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    I hear that. Working for pre-k, which is publicly funded and available free to all reaidents of my city regardless of income, has me spending plenty of my own money on supplies. And, to be extra shitty, I dont even get to claim it as a tax write off since only K-12 teachers can do that, despite the fact that I must have the exact same credentials and license. Total BS. So I totally get that and have no problems with her asking parents. (Which, as a PreK teacher, Im not supposed to ask for supplies from parents either. Total, total BS).

    But yeah, the teacher uses classdojo, which is where I have been contacting her. I'm not sure this thing is worth bringing up since it has been a couple weeks and I'm not 100% certain that S is just relaying things differently than what was said? Idk. We'll see how it goes. I wish I knew more about the teacher. Like is this her first time teaching younger students, so maybe she doesn't understand that 5 and 6 year olds may not understand hyperbole? Oh well.

    I will say, the first time PTA did the bake sale this year, she gave all the kids who didnt bring in any money $.50 so they could buy something, which was super generous. Unfortunately, I DID give S money, but S/the teacher didnt check her folder to see it (S was asleep when I left so I didn't get to tell her it was in there).
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    Just got back from parent teacher conferences and the teacher had nothing but great things to say about S :loveu: Her reading level is amongst the highest in the class, she is in the highest math group who are trusted to work independently. On the "academic and personal behaviors" section of the report card (basically an "overall"), she got above standards in every category which her teacher said she very rarely gives that. And she said S was was "top tier." :loveu::loveu::loveu:

    Brag brag over. Now if only school could teach her to share with her little brother....
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    Must be nice!!!

    I forgot to update after our conferences that I hadn’t known at the time that our friend had gone scorched earth with the teacher an hour before our meeting. So we had a horrible time and couldn’t figure out why and then at the end of it she goes:

    “Look. I know you’re friends with the ______s. We just really need to approach this year with an attitude of positivity.”

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    :eek: my lord. What had happened with your friend??
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    Whoa! That was uncalled for and very unprofessional.
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    So much. She did have legitimate gripes, and the teacher came back with some pretty lame excuses for how and why she handled things the way she did.

    To hear my friend tell it, it was basically 30 minutes of her asking really pointed questions and closing it out with a scornful, "You're the adult in the classroom."
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    LOL you should have closed with the same line, after she said that attitude of positivity thing to you.
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    That’s positively rude of her.
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