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    I was referencing her not muting the kids and such. You'd think the tech teacher would be the most capable of handling distance learning tools.
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    Oh, yeah, that too. I'm going to try to give her the benefit of the doubt on that one because up until today, we were all using Zoom, but today school admins wanted teachers to try Google Hangouts Meet (it sucked). I'm not sure what it looks like from the host side, but it was pretty bare bones and terrible from our side. Theyre going back to Zoom after today. The art teacher was able to mute kids one at a time, but wasn't able to unmute them it seemed. Whooo knows.
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    I know this is dumb and there are way bigger problems out there, but I just got a recorded message from S's school that the city has cancelled spring break and I feel like I'm going to cry. That was the only "break" from this madness for the foreseeable future and now they're taking it.
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    @Apples&Oranges I don’t think that’s dumb at all, and I’m so sorry. I’m so excited for spring break and I don’t have a kid yet to really complicate trying to WFH.
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    Ugh that sucks. Considering S's busy schedule, it sounds like all the kids could use a break.
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    Apparently it's an executive order from Cuomo because they're worried that too many people will break social distancing and try to travel. I have no idea how this will work. Plus what about teachers? They weren't off for the week schools closed prior to distance learning. They were in the school buildings getting everything ready. I can't imagine the teacher union will be too happy if teachers are being forced to work an extra week without some some sort of alternative plan. I'm hoping Cuomo addresses this more later today because I really need details. Also, as of now, the original school reopening of April 20th hasn't been extended but I know they'll have to. Uugh. I dont even mind teaching my students over Spring Break. I just dont want to teach S :/
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    Maybe they’ll just end school a week earlier for the year then, effectively moving that week off to the end of the year.
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    My programmer husband set up Fry’s remote learning thing today, which was Skyward and Microsoft Teams. I felt like an idiot for having difficulty with it when I tried, but feel vindicated that he said it was the most complicated login he’d ever done in his life.

    On the bright side, we can now see all the stuff Fry’s teachers posted, including videos of them singing songs and doing story time. During the few in-person interactions we had with his favorite teacher, she always came across as a bit grumpier than the other ones. I always found it sort of funny that she was his favorite. After watching the teacher videos, I see why he loves her. The lady rocks the preschool songs and choreography like no other.
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    Fry’s class is doing their first Zoom meeting. Seeing preschoolers each show and tell their favorite toy is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

    Fry of course showed his favorite toy beaver (Timber), in its Tupperware beaver dam.
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    Timber. <3
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    why is that the most adorable thing. I want to do zoom show and tell with them because it’s so cute.
  12. Afishwish

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    Just hearing their cute little voices, plus their attention spans wandering even within the minute they had to talk, plus the fact this is just an adorable age just was too much. It was fun too to see the variety of interests. One kid had a Bolt plush and was as excited about showing us the matching Bolt coloring book as the toy itself. Another had a plastic dinosaur; playing with camera perspective, he made it look like he was feeding it. Another kid had created a pretty complex Little Mermaid diorama (while I assume mom helped, it was still pretty elaborate and he was clearly involved in the process). Some kids were super proud of their toys, and some got super shy and seemed to forget what they were supposed to talk about. It was just all-around precious.
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    Anyone have any experience with Speech Therapy and this?
    I’m 100% down for getting him evaluated but want to make sure I’m coming at this from the right angle.
  14. CoolWife

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    Sounds like he’s just shy. C1 had speech therapy when he was younger than that and if he’s already doing all that at home he isn’t going to benefit.
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    @Pickles you sound very reasonable! Hopefully a ST eval could give you an all clear and the teachers could start coming at it from more of a comfort angle vs a skill angle.
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    @whatchyagonnado @CoolWife
    He never stops talking at home. I really love his teacher but it could definitely be her coming at it from an angle of “he needs work here” instead of “how do i make him more comfortable?” Not sure how to suggest that without sounding rude.

    he certainly needs to work on voicing his concerns/distaste with peers doing things to him or taking things from him. He’s a very passive child. He’s just so talkative at home I never even considered he could be behind in speech!
  17. ClamJam

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    What does it take to get him evaluated? Does ST cover improving confidence in self-assertion? Do you feel that they do a good job of empowering him to voice his opinions/needs? Depending on how they approach that, maybe he feels self conscious about them understanding him and it’s a feedback loop. If ST would help with the confidence, then I would see a lot of value in it even if he’s not behind on # of words or sentence structure, etc.
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  18. Afishwish

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    Re: getting a speech therapy eval. Fry was a bit of a different situation and he was younger, but due to speech delays we got him an eval at about 18 months, which led to services (speech therapy and social skills assistance), later qualifying for special ed through the local school district, etc. Granted, the older he got, the clearer it became that the delays were related to autism.

    In your case, I don’t think an evaluation can hurt. You may learn the kiddo needs speech therapy, it may turn out he doesn’t need services at all and is just shy, or they uncover other issues and kiddo qualifies for early intervention services. IMO whichever outcome it ends up being will be beneficial to him. I tend to be of the belief that it’s better to err on the side of caution (especially with younger children) and go for the evaluation if something might be up.
  19. whatchyagonnado

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    I feel this so hard! C is SUPER chatty and has a great vocabulary. Around new people, or even people he knows but not super super well, he will go silent. Thats why we werre gonna start prek :sad: (No prek this year we’ve decided due to covid).
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    L has been in speech therapy for about 6 months now because he has a pretty serious speech delay. He’s definitely made big improvements since starting but still has a long way to go. It doesn’t sound like M really needs speech therapy since it seems like he’s more uncomfortable than anything else, but it wouldn’t hurt to have him evaluated just so you know for sure and don’t have to worry about it anymore.
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    I think it's hard to gauge from a parent perspective because kids are of course the most comfortable around you and also because parents tend to understand what kids are meaning to say without totally seeing when it's difficult for others.

    My nieces and nephew were all in speech therapy as toddlers, but for different reasons. My nieces had the "twin talk" issues and my nephew had trouble with enunciation. Speech therapy was really beneficial for all of them.

    I agree with Fish, I don't see the harm in at least getting him an evaluation. At worst you just wasted a bit of your time
  22. Afishwish

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    I know it’s early, but man, if schools open in the fall I’m torn. Our plan’s to keep an eye on numbers and evaluate from there, but I still wish this were an easier decision. Fry’s regressed a lot since pulling him out of school. He’d been thriving, it seems like he was pretty popular, and he was just generally loving school. I think he’s pretty smart, but socially he’s delayed, and a lot of behaviors like scripting and robot voice have amped up. I think not sending him back will be harmful to his development, yet COVID is something we don’t want to risk catching and small children are petri dishes.
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    I was listening the the mayor's plans for reopening and I'm also grappling with it. Do I quit work and keep S home full time? Or do we send her part time and hire someone to fill in on the virtual learning days? Is the risk worth sending her to school? How much socialization will they really get to do anyway, since they have to maintain social distancing? I know she wants to go to school, but it will be so different anyway. In theory, I'd like to send her part time in the beginning, but as flu season starts, switch her to fully online. But if she is fully online, how am I supposed to help her while I work? So many things to consider.

    And all that said, Cuomo said he would make a decision on reopening school in the first week of August. So it's possible that schools won't even open right now anyway, if our cases spike up.