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Discussion in 'Primpin' Chickens' started by Zoomzoom, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. LouiseBelcher

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    This is the week with the highest amount of ragweed everywhere, all year, so it's deadly for those of use with asthma. I wonder if that's what your issue is too- like a systemic reaction or something.
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  2. Canaligator

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    I think that’s a good chunk of it. I am itchy all over and my voice is scratchy.
  3. scotchbutter

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    Any holy grail recommendations to get rid of dark spots? I have been really good about washing/moisturizing the past few years but still haven’t gotten help for the dark spots. It’s probably from old acne spots. Vitamin C right? Anything specific?

    Also is it a horrible idea to use a scar cream on my face?
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  4. HBC

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    Vit C, niacinamide, retinol
  5. LouiseBelcher

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    I've used the Murad gel for dark spots and it works really fast. I only put it on the spots at night and I use a q tip to apply because I think it would be pretty drying for the rest of my face. Takes a week to get rid of a spot.
  6. Lh718

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  7. LouiseBelcher

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    This one.
    That whole line is supposed to be good but I love the Ordinary stuff I use already so I didn't invest. The gel is great though.
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  8. Lh718

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  9. Erie

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    Any suggestions for super oily skin? My face is always a freaking oil slick. I use so many blotting sheets. I use good primer and setting powder. I am not sure what I’m doing wrong.
  10. Chevere

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    Moisture. A lot of times dehydrated skin will over produce oil because it's in need of moisture. It takes a while for the skin to acclimate to moisturizer but a nice light weight one should help over time! Another trick too if wearing makeup is to apply setting powder both before and after foundation (I know it sounds weird but dabbing in a little bit of loose powder pre foundation but after primer helps the staying power and cuts back in some if the shine)
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