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  1. Pickles

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    Like batshit bigotry shit.

    Indoctrinating people’s kids. NAH.
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    What in the actual fuck? ?? ?????
  3. TaterTot

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    M was sooooooo excited to go back to preschool with her friends and her amazingly awesome teachers. I’m afraid she’s at the best school ever and it’s all downhill from here.

    I finally saw J’s official class list. After all our rabble-rousing last spring about mean girls and unequal ratios, his class went from 7/21 to 5/20 boys to girls. You do the math.

  4. whatchyagonnado

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    Is there another class then thats mostly boys? Why would they do it that way?

    Also M sounds exuberant and like the kind of kid that will prosper anywhere.
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  5. TaterTot

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    The school is at a paltry 66% capacity, and it is girl-heavy. Administration keeps telling us his class makeup is representative of the whole school, but I’ve seen the yearbook. It is NOT 75% girls!

    Also a parent of a kid on J’s flag football team coached one of the two bitches in J’s class for track last year and described her as “evil.” Apparently just like her mom and two older siblings, who are also bullies. On some level it makes me feel better that it’s not J-specific — this girl is mean to everyone and everyone knows it.
  6. deet

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    WTF is it normal to have this much drama [at a school] at such a young age. I am scared.
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  7. TaterTot

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    No. It's definitely not normal but also possibly a product of having a super girl-heavy school (sorry, little girls are fucking awful). If you search this school, like half the reviews are people complaining about bullying and administration doing nothing about it. I'm hoping that with a solid teacher and two now-very-good friends in his class, he'll be okay.

    . . . and M will be starting with some good friends, so fingers crossed she gets a good mix of kids, though I'll be shocked if this school still exists in its current iteration in another year. At some point you need higher enrollment just to keep the damn lights on.
  8. moose

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    Does this school not have a zero tolerance policy for bullying? I don’t get how they can do nothing.
  9. TaterTot

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    We did at my high school almost 20 years ago, so yeah. But can someone remind me what that means in practice? Like does every kid accused of bullying get expelled? I actually was bullied in high school but was too fucking terrified to tell anyone because I reallllllly was gonna get my ass beat.

    One mom last night told me that when she raised the issue of her daughter being bullied in first grade with the teacher, the teacher’s response was that both girls are competitive with one another. She ended up demanding her daughter be moved.
  10. hellohelloagain

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    I think it usually starts with suspension and potentially moves on to expulsion if there are repeat issues. But yeah, it takes teachers/administrators actually recognizing the problem to enforce it, which is often the hard part.

    My sisters were bullied in school by this one particular mean girl, and my mom kept up with the "turn the other cheek, she's probably got a bad home life" and reporting instances to the school. Finally one day my mom was just fed up with my sisters coming home crying and said "if she picks on you again you clean her clock." Literally the next day my mom gets a call saying my sisters were being suspended for beating up a classmate and my mom flipped her shit on them. They didn't end up getting suspended.

    Anyway, the low enrollment rate is probably exactly why they are ignoring bullying issues. They don't think they can afford to expel students, without seeing that by not doing anything they're driving more away than they'd have lost by getting rid of the bad seeds.
  11. Honey

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    Yes and everybody should read Queen Bees and Wannabes by Rosalind Wiseman. But maybe don’t let your daughters read it. I read it when it first came out (while I was still in high school) and weaponized the fuck out of it.
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  12. Afishwish

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    Ugh my MIL means well, but we just got off the phone with her, and UGH.

    Fry starts preschool soon. She’s freaked out because he’ll take the bus. It’s a preschool only bus with 5-point harnesses, it sounds like they have a pretty good system in place. She’s mulling over all the worst-case scenarios in her head and probably thinks we’re insane for choosing the bus. Fry, btw, is excited af about taking the school bus.

