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Discussion in 'Free Range' started by Dorothygale, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. Dorothygale

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    If you ever needed another reason to not buy your kids musical and noisy toys, here you go!

    Last night I woke up to a weird little noise that I couldn’t place. Just a short little, computerized type tone that only lasted a second at a time and would take a few minutes in between. Does this for maybe 15-20 minutes, then it starts happening one after another, just non stop no break in between. Got a little weirded out now, I can’t place the sound at all, so I call rooster who was sleeping in the other room (I’m with E because she’s sick) cuz I ain’t going to investigate weird sounds in the dark. The second I call him, noise cuts out and everything is silent. Okay, maybe it’s a toy and the battery was dying and it finally died? Although it didn’t have the weird dying battery sound where the sound draws out all slowly and creepy, this was a clean, repetitive sound. Rooster didn’t hear me call for him, and it’s quiet now so I decide to forget about it and go back to sleep. Just as I close my damn eyes, it comes back again. So, again I call rooster and this time he hears me. The second he moved in the bed (the bunk beds creak really easily), the noise cuts out mid-tune. As if it got interrupted or something :bored:

    He comes in, but there’s no noise so obviously I look damn crazy being like “did you hear it, did you??”

    Finally, it did go off a few more times but very very spaced out, like 15 minutes+. We argued about where it was coming from, and what it was. He thinks it’s Alexa glitching in the playroom, so he goes to unplug it.

    Turns out, it’s this toy toaster sitting the microwave of the kid’s kitchen set. We’ve had this toaster for a good two years and I’ve never heard this stupid tune/noise. It was standing up normally, not knocked over so nothing pressing into the buttons to set it off or anything.

    So yeah. Thanks to a dumb toaster, I was awake until like 4am. Gonna go and toss the batteries on all their toys because no way am I dealing with that again lol
  2. megatron

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    The little order pad on A’s kitchen does this to me!! It was making noises randomly and so I replaced the batteries and it seemed to stop. But it’s gone off a few times when I’ve been up with S in the middle of the night - and always seems like it happens when I’m dozing and need to stay awake. So I’m choosing to believe it’s a weird glitch or maybe a good ghost helping me out because I don’t want to consider other (freakier) alternatives.
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  3. Dorothygale

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    Choosing to believe this version!

    I was okay with it being a dying battery glitch til the damn thing sped up and was going nonstop continuously for a bit. Also sucked because right before this, I woke up from a horrible nightmare (not creepy, just very emotionally charged) so I was a bit shaken up already and then that started happening.
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  4. RoryGilmore

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    YES. There’s nothing creepier than suddenly hearing Daniel Tiger on the monitor. Even when his words are kind.
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  5. Dorothygale

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    Ohhh, that reminds me of an incident I can’t remember if I posted here. E has this Leapfrog puppy that you can program to say the kid’s name. We would keep it in her crib because it also plays lullabies to help them sleep. One night rooster and I were chilling in bed or something and over the monitor we hear this garbled, deep voice go “Hiiiiiiii, Eeeeeee!” Truly sounded like a fucking man was talking to her, and because it used her name, we’re spooked as hell. Rooster goes into her room to check that she’s okay and that no one is somehow creeping in there. I’m waiting in the hallway, and out of the dark the puppy comes flying from his chucking it out of her room. Battery was dying and she rolled over onto the paw that “wakes” it up :lol:
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  6. Canaligator

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    These stories are amazing.
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  7. MagnificentCat

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    Kiddo has this stand-up play table and if you don’t press any buttons for a minute or so this sad and creepy sounding child asks “will you play with me?” And yes, I’ve already had problems with this toy.
  8. T-Rex

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    Beatbo accidently got put into the crib twice. The second time C-rex rolled into him so he started going through his repertoire in rapid fire... "BOOGIE DOWN W- COLORS ON M- BEATBO BOO-JUMP UP..."
  9. whatchyagonnado

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    Oh how I love and hate Beatbo. BEATBO BOOGIE!
  10. Kimmers

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    L woke up sobbing at 5:00 and when I went to check on her I noticed the guest room (which is across from her room, and always closed if we don’t have guests) light was on. :ghost:

    (I mean we do access the room; the guest bed is purgatory for unfolded laundry BUT STILL.)
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  11. HBC

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    Quija time
  12. Erie

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    I’m sure you just forgot to turn it off!!

    (this is what I’d want someone to tell me)
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  13. moose

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    Maybe L can control it like Matilda
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  14. MagnificentCat

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    It was the cat.
  15. Apples&Oranges

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    This was not your first creepy experience. Ya gots ta go. Asap.
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