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    My mom also thinks E is a genius. Jury is out on P.
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    m’s school is posting curriculum online to help us follow through with his schooling while we’re out.

    I think it’d be cool if we all posted some ideas/routines for little ones. I have a feeling my creativity is going to drop off after 2wks. What are you guys doing?

    we’re currently doing zoophonics everyday, looking for signs of spring in the backyard, tracing practice, dancing for 15min a day, and reading.
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    I highly recommend the Cosmic Kids Yoga channel on YouTube for activity, S loves it!
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    I know this will get better (it haaaas to get better) but distance learning with a 6 year old is a nightmare. She needs to be walked through everything. I still need to somehow get work done. Ive had to straight up ignore D. J still has to be at work. Even though MIL is here, she cant help S because of the language barrier and she can help with D, but we dont have an office space or any place where I can hide so it doesnt really help much. I used to hide out in S's room when I had to do work, but now that she has a bunk bed, that's not possible. And our layout sucks and is kind of railroad style almost so if I hide in my room, that blocks off the kitchen and bathroom. No winning.

    I'm really glad though that I only have to navigate all of this with one child. S's friend's mom texted me feeling super overwhelmed because she has 3 young kids, her husband is at work at the hospital, and she's a teacher trying to do her work too. This is insane.
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    It is insane. You're doing your best, friend,

    I feel like I'm not doing enough for my morning toddler frens. I don't feel like I'm over-doing it - like, one simple, interesting thing per day. Today I had used paper towel tubes for them to decorate with markers to make kaleidoscopes. They decorated for like... three minutes? Then they did use them to look out the windows. Today's "soccer" lasted five minutes (while I was trying to do a call with my boss). Logically I know I'm not failing, but I feel like I'm filing.
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    @Fitz I feel like 2/3 year olds don’t need constant directives! Those sound like cute games! Maybe some things you could do while half working/half playing? Like Simon Says, or who can build the tallest lego tower contest ect?

    Also for anyone who has the ability to walk C is really into relay races right now. We find a stick and he runs it to me, I run it to A, and then A hands it back to C as he runs up. I’m sure we look insane doing this around our neighborhood, but its a fun addition to the daily walks we are trying to get in.

    (also hes 2 so imagine this ina slowish manner with lots of yelling hahaha)
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    I mean B basically played fetch with C on Friday and Saturday :lol:

    I'll keep trying. I do suggest games, but they often go "no!". We managed a little music time, finally. I have a fish game that I'm saving for later this week that I know C really loves.
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    @Fitz busytoddler on Instagram posts a bunch of activities that maybe would be good for them. I haven't looked through much, but have seen that page recommended. One person I follow made a simple obstacle course in their hallway with string and boxes and such.
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    @Fitz and anyone else.

    I know C is younger than M but still pretty close!
    Here are things we’re doing daily:
    Zoo phonics

    this is basically a lady that reads your kids books. Great for when you need to work.

    silly songs kids like to dance to:

    We also do an arts project/pre writing(this one maybe to old for him)

    For what it’s worth, I also feel like I’m not doing enough. These are survival times though.
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    S finished her school work and my kids have been eating a lollipop and watching YouTube for an hour while I finally get my work done. :shrug: D was such a trooper this morning. I couldn't really do much with him since I was so busy trying to do my things and help S. The sweet kid just walked around with a shopping basket full of Duplo blocks and a toy baby. He's so good when he's good. Bless his baby soul.
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    @Fitz one activity I found that would fill more time for E was to lay out a shower curtain liner (unused, obvi) or an old bedsheet I didn’t care about and put paint supplies and paper, easel, etc in the middle and let her do her thing, stripped down to her diaper or with a smock. Also sensory bins with rice i food coloured and little toys and scoops (also good to use shower curtain or sheet under this to contain mess and not have to sweep every little piece)

    For anyone with littles starting letters, numbers, word sounds etc Preschool Prep on YouTube was a fantastic tool for us. There’s a big variety of videos they have going from the basics to blends, math, etc. E also loves Patty Shukla on YouTube and she does songs with sign language.

