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    Share your creepy experiences here! Most of my experiences come from one particular house that rooster and I lived in with some friends in college at the beginning of our relationship. A lot of things were general everyday weird happenings, but I’ll put the bigger stories under cuts to break it up a bit.

    -many mornings we would come downstairs and the back door (which rooster personally locked and checked every night) would be wide open. It had a deadbolt and a chain latch so it had to be opened from the inside. We mostly just all blamed each other for being drunk and going out and forgetting to relock it, but none of us ever actually used that door for anything. We didn’t have a backyard, it opened up onto our landlord’s business so it was just pavement, nowhere to sit and hang out and none of us were smokers.

    -in the main floor powder room was the door to the basement. It was a heavy old door with a skeleton key lock, and you always had to really jiggle the knob around to open it if you wanted to go to the basement for laundry, like it was seriously difficult. Our kitten would sit in front of the door, meow, and literally a second later it would click open and she would run downstairs. Even before we got our cat, most of us hated that bathroom, and I refused to look at the door in the mirror while I washed my hands.

    -in the basement was one room we had no access to, our landlord kept it locked and said it was just extra supplies for his shop. Every time our cat ran downstairs, she’d either park herself in front of that door, or the very back corner of the room, and refuse to move.

    Around Christmas, our roommates went home and it was just rooster and I cleaning up before heading to my in-laws. I’m in the kitchen and he needs to run downstairs to grab laundry. After a minute or so, I can hear him talking to another man. I don’t think much of it, because in the basement there’s a door with outside access that our landlord has the key to, sometimes he would come in to clean something in the laundry tub or get supplies from the mystery room, so I assume it’s him. Then I look outside the kitchen window and see his shop is closed and his car isn’t there either. Weird, but still assuming it’s him somehow.

    Then, rooster is calling me so I go to the top of the basement stairs and ask him what’s up. No response. I call him once or twice more, but he doesn’t answer so I’m like whatever figure it isn’t important and go back to the kitchen. He comes up a minute later and is looking all around and asks where our roommate is. I’m like, not here? She went home yesterday. (our roommates were all from within the city so not crazy to expect them to drop back in for something). So he asks who I was talking to then, had someone been at the door? I tell him the only person I was talking to was him when he was calling for me. He says he never called for me, but he heard me talking and thought maybe I was on the phone, but then he heard another woman answering me so he assumed it was our female roommate. I ask him about talking to our landlord in the basement, and he’s super confused and says he was alone the whole time.

    One night our roommates went out drinking, and we decided to stay in and get take out and be lazy instead. It’s late and we decide to go to bed, and at the last minute, I decide to lock our bedroom door. Our one roommate had interrupted us more than once because when he was really drunk he’d come up totally black out to talk and then pass out on the couch, and our other roommate would open the door to toss the cat into our room if she was meowing and bugging him.

    It’s the middle of the night and I have to pee, so I sit up but for some reason I just felt really weirded out and didn’t make a move for the door. Suddenly, someone jiggles the handle. So I’m like, okay cool, roomies are home and the one is probably trying to toss the cat with us. Look over, cat is sitting on the chair and her ears are backed right up staring at the door. Door jiggles again, but harder. Normally, roommate wouldn’t push it that much or would call out to one of us. They go racing down the stairs. Then back up, and this time someone tries the doorknob so fucking hard the door is actually shaking, like this is almost violent how they’re trying to open it. Races back downstairs, races back up. Then it’s faster and faster, and honestly I don’t think it’s possible for any person to run stairs this quickly, plus we have a few flights and they have a few corners you’d have to pause slightly at. THEN it sounds like two or three people are doing this, some going down, some going up.

    Now the noise has got rooster up and he’s all WTF ARE THOSE ASSHOLES DOING. He throws back the blankets and just gets to the door when it goes dead quiet. Our window is open because it’s the middle of summer, and you can hear our roommate’s voices from outside coming down the street; they’re drunk and loud and definitely not in the house. You can hear them unlock the front door and come inside, and they pound upstairs because one roommate is pissed off about something.

    Rooster tells them someone was in the house, so they all go search room by room, but all doors and windows are locked and no one’s there.

