stretch that the hip dysplasia/arthritis would cause issues with limping in the front. he said he felt some crepitus in the elbow that can indicate arthritic changes.

    we are on 2 weeks of crate rest/anti inflammatory meds. If it doesn’t get better, we need x rays to see if it’s arthritis/injury/herniated disk. If not those, he wants to start discussing osteosarcoma.
  15. Lh718

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    Well, this sounds so terrible out of context lol, but I hope Lacey turns out to have a previously hidden [eta: and relatively easily fixable!] injury of her leg!
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  16. moose

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    LOL me too
  17. virgo

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    I hope the same as Lh!

    So Ben is eating fine now. He ate all his food yesterday after I put the powdered dehydrated chicken liver on it. I also gave him the mirtazepine last night just in case. He seems to back to his obnoxious self today. Also, we created a monster. He’s been very curious about the front door so I said maybe we should get a harness and take him out there. Then I remembered we already have one but he hated it last year (we got it for the balcony). I took it from the closet and put it on him and he didn’t care. It didn’t bother him at all so we took him out on the front porch area. He was so happy but now he keeps meowing to go out. The balcony door is open but I guess it’s not good enough for him anymore. Lol
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    @moose i hope she responds really well and is back to herself fast!!!
  19. virgo

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    We’re trying to get Ben over his separation anxiety and got Feliway but what are some toys you guys have for you cats? He’s so picky about stuff and we’ve tried a lot of different toys and he wasn’t interested. He also doesn’t react to cat nip. Right now, his favorite toy is a feather on a stick. I want to get stuff that he can play with on his own while we’re gone (possibly battery operated?). This cat is so high maintenance.
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  21. virgo

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    He might really like that! I hung a bikini top on our drying rack and he loved playing with the strings so I feel like he would go for this toy. Thank you!
  22. virgo

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    I know I’ve been posting here a lot but this cat. I got him a new stainless steel drinking fountain but it doesn’t have the water sound that his old one had. I missed it so I took his old fountain and put it on the sofa table. He decided it was still his and climbed to the top of the couch to drink from it.

  23. HBC

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    Scarlet was there to surprise me when I came home from work!

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    My dog has turned into a spoiled brat who whines at me until I take him on a run in the morning.

    can a woman drink some coffee first? :lol:

    He’s not as thrilled with walks but it’s hot af out so safety first! I just love his floofy butt to pieces.
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    I bought some hermit crabs like ~3 wks ago now. I read shortly after getting them why PETA says not to get hermit crabs, and generally felt like a dumb ass for getting them in the first place (they aren't like growing butterflies or lady bugs). Anyways, since then I have invested in a big tank instead of the little crabitat they came in, all the things they need to live longer lives in captivity - which is a long list of stuff, a hygrometer, etc etc etc.

    One of the crabs generally hasn't done well since he got here, barely coming out of his shell. He lost a claw, and now a leg today & is barely moving, and I think has what I've learned is "Post Purchase Syndrome". I am not sure there is anything I could have done differently for him... and I am just really sad about this little guy. I am going to have to get another crab, because the other one is rowdy AF and super friendly & doing really well, and they are not meant to be alone. This poses another set of issues, because I need to isolate a new crab before introducing him to my current crab... and generally I did this to myself but I am so stressed for these little guys.

    This is compounded by the fact that we cannot get the groundhogs out, and have tried everything we can to get them out humanely and now we're at the point where we have to do something drastic. They're digging more, and literally so unfazed by us that they just keep eating if they are a safe distance away and see us. They'll fuck up the foundation of our garage, and they have to go, and it isn't going to be fun.

    These two things aren't really related but feel related, if that makes sense. Anyways, here's hoping I can find a mate for my thriving crab that will be happy here & loves popcorn as much as he does :lol: