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    I'm starting a general thread for pet discussions/questions/ whatever since I don't think we have one or I couldn't find it.

    One of my cats spent the weekend without pooping at all, I made her a vet appt for early this morning, as we were in the car on the way there, they called me to say the substitute vet that was supposed to work today hadn't shown up and no one knew where he was so I had to turn around and go home. Disgusted, I come back home and go back to bed, only to be woken up by the vet's office calling to say I should make an appt at their sister office in another town ~30 mins away. Before I called them, I checked the litterbox one last time and wouldn't you know it but she finally pooped 3 little poops so at least I know she doesn't have a bowel obstruction (which is what I was worried about)
    At least she saved me the cost of the vet appt!
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    Yay for poop!
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    I was just thinking this morning that we needed a pet thread!! I'm glad your kitty finally pooped.
    I have a story about Ben and his bowel movements. Last spring, he got diarrhea so we took him to a vet in town. I usually take all my pets to the vet I used to work at but it's about a 40 minute drive and we didn't want a diarrhea cat in the car for that long. Ben always shits/pees himself in his carrier. The vet gave us medicine to give him. The diarrhea cleared up almost immediately but then he didn't poop for a day and a half and I got worried. I made an appt at my vet for him. As soon as we pulled away from the curb, he pooped in his carrier. R and I have never been so excited about Ben's bowel movements. It was solid too. We kept telling him he was a good boy. We went to the vet anyways because I really wanted to get him set up with my fave vet there.

    We also have a rat named Copernicus aka Boogie (I have no idea how that nickname started). He's 2 years 7 months and now he has a lump on his chest. It feels fatty because it's squishy and we can sort of move it. We're going to take him in but I don't know if they can really do anything. I know rats generally only live between 2-3 years so he's a very old man rat. I don't know if I want to put him through surgery at that age. We'll see what the vet says. He's been slowing down for a few months now and has been having a hard time going up and down his ramps. Poor little Boogie. :-(
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    What is it about car rides that gets their innards moving? Coco will usually barf in her carrier; I'm thinking that this little trip is what finally got her "moving", I may have to keep that in mind if this problem keeps up. R and I kept joking about feeding her Taco Bell.

    Aww your poor rattie :sad: I hope he gets to live a long and happy life as possible.
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    Yeah, anytime Ben seems to be stopped up, we'll just put him in his carrier. That seems to do the trick.
    Boogie has had a really good life. We got him when he was 6 weeks old. His mom came from a really bad hoarding case in SoCal (it was on one of those hoarding shows). He wasn't born into the hoarding but I'm sure it affected him while he was in his mom's tummy. One of the security guys in my office building has had rats and he's super knowledgeable so I was telling him about it. He said the ones that are black & white (Boogie is a sable color with a white marking on his tummy that looks like an arrow) are more prone to tumors and don't live long. I guess there are certain breeds that can live up to 8 years but they're all one color. He's a very spoiled rat. He loves the Marshall Pet plush toys. This is the one he has now: ... UTF8&psc=1

    He's had the alligator, the pirate ship, the turtle and the octopus. I think those are the only ones they make.
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    That sucks about Boogie. That is the worst part of having pets. I hope he will be okay, but at least he's had a good life. :sad:

    Ali pees in his carrier every time. So embarrassing, he leaves little pawprints in pee all over the vet's floor every year. Bruce totally pooped in there too. Sigh.
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    I told Boogie he had to go peacefully in his sleep because mommy doesn't want to make that decision. He's a funny little rat. I guess most rats like being able to run free but we tried with him (in an enclosed space) and he hated it. He'd rather run on the bed or be held.

    We get embarrassed over Ben too! I always apologize to the vet tech and vet about it. I guess at least he's not mean at the vet. He just becomes a ragdoll. I'm pretty sure he thinks if he goes limp enough, the doc won't notice him and will go away.
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    Bacon once tried to poop on my lap during the detour portion of a three hour car ride. I made my husband pull off and I got him out to go but then this mean security guard started yelling at us to get off the property. We accidentally pulled into the entrance of a country club. I yelled not nice things at her back and she kept on giving me the stink eye but wouldn't come do anything. Well, after all that, he wouldn't go. He just watched the cars drive by. We got back into the car and I made sure to tell her exactly what I thought of her and her country club as we were pulling off.