    Literally to this day, all I can think about is what would’ve happened if I hadn’t locked the bedroom door.
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    YES this thread!!

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    @Dorothygale those are EXCELLENT STORIES! I have one, I'll post it sometime today.
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    I got a few more (not as big as from that house), but I'll wait to let other people post some first!
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    OMJG that last one. :clyde::eek:
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    This is the one that stands out the most for me.

    I was 19 and dating a guy named M. We went to college together. One weekend, we decided to sleep over at his parents' house after spending the evening with them. We weren't allowed to sleep in the same bed (OMJG SEX NO) so he took the couch and let me have his room.

    I had almost fallen asleep when I thought I heard a voice from behind me. At first I thought it was muffled talking through the walls from his parents' room or something. Once I woke up just enough to hear it, though, I realized I was hearing some kind of noise from inside the room. It was really dark and I couldn't see much, and I was really tired, so I just rolled back over to face the wall and tried to get to sleep. Then I thought I could feel something, you know like that feeling that there's someone behind you - you don't know for sure, but you can feel it? The voice/whispering noise started again, and I could just make out "who are you" and "leave". I thought it was maybe his brother playing a joke so I rolled over and turned on the light - nothing there (obviously). No sound. At this point I figured I had been lucid dreaming or something (which does happen to me) so I turned the light off and laid back down. I didn't even have a chance to start to get sleepy again before I heard it AGAIN, and it sounded like it was coming from the middle of the room, maybe 2 feet from the bed. I sat up in bed with the lights off and hear those same things again - "who are you" and "leave" - and I KNEW I was awake and not dreaming. At that point I was losing my shit, I turned the light on and ran out of the room to the living room where M was sleeping. I told him what happened and he (obviously) didn't believe me and just wanted to go to sleep, so he let me have the couch and he slept on the floor next to the couch.

    When his parents came out the next morning and saw us both asleep in the living room, they asked what was going on. I felt really silly saying that I thought I heard a ghost and couldn't sleep, so I was laughing it off as a dream or something, until his mom said "oh yeah, that happens".


    M's mom said that the previous owner had died in the house, and she was pretty sure the previous owner's ghost was still there. His mom said that when they first moved in, she would continually find the curtains and shower curtain open (sometimes minutes after she had closed them with no one else home) and the cabinets would be open when she would walk into the kitchen when home alone too. She said that one day she looked it up and discovered about the previous owner, and started talking to the "ghost". She said that the "ghost" stopped bothering her for the most part after that, but would re-appear like this when strangers were in the house and alone. She also said only women have ever experienced any of that, which explains why M and the rest of his family had no clue (all men).

    M's mom apologized for not warning me.
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  7. I'm reasonably sure I have a ghost critter in my house. There has been more than one occasion where I'm almost asleep and I'll feel Shadow jump up on the bed and snuggle up against me, then look up just to find she's not there.

    My childhood home was haunted too. I heard someone calling me by name when I was in my room. Went downstairs to ask my mom what she needed and she looked at me like I was stupid.

    I heard voices and old timey player piano music in A's house; it used to be the general store in town.
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    If I were a ghost I wouldn’t have time for men either tbh
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    Ohh I’ll have to share the story of the house we looked at buying and then realized was haunted AF and refused to offer on.
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    “Oh, that’s just old Harold, don’t mind him!”
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    This is the tale of the mystery ghost fart.

    When J and I were living with his aunt for a month last year we were up in the guest room. P slept in there with us too but for some reason, I can't remember, she wasn't there that night. We were in bed talking like we normally do, then said good night and both tried to go to sleep. Maybe like 10 minutes after we say good night, I hear a loud ass fart. Like, it was a juicy one. J farts all the time so I didn't think anything of it and I went to sleep.

    The next morning we wake up and he was like "WOW! I can't believe you farted like that last night. Were you awake?" I don't fart in front of J. I just don't. Never have, never will. I feel passionate about farting on my own time... I thought he was joking with me so I was just like Ha Ha, very funny. Then he gets a super serious look on his face and tells me it wasn't him. Like, not even a hint of humor. He would fully admit to a fart, too. So then we're both a little uncomfortable and keep denying that it was either of us. We thought maybe it was J's little brother who has the room next to the guest room but I'm telling you that that fart came from inside the room clear as day.

