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  1. deet

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    I texted the friend/owner of the bar how funny I thought his sign is and he told me the parent company of Corona made them take it down.
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    I do feel bad for Corona beer because I’m sure this is a PR/branding nightmare for them (the virus in general), but let people laugh man!
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    I like this kid!

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    I feel like they’ve got to have at least 5 people in their twenties trapped in an office somewhere until they can come up with a good commercial through all this :lol: .

    Once I can drink and you know, purchase groceries again, I will happily drink a couple ice cold coronas with a bunch of fresh lime.
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    Our local just got corona on tap a couple months ago. They're looking at doing takeaway food and drink so I'll definitely get some haha.
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    That’s just the Holy Spirit yall
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    Oh shit, P's students just heard me cackling at the priest vid.
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  14. Canaligator

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    This story is amazing. (Read the whole thread.)
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    That is fantastic. I love the last follow-up
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    That is the greatest thing.
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    OMJG I love this so much.
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    Watch with sound.

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    In an extended family group text, my aunt, uncle and my mom are asking how we keep getting the “laughed at an image” or “laughed at (text)” to show up. They don’t have iPhones so now they are typing out “laughed at an image” after something funny to “feel included.” :lol:
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  22. HBC

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    Tbh I’d flirt with him at a bar

    (drunk me is a ho, I just accept myself for who I am)
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    I mean, my eye was definitely not drawn to the cat.
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    What cat?
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    lmao. Just clicked on the link and she's deleted it. I saw one comment where she said she wasn't enjoying this at all. :lol::lol::lol:
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