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  1. moose

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    I know we aren’t from the same area, but my hometown is the same. Lots of heroin, lots of overdosing, lots of death. One of my classmates actually overdosed while in his car and ran over a man on the sidewalk, killing him. The classmate was revived with narcan.
  2. Tumnus

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    Oh goodness. I wonder if it's always been this way but you don't really see it until you're an adult?

    It was meth, then opioids, now mostly heroin. Apparently laced with fentanyl. I wish there were more things that could be done to help.
  3. RoryGilmore

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    I recently lost a classmate to an overdose (at least, that’s what I expect. It was “unexpected” in his obit, and any reference to drugs on his FB after his passing has since been wiped clean since I saw it.)

    It really screwed me up. It’s still messing with me. We weren’t close, but I met him in 6th grade and he made an impact. He had so much potential.

    I’m so sorry, @Tumnus. Long story short, I sadly know how you’re feeling.
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    I’m sorry @Tumnus The drug crisis is scary and real, especially in certain areas. We had several classmates OD in high school or shortly after, and some died (or died from drug adjacent deaths). Our HS sports* coach was selling heroine to his players and ended up killing a teacher and causing a student who was a witness to commit suicide the year after graduation. It feels like some communities are in this horrific cycle of use and idk how you fix that. I’m sorry you’ve personally been affected so close to home.

    *If I said the sport you could google it.
  5. hellohelloagain

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    Meth is a big problem in my area, but for whatever reason suicide seems to be the cause of death plaguing my graduating class.

    It's sad when someone you grew up with dies, even if you werent really close to them
  6. Tumnus

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    It's sad that it's so widespread. I guess I'm just such a Polyanna that when stuff like this happens it's surprising to me.
  7. Fitz

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    I'm so sorry friends.
  8. Kimmers

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    That is really sad. I think it’s always hard when someone you know dies, maybe especially when it’s unexpected? And I feel like I’m still slightly shocked when someone around my age dies.

    A few years ago one of my former classmates died in a freak accident (he tripped down the stairs leaving work, hit his head and was ultimately pronounced braindead) and I felt disproportionately upset about it. We were friends in middle school, acquaintances in high school and then just “friends” on fb, but we had randomly chatted on fb a couple months before he died about maybe meeting up in the future. And then he died so abruptly and it just struck me as so sad. He was such a sweet guy and had finally found happiness in a lot of areas and it felt so tragic and senseless.
  9. whatchyagonnado

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    Mommmom passed this morning. It got bad fast. Funeral can only be 9 people. She was 1 of 6 and the oldest), has 2 kids, 7 grandkids, 5 great grandkids. I feel horrible for his dad having to choose who gets to come. Thanks y’all for being here to share this with, this feels so weirdly lonely because A can’t be with or see any of his family. His dad won’t even talk to any of the kids on the phone yet.
  10. deet

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    Our news was quick like that, too. One day hospitalized, and basically the next--gone. They aren't allowing a funeral here right now! I am surprised they are able to do that where they are? What a horrible decision to make.
  11. MagnificentCat

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    I’m so sorry. <3
  12. Canaligator

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    I'm so very sorry for your loss, for all of it.
  13. megatron

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    I am so sorry for your losses. <3
  14. Doom&Sparkles

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    I am so sorry for your losses. <3
  15. scotchbutter

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    I’m so sorry. I think passing away alone and not having standard funerals is one of the worst parts of this. It‘s so human to be together during these times.
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  16. Imabug1002

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    I'm so sorry Whatchya.
  17. Comet

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    I'm so sorry. Can they video conference it at least so people can virtually be a part?
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  18. Zoomzoom

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    I'm so sorry. <3
  19. Apples&Oranges

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    Im so sorry :sad: The lack of ability to have traditional funerals is also so difficult and makes this so much harder.
  20. Kimmers

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    I’m so sorry for your loss. <3
  21. moose

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    I’m so sorry
  22. whatchyagonnado

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    @deet I was also shocked especially because PA seems pretty locked down right now. Its a very rural town and I believe its outside only but I am still surprised they are doing any at all.
  23. Canaligator

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    I've known of a few burials here where the family was able to attend, but just immediate family / fewer than 10 people. So it's not unprecedented. I can't imagine having to grieve right now and not being able to take any comfort in the usual rituals that bring us all together.
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    So sorry for your losses, friends. Thinking of you and your families.