    J and I still proclaim our innocence. He's had to stay over there a few times to watch his brothers and won't sleep in the guest room because he's too creeped out. :lol:
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    This one isn’t so much a scary creepy, but still made us feel weird. Rooster’s best friend passed away several years ago. A few months after he did, I had a dream that he was in our bedroom, crouched down, grinning and pointing to something at the end of our bed. I look over and he’s pointing at this cat toy we own that lights up when it’s tapped and rocks back and forth. In reality, this toy sucks and rarely ever lights up properly - you practically have to throw it and give it some real force to activate the light.

    Dream ends abruptly there, and I’m kinda unsettled by it but whatever, it’s just a dream. I roll over to get comfortable to go back to sleep when I see this red light blinking against the wall I turned towards. I sit up and look down at the end of the bed and there’s the toy in the middle of room, not moving, just flashing non-stop for a good two minutes (normally flashes for like 10 seconds).

    After that night, it would randomly light up from time to time. Assumed it was dying batteries for awhile, but changed them out more than once and still would randomly activate so we started joking about it being friend paying us a visit. IDK how much we actually believed that, but I think it helped rooster cope a little bit. After we moved out of that apartment it completely stopped working and never lit up again.
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    im crying waiting for the metro reading this :lol::lol:
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    @Rico Suave I'm dying!!

    "The fart is coming from inside the house."
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    Let it go, babygirl.
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    I CAN'T!! My body literally will not do it. My body would literally rather explode from being gassy than fart in front of my damn husband.
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    I'm with you @Rico Suave I still prefer not to fart around J. I mean sometimes I just need to and whatever, I don't deny it, but I'd rather be in another room or something. I kind of wish J wouldn't let it loose 100% of the time. Like, you're already walking away so can't you maybe just save it for a few more steps until you're out of the room? Especially when it's dinner time, or you have a track record of bad smells for the night? He manages to contain it at work, or during sex, so I feel like it would just be a little common decency to occasionally just, not... I mean, I don't want him uncomfortable or anything, but it doesn't have to be all out all the time just because we're married.
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    @Dorothygale I got chills reading that!! Holy I would've crapped myself.

    I used to think this was supernatural, but honestly, our furnace was probably leaking and giving me low grade gas poisoning the whole time.

    When my sister and I got too big to share a room any longer, I moved downstairs into the finished basement. I was the only one down there and as an angsty teen, I relished the privacy. But I started having recurring nightmares accompanied by sleep paralysis. The setting was always my house at night. I'd see a certain cue, like a window with the blinds or curtains wide open and nothing but pitch dark outside, a mirror placed randomly where it shouldn't be, or light switches that stopped working and left me in the dark. Then everything would go dark and I'd feel overwhelming dread, like something evil was coming toward me, and I wouldn't be able to move. I had so many of these nightmares that my mom got superstitious and she went out and bought me a Chinese charm against bad spirits.

    One night I was sleeping when I had one of these nightmares. I dreamed that it was morning and my mom came in to wake me up. But when I sat up, there was a mirror propped up at the foot of my bed. I yelled for my mom, to ask if she put that there, but she'd gone back upstairs and couldn't hear me. Then I woke up, and I thought, phew, just a nightmare. I looked toward the foot of my bed to make sure the mirror was gone. It was gone, but then I saw all the dolls on my bookshelf were standing upright, and they slowly turned their heads to look at me. I woke up again, and this time it was dark, night time. I thought again, phew, just a bad nightmare.

    I clicked the switch to turn on my bedside table lamp and the lightbulb burnt out with a pop. Now I was starting to panic. My room was long and skinny, and each half of the room had a ceiling light fixture. The two lights had separate switches. My bed was in the half of the room with the door and one of the light switches. The other light switch was on the other side of the room, furthest away from the door. I decided to make a run for the closest light switch, so I leapt out of bed and ran to it. "Pop!" That bulb burnt out too. So now I was standing in this pitch dark basement, freaking the fuck out... in desperation, I ran to the back half of my room to the other light switch, scrambled along the wall for the light switch, but as soon as I flicked it on, that light bulb burnt also burnt out. That was enough, I snapped and lost my mind.