    A few minutes later when we were finally back on the highway, he tried to do it again. We were able to get to a gas station and hang out for around 10 minutes before he finally did his business. This was after walking him around before we left my sister's house to see if he would go too.

    I can't stay upset at this face though:

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    They shit the carrier because of anxiety, like I used to take stress shits before exams in nursing school :p

    Virgil went with me to a friendsgiving yesterday and he was perfect. A few of the people there had never met a pitbull before and were so surprised when I told them that he was one.
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    Virgil is a pittie ambassador!
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    He wore his brown floral bow tie and kissed anyone who made the mistake of getting their face near his.
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    Virgil is definitely a kisser.
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    I wouldn't be able to stay mad at Bacon either. So cute! Virgil too! <3 <3
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    Our lab Hugo ceremoniously takes a huge dump in the middle of the floor every single time he goes to the vet.
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    That's our baby when she was a baby. She was supposed to be a service dog but she has bad allergies so she's a flunkie and we got to keep her. Upside to the $62 28-lb bags of food and icky hotspots is she's really well trained and perfectly behaved most of the time.

    This is her now (last Christmas). That's her waiting for a treat face. She's cuter than that, I swear, but she won't look at a camera without serious face.

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    Also, Eva is currently curled up in a ball on her bed in our bedroom sound asleep. I can see her on puppycam. We have a webcam. So I know she's not an asshole like Panda's dog destroying my house and needing to go to doggy daycare.
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    I feel ya on the $$$ dog food. Those pics are adorable, though.
  18. CoolWife

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    I'm remembering that she destroyed that rug in the first picture. She wasn't always perfect.

    For real - we tried to feed her a different flavor of the same food that was, like, $3/bag cheaper and she farted us out of the house. Like - ok - fine - we get it - only the most expensive fucking food in the pet store for you, princess. I can't afford to eat bison and sweet potatoes but she chows down 2.5 cups a day!
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    We used to have an awesome Newfoundland dog. She was the best ever. She only ever pooped and peed in our yard. It was magic. We would take her for a walk and as soon as we got back to our yard, she'd use the bathroom so we know she was holding it. When I was a kid, we also had a lab who trained herself to poop only by the perimeter of the fence, which was really freaking awesome because then you didn't have to worry about stepping in it.

    I wish we had a dog or cat friend for baby S right now. I see so many pics of babies and animals and it melts my heart. I want her to have a buddy like that!
  20. nym711

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    Eva is adorable!
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    Bacon is cute, but Eva would side-eye him. Mom and Dad had a corgi until last year (old age) and she was a raging bitch in her later years. Eva learned not to go near her. My brother has a fluffy corgi (still Pembroke, just, fluffy) and he's an asshole (unless you sleep on the floor, then he'll cuddle). Eva finally taught him what's what after getting snapped at for a few days last time they visited. She doesn't bark and she used her big girl voice to tell him to shut the hell up and leave her alone she was bigger and she would kick his ass if she had to (she did).
  22. nym711

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    Haha! My boy is pretty timid. All the female corgis I know are super bossy and loud though. Bacon's best friend is a fluffy corgi.
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    OMJG keep the adorbs pet pix coming please! I need to see the cuteness!

    My boss adopted a puppy and brought him (Bongo) and her older dog (Harry) to the office today. Now I know why colleges get stress puppies, they totally alleviated some of my work stress.
  24. CoolWife

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    Jeff Goldblum I wish I could bring my dog to work. Best two half days at work ever were when I snuck in service dogs in training for an afternoon.
    That's Shiloh practicing "under." He's a service dog for a disabled man now.
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    My husband can bring Bacon to work when Bacon is sick or if it's slow. Unfortunately, one of the ladies at my work is allergic to him so I don't even try.