    Second thing that bothers me far more is that I can tell she’s bothered by the fact Fry’s in special Ed. She didn’t say it outright but it was clear she didn’t want him just around special ed kids. His class will be mixed, but even so, he’s in this preschool BECAUSE he qualified for special ed services. It’s what he needs and her prejudice grates me.
  13. Zombie Llama

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    @Afishwish she's awful. Ignore her ridiculousness. Fry is going to thrive on the bus and at his new school.
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  14. fantasynerd

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    Ugh. I’m not trying to get on my soapbox right now because I know you know, but like short version, early intervention is awesome, and so many of the kids from the 3 special ed preschool classes at my school go on to be placed in general ed classrooms. And I got to see my new student get on a school bus for the first time and he had the BIGGEST smile.
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  15. CoolWife

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    My nieces both did that kind of preschool (bus included!) and are now doing well in gen ed in elementary. She can STFU.
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  16. Comet

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    My little sister has cerebral palsy and attended a preschool like that. It was GREAT for her and I'm sure it will be for Fry too. MIL can stfu about it.
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  17. ClamJam

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    The preschool opportunity for Fry sounds great and I hope he loves it! Your MIL is a butt.
  18. Fitz

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    My sister went to a mixed special ed and non-special ed pre-school and my parents loved it for her. I'm sure Fry will flourish.
  19. TaterTot

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    J goes a school with not a lot of walls, so his classroom is right next to his old kinder room with no barrier in between. His K teacher has been using/asking J to help with the kinders when they need to go to the nurse or to the lost and found, to help with lunch PINs, and to wake them up nicely when they fall asleep at their table spots.

    Everything about this is adorable.
  20. moose

    moose RINGWORM GIRL :(

    I’m pretty angry on your behalf that she would even have those feelings. I don’t know him personally, but Fry is a great kid. He’s going to be the peer model for a lot of kids that need modeling, and he’s going to work on his skills at the same time. I couldn’t think of a better place for him. Screw her.
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  21. Afishwish

    Afishwish Bramblebutt

    I think part of the problem is she was briefly a teacher and was on the school board 30 years ago. So she simultaneously knows enough to know more than most about some matters, but is full Dunning-Kruger in others. She has basically zero experience with special Ed programs, and what little knowledge she had is outdated. For example, my BIL had some ASD af traits as a kid. When I’ve said that, she’s bristled and said his traits were typical of gifted children. So that’s the context and the kind of mindset.

    When Fry was going to be evaluated, I had a hard time emotionally just because it made me think of my brother who had ASD, what he struggled with, and how sad his last few years were. I wasn’t worried about Fry; different kid, different universe of home life. I was just sad thinking of my brother, and said so outright. My MIL somehow disregarded that statement and thought I was having a hard time with Fry not being neurotypical. In hindsight I think she was just projecting.

    So long story short, she means well but it doesn’t matter because it’s coming from an ableist place.
  22. whatchyagonnado

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    I’m leaning toward enrolling C in 3k just 2 or 3 1/2 days a week BUT -

    Every fucking program wants him to be 3 by Sept 1st - seriously? Whyyyyyy. He misses that cut off by just a few days. They aren’t even linked to the public schools! And they also want these huge applications and interviews and everything done for next fall by like Jan. I’m calling one or two to get clarification on the age thing but why does this feel like a college app?! (I promise these aren’t even fancy places- like $200/month little programs). He may be just ramping up his classes like gymnastics and waiting for 4k if no one will budge on the bday thing.
  23. moose

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    Will they override the date if he juuuuust misses it? It seems silly to make him wait another year.
  24. whatchyagonnado

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    @moose I hope so! He seriously JUST misses it. The one I like best is tied to a private school so idk why they’d even care about public school date cutoffs because its not what the parent school uses (they have an Oct cutoff). I’m gonna call soon and ask and get a better idea of their application timeline.
  25. moose

    moose RINGWORM GIRL :(

    I feel like if he just missed it, they’ll be understanding of that. Especially if it’s not a public school system. You can also make the argument that he’s mature for his age and flourishes around kids that are a bit older than him.