    I ran upstairs and turned on every light, then burst into my parents' room crying and hollering about my room being haunted. I was so scared that my mom didn't even get pissed about me waking everyone up, she pulled out a spare mattress and sheets and made me a bed in the living room. I refused to go back into my room to get my things, and made my mom put the formerly beloved dolls into a box. My mom moved most of my clothes and stuff into an empty bedroom upstairs and I abandoned the rest. Eventually my mom got rid of it all when my parents sold the house. I don't know what she did with the dolls.
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    Ugh I get sleep paralysis too. It’s horrifying.
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    OMJG @bluevalentine the lights bulbs popping one after another is what my nightmares are made of :eek: I got anxiety picturing that.

    I’ve had sleep paralysis once, and thankfully nothing happened during it but it was still so unsettling to not have control of your body.
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    @bluevalentine that is completely terrifying. I hate basements. Good thing my brothers always wanted the basement whenever that was a room option. One basement had a pentagram painted on the wall for some reason. I rarely ever went down there.
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    I think my apartment is haunted. Several times I've had pictures fly off the walls. Not fall, like a nail failed or anything, I mean jumped off the wall like someone threw it. Once it knocked over a lamp on the way down, too. And I've seen shadow people go from Roommate's bedroom to the bathroom, and a few times we've all seen a white, medium dog sized figure run down the hall. None of us have had a medium dog before, and especially not in this apartment. There's been a few occasions where the cats glare and hiss at my closet, too, which is really comforting when I'm home alone. And someone keeps messing with my vintage teddybear collection but I haven't ruled out J or roommate trying to creep me out.

    There's also the one time when J's mom and I both saw a super tall shadow figure in his grandparents' house shortly before the house fire and again before the flood. I don't like going to their house.
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    So we toured a brick ranch that MLS says was built late ‘50s. It was super cheerful on the exterior, with roses, and bird baths, etc. We got there before the realtor and walked around the property itself for a while. There was an old wellhouse and some other small outbuildings that looked older than 1950 but I didn’t think much about it because I figured they just salvaged an old barn for the materials. When the realtor arrived we went in the back door to the very 70s kitchen. I admit that I got a weird vibe as soon as we entered, but I didn’t say anything. From the kitchen, we entered the living room, which had nice hardwood and opened onto an awkward hallway from that hallway you could enter the bedrooms and bathroom and the very awkward laundry room. The doors were exactly like doors in the house I used to live in (built 1910) and had the same hardware are the doors in rooster’s parent’s house that is a similar age. The doors all had addition latches screwed to them about 3/4 of the way up the door frame on the inside of the rooms (all door handles were functional so unclear why these latches were added). Except one room. That room’s latch was on the outside. The door handle was missing from the inside. There were bootprints somewhat smaller than my foot on the floor leading from the closet to the door. The prints were charred into the floor and were somehow under the current finish. In the bathroom, there were two side by side closets. One had nice shelf paper on the inside and one I had to basically pry open. It was dingy on the inside and had a second attic access in it (the first was in the boot print bedroom’s closet) and it also had old, probably late 60s cleaning supplies still in it. When I was leaving the bathroom, the vanity light turned itself back on two or three times before I was able to go from sink to door. From there we went to be basement. There, we could see the subfloor, and it was pre-war style construction. There was also a weird closet down there with sooty handprints and a broken child’s rocking chair in it. As we were trying to leave the basement, the door kept opening back up every time we closed it. We finally closed it and locked it.

    None of us were speaking to each other this whole time, which was pretty unusual. After we left there and were at another house, the realtor asked us if we wanted to offer on 666 Fire Demon Lane and I cracked that we would offer only if we could make the offer contingent on successful exorcism. He was visibly relieved and said he was so glad it wasn’t just him that got the creeps there and that he was in a cold sweat from the moment we walked into the place.

    We have a theory that there was an older home on the property whose upper story burned, and they salvaged a what materials they could when rebuilding it, maybe even keeping the same foundation, etc where they could.

    (Edit: I forget to mention the strange second back porch that didn’t actually touch the house or the real porch and it had no entry to the house on it.)
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    WHAT. This whole thing is so fascinating!!