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    Here’s how I think of it.
    Stuff that’s too small: if I fit into it again, I’ll want to buy something new and celebrate anyway. Maybe keep one piece you’ll never find again, but you can buy more jeans and dresses.
    Stuff that’s too big: don’t tempt yourself.
    Stuff that you never wear: make room for stuff you love.

    Basically, if I pull something out of my closet, put it on, hate it and take it off, I get rid of it. My goal is to have only things in my closet that I can always wear. It makes getting dressed so much easier. Even if I only have 6 shirts, I can just pick whatever matches my pants.

    *Realizing this comes from the privilege of being able to buy more jeans and dresses, but I think we’re all there.
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    Worst case: donate a bunch of clothes and wish you didn’t (see me, getting rid of a ton of stuff a few months postpartum). End result: mildly annoyed at myself, not really a worst case.
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    I really love this sentiment. My style has changed a lot in the last few years, so even if I did fit into things again they likely wouldn't be what I love. I mostly keep things I'm sentimental about or to try and convince myself I like it, and neither of those things lead to clothes I'm truly in love with.
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    I have a pair of gap cords that I saved that I want to fit into again (because they dont sell this color anymore, at least for now). And a maxi dress that I love that was a teeeensy bit too small before I got pregnant with numero dos. I had just bought it the summer before I conceived so I only got to wear it a handful of times. They're my goal clothes. But as the scale goes up, I'm sure its wishful thinking....
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    Bumping this, kind of goes with Home Decor thread of let’s make our homes places we actually want to be since we’re stuck here.

    We recently changed our living room and kitchen floor so we had to move everything out. Then we were lazy and didn’t move it all back from other areas of the house so we’ve been more bare bones and it looks so much better. We only brought like 1/5 of E’s stuff back to the play area and she’s been happy. I honestly think she has more fun when there are less options. So, we are encouraged as we build the room back together to include less than before. We still have a lot of shit, but we’re trying to decrease it.

    On my list for this weekend/near future:

    -Clean/organize living room and kitchen
    -Items currently shoved in spare room need homes elsewhere in the house or go bye bye
    -Clean up porch and yard, finish planting garden plants
    -Clean out and catalog deep freezer
    -Clean our garage storage boxes-random childhood stuff that probably needs to be trashed
    -Go through and donate some of E’s old toys
    -Clean out E’s closet, box up too small clothes and find buried bigger summer clothes and bigger sized shoes I bought a year ago
    -Be honest with myself about my closet and drawers, donate a lot, take maternity and nursing clothes out of sad corner box and put into closet
    -Actually put up wall necklace stand I bought 2 years ago so my long necklaces don’t tangle and take up all the room on the bathroom counter
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