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    She used to be a nanny for a family who did this as well, and that's where she found this breeder. And she didn't even like the breeding part, especially because she felt that particular dog hated being pregnant and having puppies. But here she goes now, just adding to the cycle. And besides all that terribleness, I am really curious to see how her partner reacts to having a puppy in his house because I'm fairly certain he's going to hate it, especially if the dog has accidents. He agreed to let her have the dog, but still. I also want to see how she manages to train this dog because she never trained dogs. I was the one who did that with our dogs when we were growing up. Whatever. I've already made my opinion abundantly clear to her, she knows the line of work J is in, she doesn't care. She never listened to me about all of this anyway. I just hope it doesn't make our Christmas there turn into a big problem.
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    I just don't get how people continue to support these scummy back yard breeders. Outside of purpose bred sport/working dog mixes, there is not a single responsible person breeding mixes. And why do people fall for these "guardian home" things? You do all the work of having an intact bitch in your home while someone else sells off the pups.

    I do support responsible breeders that health test and put the work in to their dogs, those breeders aren't making a profit at the end of the day. Most people are too lazy to look for and wait for a puppy when there are thousands of BYB pups ready to go at a moments notice. While yes, doodles are cute I am so sick of them! There is no such thing as a responsible doodle breeder. Someone brought in their new Bernedoodle puppy last week and had their paperwork. $3700. A fool and their money are easily parted I suppose. And this puppy pimp spays/neuters all the pups at 10 weeks before they go to their new homes, probably to keep people trying to milk their cash cow!

    I know there are people who will look at me with Vixen the same way I look at these BYB and puppy pimps, but responsible breeders and these designer mutt breeders are worlds apart.
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    Mason was $40 as part of an I Like Big Mutts Sale at the shelter...
    $3700 I could have 92 Masons! Almost my own Disney movie!
    @Apples&Oranges that would infuriate me too. I’m sorry!
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    If she wants a dog that she has to give back sometimes just... foster. Fucking breeder dogs.
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    I think the "perk" of being a guardian home or whatever it is, is that she is not financially responsible for the dog other than food. I'm not sure that she even had to pay for the dog, since the breeder will recoup the expenses in puppy fees.

    I 100% do not condone this kind of breeding, but I do know that this breeder is no longer breeding straight golden × poodles. Allegedly this dog is a 4th gen doodle. And supposedly she goes through all the health checks and stuff that purebred breeders go through. Still don't support it. Still no reason for it. Still think the whole set up is trash. But the silver lining is that there is definitely scummier trash out there? Idk. Hers is.... organized trash? She sent me a text showing me her new puppy (previously I just saw it on facebook). Not responding. Can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.....

    Eta: icing on the cake is that she named her Dalilah.................
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    Most foster situations I know, the shelter pays the medical costs, and sometimes food also. This is just awful.
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    I don't think 4th gen doodle is really any different. They can always double check if health testing is actually done by searching the dog's name on OFA. I guess you will find out if they actually keep this dog for at least two years (if the breeder wants her pregnant before 2 years, definitely trash) and they get her tested. She should have hips and elbows radiographed, eye exam with an ophthalmologist, and cardiac exam with a cardiologist. The eye and cardiac exams are repeated at least every few years as well.
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    @Canaligator yeah, but her partner has bad allergies to dogs so she needs a doodle :roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll: but also she hates poodles.

    @allmaple i cant remember all the details of it, but I know that she went through the whole breeding process a few times with nanny family's dog. I do know there was some testing, but i felt she was bred too often. Not sure what age they started.
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    I took the quartet to Santa pictures today. Astrid was terrified of Santa so we didn’t make her get a picture.
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    I feel like if we took Hazel to get a Santa pic, she would bark directly into his face and try to climb on his head until we were asked to leave.
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    She sunk on her belly and piddled when she saw him :no:
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    Doggie daycare always does Santa pics and it’s always one of the guys who works there. I’m sad Maggie’s litter mate doesn’t go there anymore because they always did a ‘family pic’ with the two of them.
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    Vixen is iffy on strangers, even though she has been well socialized. So the pictures we got of her with Santa as a baby are going to be her only ones. She mostly ignores strangers these days but every once and a while she thinks someone is a serial killer. We went to a doggie bakery yesterday and there was a man in there with his Pittie so she played with the pupper and ignored his owner. The bakery employees were giving her samples of their pumpkin muffins so she LOVED them, but when other patrons came in she was quite upset. A big problem is people bend over to reach over the top of her head to pet her which stresses her out. I mostly just tell strangers not to pet her because they all do it wrong.
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    Ooooh, poor scared baby :sad:
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    I feel bad because sometimes Astrid is randomly scared of strangers and I feel like it’s my fault, since i’m her only home. I guess objectively there’s usually something “different” about them, but sometimes not.
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    Kit is very friendly but would also love it if the world consisted of me, Z, and 25% of Hazel.

    Hazel thinks barking makes you friends and would also befriend a lamp post so.
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    Lucy has been having what I think was a panic attack from 3pm until now. I have been beside myself. She was licking the floor/rug/wall, pacing, trying to eat the carpet and various inanimate objects (cardboard scraps from cat scratchers, a cat toy shaped like a Santa hat, leaves, a tissue from the garbage). All the carpet licking and panting got her to a point where she was hacking coughing. When I tried to feed her she ate her food so fast she choked on it.

    Thankfully the trazodone and Benadryl I gave her finally seems to be kicking in hours later. I was this close to trying to borrow a car to get to the emergency vet (my car is in the shop and W’s is parked at the airport). I don’t know what happened to this little bear in the first 3 years of her life but I wish she’d found a home like ours sooner :sad:
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    Poor Lucy!! I wish she had been yours sooner but I’m glad she’s yours now. <3
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    Oh sweet Lucy. I’m glad she’s with you now.
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    Oh poor Lucy. I hope you both are able to get a good night's sleep.
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    We try our very best to give her what she needs. I think W being gone for 4 nights was slowly upsetting her, resulting in today’s debacle. I would quite literally die for this dog and it kills me when I can’t help her.
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    Poor sweet girl. I hope she’s having peaceful happy dreams now.
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    Oh poor little Lucy, I'm glad she finally started to settle. It's so hard when you don't know what they need.
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    How is Lucy this morning?
  26. Canaligator

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    She’s zonked out. She woke up when W got home at 3am - he took her out to pee and then she followed him upstairs and has been asleep since.