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    I messaged a friend with an older son to ask if that was typical :lol:. I didn't realize it happens so soon.
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    As soon as he was out of his diaper and running around bare butt because of potty training, he started lol He kept touching it while playing tonight and J told him to stop, and somehow the conversation turned into it not being "nut day" and there is never a nut day and never will be a nut day, and then D shouting "nut day, whoot whoot!" (like hump day, except nut). I don't know how this devolved so quickly, but it was definitely J's fault.

    (I know, I know, improper terms. But they just stuck because S started calling it "a nut" when she was like 3, probably from J yelling "ow my nuts!" after a few blows to the nethers.)
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    I kid was still a baby, couldn’t say his first word or show you where his eye was, but ask him where his penis was as he would grin and point.
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    Yes yes we still have lots of conversations about what is and isn’t appropriate when it comes to touching your penis.
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    I feel something sharp poking out of her gums :eek:
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    So begins the age of shark baby!
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    Just as she learned to delicately pick up my hair and rip it out of my head.
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    But the giggles when they do it are so cute! :p
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    My elder child is about to lose his life. Today he went out on the deck alone (not allowed) and turned all the burners on the grill all the way up. Dinner was smoking and is now smoked. Yesterday he took one of the solar garden path lights and just bashed it on the concrete - glass everywhere. He’s unplugged his brothers oxygen more than once. He plugged in and turned on a box fan and was sticking playing cards on it.
    AND he keeps peeing himself. Like daily at least. Between him and puke face baby I never want to see my washer again.
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    OMJG no C1, whhhhhy???
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    The heck C1! You're supposed to be mama's sweet boy. Knock off the demon shit.
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    I’m sorry C1 is acting out, @CoolWife. I’m wondering if it’s just him trying to adjust to all the changes going on. He’s probably off schedule due to the virus, and also has a new baby brother who needs a lot of attention.

    It seems like a lot of his destruction is stuff he knows you’ll easily find — like, the grill and the oxygen. He probably doesn’t know how dangerous meddling in that stuff is, but just wants to get your attention. Has he had the chance to talk to someone about all the changes the family has gone through?
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    It’s definitely him trying to get attention. I feel for him and have been trying to talk to him about it. He just can’t burn the house down.
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    Can you see about changing the routine in a way where he could maybe get to stay up a little for a special mom/kid story time or bath? Or work in like mommy/C1 only lunches? Dad could do some 1:1 walks? You’ve all had a hell of a year, I can’t imagine. Especially at 5, poor baby. And the feeling as mom of feeling like you can’t give your all to anyone because there isn’t enough time or emotional energy is really hard. I’m sure he’d love some space from C2 too (even though he loves him!) and COVID just makes that so freakin difficult. You are all cooped up. Hopefully as C2 grows things can get a little easier too.

    Also a little TMI but is it possible hes constipated or has a UTI? I just ask because I know our ped said UTIs can be more common in boys around that age, esp if they are uncirced (obv dont know or need to know his status, that was just her specification) and I know our C struggles with pee when hes constipated.
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    Nah, he’s a good pooper. Doc says take him to a child psychologist because we’ve done everything, but he’s on D’s insurance which sucks for mental health and there’s none covered. He just doesn’t pay attention to his body when he’s wrapped up in something.
    We are definitely trying to get home 1:1 time, but D has been super busy with work too so it’s extra hard. I’ve been doing bedtime and stories.
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    Aww Im sorry CW. It has to be hard. Just in case you need to hear it, you are an amazing, amazing mom. The tough times stink, hopefully it works itself out soon.
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    C-rex is 3 tomorrow. 3. THreeeeee.

    We are doing a small, family only, outdoor party for him. There will only be 10 of us, and none of us have been engaging in risky COVID behaviors. (And 7 of us see each other regularly anyway by necessity). We made him a "playground" for all his outdoor toys, including a new swingset we picked up from a friend (for FREE!) and a JEEP! This thing is sweet - it has an FM radio, a port for a cell phone or iPod (ok that part is ridiculous but its funny) and a remote control option for the parents. He isnt really quite at the stage where he is asking for a theme so the theme is Jeep haha. Our friend who has a Jeep club and hand paints grills is making him a few decals for it to "sponsor" him :lol:
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    Happy birthday to C-rex!
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    I am echoing the 1:1 time @CoolWife, we had similar issues (well, no fire, lol) when bringing M home. We regularly try and do 1:1 time with him when we can. Maybe a Mom & C1 date to... somewhere safe, or even a picnic in the backyard? It helped us tremendously (and still does-- recently G has been upset that he sees M getting his hand-me-downs, and is trying to put on all his old clothes, for example, so we know it's time for some 1:1 time.)

    Happy 3rd bday to C-Rex!
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    Happy birthday to C-Rex!!!!
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    Happy birthday C-Rex! Sounds like a great get together and that Jeep sounds awesome!!!
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    Let’s discuss portions for a 9 month old. Our baby food book says that she should be eating this amount:

    24oz breastmilk per day
    breakfast- 2-3 oz cereal, 1-2oz fruits

    lunch- 1-2oz protein, 1-2oz fruits or veggies, 1 grain serving (like a half piece of toast or 1/2cup cereal)

    snack- 1-2oz fruits/veggies and 1 serving of grain OR 4oz dairy

    dinner- same as lunch

    That’s all well and good except my child does not even eat close to that amount. It sounds like so much food. Her breastmilk intake is fine but last night she had 2 tater tots, maybe 1-2tbsp chicken, and some squash. I offer more and she doesn’t want more. What do you guys think is a typical portion for this age?
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    I only started offering A solids twice a day around that 9 month mark so she definitely wasn’t eating that much. And it would be a couple things, usually what I was eating, and she may or may not actually eat much of it. She eats great now though so I wouldn’t put much stock in those numbers. If she wants it, she’ll eat it.
  25. moose

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    that has been my thought. I don’t want to force feed her; more like I provide and she will eat.