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    @Kimmers I’m trying to remember where E was at that age... E is a good eater too but definitely has her times where she doesn’t want to eat whatever we’re having and that’s okay. I feel like it doesn’t matter as long as you’re offering healthy stuff and routinely trying to give the same or similar things as you guys eat. She will come around eventually to what “family dinner” looks like and want to eat what you have on your plate. A couple things we have had success with:

    -having her “help”, this could actually be her helping like stirring, picking things up and handing them to you, talking about the colors and what things are. Or it could just be her seeing and being in the room—E loved to sit in her high chair next to me while I was cooking and I would hand her different things to munch on. So sometimes she was more likely to eat dinner things if I gave them to her like that—like munching on a corncob while I cooked the rest of the food vs putting it on her plate later. Now that she’s older she will “help” me cook and eat a ton of random things while I chop that she probably wouldn’t touch on her plate like salad or raw mushrooms.

    -dips. E looooves to dip things. Can do ranch, ketchup, mustard, marinara sauce, hummus, pesto, whatever y’all have around. She thinks it’s fun and you can expose her to a ton of different flavors through sauce. I even got E to eat broccoli recently if she dipped it in ketchup which was a hard no before even though she likes lots of other veggies.

    -the time of day is a big wall too. Dinner time is a stressful part of the day. Everyone is tired, she’s had a long day too, it’s more “pressure” than the other meals. I feel like as long as she is chilling during dinner it’s okay if she doesn’t eat a lot. Everyone feels differently about this but for us, if she won’t eat a single bite, I feel like she’s too young to not offer an alternative. But it also depends on your kid and you’ll know if she’s just playing you for the blueberries every night. I do tend to always give her a variety plate with what we’re having plus a few other standbys. So if we’re having tacos, she’ll get a little meat, a mix of rice and beans, and some cut up tomatoes or fajita veggies or whatever plus maybe some orange slices. If she only eats the tomatoes, oranges, and a tortilla, okay. I encourage her to try other things on the plate but if she says no, whatever. Plate goes in the fridge and we try again tomorrow. Maybe at lunch the next day she eats all the rice and beans.
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    @scotchbutter You know I have been toying with getting her a learning tower for the kitchen because she is alllllll over my legs every night going “up up! Mama up up!” while I’m trying to cook. Maybe if I get one and let her “help” while I cook it’ll spark her interest, because in general she’s really into helping/bringing me things right now. That’s a great idea. Also I’ve been feeling guilty if I feed her little tidbits while I’m cooking (then she won’t eat her dinner!) and maybe that’s a dumb mindset because she’s still eating. And she is happy to sit in her chair while we eat even if she herself isn’t eating a ton. Also she IS into dips lately, I just wasn’t really thinking about that because she’s mostly experienced those out at restaurants. Thank you!

    I agree that she’s too young to just not eat - the one night I didn’t offer her something else she was way more restless in her sleep than usual, and she woke up crying at 2:30 and couldn’t settle back down herself, I had to nurse her. I felt like she was genuinely hungry and it made me feel terrible.
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    @Kimmers I used to also feel bad if E was snacking too much on the dinner food before actual dinner time but like... if she’s eating the actual dinner food of her own volition, the point is for her to want to eat it so I feel like it’s fine. Especially if she’s having fun with it.

    Let me know if you find a good tower! I’ve been casually looking but am overwhelmed with options. I wanted one that was height adjustable and could fold up out of the way but I’m not sure that exists.

    Also bbq sauce and salsa and jam!
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  5. moose

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    @Kimmers sorry I just read this but so far, none of what you are saying sound like feeding red flags to me. I would continue providing small amounts of food on her tray (think tablespoon) and giving more if she wants more. It’s okay for her to be apprehensive but if she starts refusing more than accepting, or eliminating all foods from a group, we know we have something to work on.

    try limiting the amount of grazing/snacking throughout the day and seeing if that helps. Same with water and liquid intake (not restricting liquid or hydration, just making sure she’s drinking more at mealtimes and times of physical activity).
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    We have a guidecraft kitchen helper. It folds and have three different heights. E is 14 months old and loves to stand on it next to me and snack or hit things with a wooden spoon. It helps with cooking since he’s not on my legs yelling at me to be picked up or pulling bottles of wine out of the wine rack.
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    Thanks @moose!