    eta - the Patty videos aren’t just sign language, the alphabet song with signs was just the one E got really into. She does a whole bunch of different songs and dances
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    I've got paints coming from Target, so that will be good. Our childcare sharing is ending tomorrow - little F's mom had been away taking care of F's grandfather abroad, but they're returning to the US with grandfather and clearly none of us want to be exposed to airport/airplane germs unnecessarily. May be easier to work on some kind of schedule with only C.
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    S's school sent a short survey asking for feedback on how distance learning is going so far. One of the questions is if we think the workload is too heavy. It's only a yes or no question though :/ It's so hard to answer. On one hand, this might be what school looks like for the rest of the year. This is her education right now. So it has to have substance. On the other hand, it's really stressing me out. Multiple Zoom meetings is such a challenge while juggling other responsibilities. And her working from home is a challenge to her too, because her attention span just isn't there. We don't have a quiet space for her to work. To her, it feels like homework all day long. Nobody wants that. I really can't wait for "spring break" but I am absolutely dreading the idea of having to do this for the entire month of May and June, if it comes to that :/
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    @Apples&Oranges If it makes you feel better there are parents out there doing jack shit. Part of me is like I mean no shade, I can’t imagine trying to teach E real school while WFH instead of just regular play learning stuff. But at the same time, I have to think we would be trying. You’re doing an amazing job even if it doesn’t feel like it. The expectation definitely can’t be to be the equivalent of real uninterrupted school. There is just no way in hell to juggle it all at once.
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    Thanks. Her teacher is definitely very understanding and is trying to be as flexible as possible. But at the same time, S's "grades" are going to be dependent on her work, so I'm worried if she slacks now on my account, it's going to reflect badly on her. Not that one semester of 1st grade makes a difference.

    Honestly, her science teacher is the one im most annoyed with right now. She has science twice a week and both times they had to read a long, boring nonfiction digital book, and then using google docs, fill out answers to some questions. That is not at all age appropriate. She cant type, so I had to do it for her. And there is no way they are going to understand all the content on those books after just one read through. And that's with S being a strong reader. I'm 100% certain that she could find better science content for young kids for free.
  16. scotchbutter

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    That...seems like overkill to me but I am no teacher.

    Any teacher giving a 6(?) year old a bad grade right now can suck a lemon. How are they possibly evaluating this besides pass/fail? Plus what about all the parents working right now away from the kids? Or parents who don’t speak English? I know kids still need school and obviously learning is important but this seems crazy.
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    I'm not a teacher either, and I get it's difficult times, but yeah... when places like Scholastic are offering 3 weeks worth of free activities, you'd think the science teacher could find activities more age appropriate.

    Makes me wonder what science is like normally?
  18. Apples&Oranges

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    So for this particular teacher, the grade she gets is dependent on the work quality- ex. if she answers the 5 main questions, she gets a meets standards or something. If she answers one extra question, she gets above standard, and 2 extra she gets exceeds standards. It's ridiculous. So far the other "grades" have just been a completion thing. I have no idea what people do who have to go to work, or who dont speak English (there is an ENL teacher and class, so not sure if they help?) It's all super crazy.

    I explained to S's teacher my feelings on all of this, and she said she is going to try to adjust some things for this week. We'll see. I know she is genuinely trying and really doesn't want to overwhelm the kids.
  19. Apples&Oranges

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    @hellohelloagain same! S told me she already read this book, so clearly it wasn't something new exactly. She said the teacher usually reads it to them. I read to her for as long as I could stand it and just stopped to finish the worksheet that didn't require the entire book- only one page.
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    Seriously. I spend 12-16 hours a day at work everyday, and my spouse is at home taking care of two kids and WFH full-time. That's already Herculean, adding anything on top of that would probably be too much, even at a very low standard.
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    She had a Zoom meeting at 10 that lasted 40 minutes. She has another one at 12. Then one at 1. and another at 1:45. When is she supposed to actually get any work done??? :angry:
  22. Comet

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    Damn, S has more meetings in a day than I do.
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    Luckily her teacher cancelled the 1oclock. Art teacher said going forward that the meetings arent mandatory. The technology teacher's meeting was a joke. Couldn't hear her. She didn't mute kids. She just did screen view of Google slides to walk the kids through the project. 6 years will NEVER remember all of that. S told me in computer class at school that the only things they do are play (educational) games. :angry:
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    I feel like she shouldn't be teaching a technology class then. Pretty sure all we did in computer class at that age was play Number Munchers and All the Right Type if that.
  25. Apples&Oranges

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    The school goes up to 8th grade so I'm guessing she just doesn't know how to teach younger grades.