    @RogueLlama Can you link to the one you have? How’s the quality? I see some on Amazon and it looks like the price point is around $169 - $189. Most of the ones I’ve been looking at are more like $100 but they have really polarized reviews and some pics that make the quality look sketchy. Is yours pretty solidly made? Sturdy, with screw holes that lined up correctly etc?

    I like the look of this one:
  8. RogueLlama

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    @Kimmers I believe that’s the same one I have. I bought mine on wayfair because it was the same price and was delivered a week sooner than Amazon. It’s sturdy and folds easily. It was pretty easy to put together, even with a toddler helper sitting inside while I had it on its side to screw in the legs. It basically came out together except for the net and the two stability pieces on the legs. I like the little net on the back to keep E inside since he likes to sit down in and examine things or snack. I don’t worry about him falling out the back. It doesn’t have a step so I just lift him inside. When he’s older and bigger, he’ll be able to climb in himself.
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    Thanks @RogueLlama! I really like the net too. I can completely see L sitting down, then falling through the side on some of these.
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    We've used a 2 step ladder for both boys. So far no one has taken a tumble off of it. We made some bread today and E was up high enough to help.
  12. moose

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    E is trying to crawl??? (!!!)
  13. moose

    moose RINGWORM GIRL :(

    E will only nap on someone. Like if we put her down, she is wide awake until we pick her up again. Any suggestions? Not super into CIO because she tends to ramp herself up with more crying.
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  14. megatron

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    Are you using a dark room, white noise, etc. similar to bed time so she associates that time with sleep? A was a bad napper until she was about a year old, so all I could do was keep trying and she did short naps at least on her own.
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    F is the same. She will only sleep not in your arms when she's swaddled, which sucks cause she's so close to rolling over pretty soon we won't be able to swaddle her at night either.

    I'm not sure how to fix it. I've been letting her fall asleep in my arms (which is bad I know) and then transferring her, but she's also become such a light sleeper (floor creaking, dog barking, me sniffling will all wake her up now) that her naps have become like 10-30 minutes long. So then I end up holding her while she naps just so she gets a proper nap... it's not good times
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  16. moose

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    We had a successful 2 hour nap in the pack n play! I fed her and she was drowsy so I put her down. She immediately started screaming so I just put my hand on her belly, shook it a little, shhh-ed her and she went back to sleep. Usually none of this works so I’m gonna take it. I was actually able to nap at the same time she napped! Black magic!
  17. megatron

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    Yeah the key is in getting them down when they are drowsy but not asleep, and be able to self soothe. Much easier said than done though.
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  18. moose

    moose RINGWORM GIRL :(

    i swear drowsy but awake is mythical
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    It’s how I live though.
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    I’m pretty sure the prancing baby steps are the cutest thing I have ever seen.
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    Guys, I'm mildly freaking out. P has been sick since Sunday. No fever thankfully, but she's super snotty and had a pretty wicked cough. Been eating normally and in a good mood. I called her doctor and they told me at this point to just keep her home and keep her hydrated, but it still really worries me. There's only 9 cases in my county and the kids haven't been anywhere since last week, but K has to keep working (in a city with much more infected people) and have some public interaction, so I don't feel 100% safe. She's not struggling to breathe from what I can tell, just the regular congestion and snotty nose. I just keep having these moments of panic. Not sure what I'm looking for here... This is all just totally freaking me out.
  22. HBC

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    it might be, it might not be. Just like a common cold, she’ll likely be just fine on her own, and the “oh shit” signs of any respiratory illness apply.
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  23. hallokween

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    Thanks. I'm really holding on to the fact that she doesnt have a fever and none of us are sick too.
  24. megatron

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    Yeah I’d just keep a close eye. Even if it is COVID-19, she’s more than likely going to ride it out like a cold/flu and then be fine. Obviously if she seems in distress then take additional action.

    I think it’s hard to not freak out when it can clearly get really bad, but as much as the media is giving us all the bad news, most people just end up mild symptoms and recover in a week or two. It’s also expected that 40-70% of the world’s population will get this virus. So a lot of us and/or people we know will end up with it in some capacity. But if we isolate and are careful about hand washing and such, even if we do get it, it will likely be just fine in most cases. <3
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    Thanks. Hoping this resolves quickly. I Like to be informed, but reading all the latest can really do a number on your psyche.
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