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    @moose if you’re trying to boost your milk supply, you could also try pumping more frequently to mimic a cluster feeding baby as that’ll help. I drank (and still do) a ton of water and at least one 28 ounce body armor drink a day. I’ve found the lengendairy milk supplements help my supply increase when it’s been lagging a little for whatever reason the lengendairy milk instagram also has great tips on pumping and increasing milk supply. I nurse when I’m with E, but pump at work and hit a dip in my supple a couple of months ago. I followed their advice and got my supply back up to producing what he needs.
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    I sent you a pm with data but you’re fine, that’s well within normal. You can take supplements and eat oatmeal and power pump but you shouldn’t need to yet.
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    He pretty much only nurses at night. So the midnight cry battle that results in him horking is a hard cold Turkey battle :/ the other night he was crying for like an hour before I finally just gave in. He actually got mad at me and only wanted J. He NEVER prefers J over me. While it stung a little, I would have been cool with it if he actually settled, but he just started back up with the crying again.

    @Tumnus yeah, bed sharing. I dont want to buy a toddler bed for him so we are just waiting on a bunk bed. To be honest, I'm kind of dragging my feet on it because once we switch to a bunk, we have to go down to twin size. S has a very comfortable full size bed and its convenient for when we need to lay down with her, or sleep in separate beds because of illness or whatever. And yes, they're so different! S still wants someone to stay with her until she falls asleep too (which is luckily pretty quick, generally). And she was fine without nursing but she had to cuddle close and always kept her hand down my shirt. D turns away once he's finished and kind of star fishes on the bed lol (or props his legs up on my legs or the bed rail).
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    I know you'd prefer to avoid formula @moose, but if needed we supplemented with formula to start and A has been exclusively breastfed since 2 weeks on. It can just be a temporary measure.
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    Same here for with J!
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    We have been supplementing with formula. Things have been really difficult at the hospital, medically, since her birth and I haven’t been coping very well. Like, I’m somewhat convinced I’m dealing with some sort of post traumatic stress/anxiety/depression and the only way I’m handling it is by trying to control her feeding. Abnormal, but true.
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    Not abnormal at all. <3
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    Not abnormal from what I've seen with many parents, and I only see them max 4 days.
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    @moose When I decided to EP with R, I was told to pump 12!!!!! times a day, and pump until dry. I never really got dry and so pumped for 30 minutes at a time. If that sounds hellish, it totally was. All the work of BF and bottle feeding, and it just wasn't sustainable. It also left me with a massive over supply (under or over are horrible for different reasons) and exacerbated the PTSD I had from the birth. Feeding EBM is a very generous goal, but girl don't crucify yourself over it! What was sustainable was getting 3 sets of pump parts, pumping 7-10 times a day with massage and warm compresses, sunflower lechitin (I'm clog prone), and making rooster do at least one of the overnight feeds. Seriously, even if you're awake and chained to the pump, get his ass out of bed to feed the baby. Water and semi regular meals (not necessarily a specific food) help a ton. Can't pump from an empty cup! I lasted about 9 months, which supplied R with BM for 10.5 months. I was glad I did it at the time but no way in hell I would do it again.
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    @ClamJam 12 pumping sessions is EXACTLY what lactation told me yesterday when I called for advice. They said to pump every 2 hours for the next few days in order to bump the supply up. I’m willing to do it for that long but may need to revisit the rest after that.

    Did you also give baby R vitamin D drops with the breastmilk?
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    Let me know how this goes! Taking E’s paci is next up on our list, she only has it when sleeping but I know it’s going to be rough.
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    Once your supply regulates, if you’re able to go longer and not experience a drop in total amount per day, then start spacing out your pump sessions. You may have a lot more storage capacity for milk than you think and be able to pump what you need spacing out your pump sessions every 4-5 hours during the day instead of every 2-3 hours. I would strongly urge you to start taking the sunflower lecithin at least once a day with a meal. It is no fun learning you’re prone to clogs when you’re at your doctor’s office with double mastitis feeling like death warmed over.
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    So I did not give R the VitD drops, because they made him barf every time. Instead, I supplemented myself with lots of VitD and then his first food was oat cereal with formula and his second food was cheese around 5 months. Not a popular choice, but I didn't see the value in the drops if they made him give back his meal, so.
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    Where can I buy the sunflower lecithin? Online only or do stores carry it as well?

    E’s pediatrician agreed today that she definitely has a posterior tongue tie and a lip tie, which may be impacting her ability to feed. They referred us to a specialist and we are going today to see if it should be clipped. I recommend tongue clipping as part of my daily job requirements but the thought of having it done to her is killing me slowly.
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    @moose I don't think what you're feeling is abnormal at all. I had a lot of the same feelings.

    We had a lot of issues with breastfeeding at first too and needed to supplement a bit. My milk took a while to come in (over a week, don't remember exactly when), probably because of the trauma of my delivery. C also had a tongue tie - we got it lasered at five days old and he barely cared about the procedure itself. He hated the tongue massaging for the couple of weeks afterwards, but it made BFing so much better for us.

    My pediatrician recommended holding off on the Vitamin D drops until feeding was well established because some babies are not into the taste. We still haven't used them and C seems fine.

    Lots of love to you, this is a tough time under the best of circumstances and you've had some tough stuff to deal with.
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    R had a bit of a tongue tie also, and that was fixed with scissors. The ped sent us out of the room so we wouldn't be upset by the procedure and it was fine. It will be okay! I liked this lecithin from Amazon:
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    They wouldn’t clip anyway because of the info I listed in my birth story. They said a bottle fed baby is better than a blue baby. Cue more crying. It’s all a mess. I should’ve known not to assume that there’s any easy fix for this anyway.
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    God what a thing to say! I’m so sorry. Is it worth a second opinion?

    I completely understand wanting so badly for the breastfeeding to work out. I know you know that if it doesn’t, she’ll still be more than fine. But hugs anyway because I know this didn’t go the way you wanted.
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    While I completely agree that a bottle fed baby is better than a blue baby, that comment was really insensitive. They should care for her with her future in mind. So you have to EP now doesn't mean you can never BF (if you want to). Maybe they think she'll "grow out of it" as the rest of her grows and heals?
    Sorry friend, it's all so hard. You're doing amazing however you feed her.
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    So I never exclusively nursed. Even now he comfort nurses rather than nurses for nutrition and never without a nipped shield (we just couldn’t get there and now with 6 teeth and a 7th on the way I refuse to go without it). And in the beginning I mourned that I failed him. Logically it takes two to successfully nurse, but that didn’t matter. Obviously in my mind I was a terrible mother because I couldn’t do this one normal thing.

    All this to say you might never perfectly nurse her. That’s okay. You’re an excellent mother and you will bond with her in many ways. I stopped trying to nurse for about 6 weeks and then tried again and it sort of worked for comfort. It was a lot easier to get to where he could get something and neither of us was frazzled and frustrated when I gave myself a bit of a breather. And I love those tiny moments when he nurses just enough to tide him over until a bottle warms up. The nursing bond doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

    You’ve got a lot going on right now. It can feel overwhelming. I don’t say this to diminish your feelings— just to bring you comfort that you’re not alone and it’s going to be okay. You’re doing great. You’re a great mom and the perfect mom for her.
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    I EP'd for 10.5 months. At the beginning, I think I pumped like 8-10 times a day? 2 oz per pump is amazing. I remember using the little 2 oz collection containers to pump with, and then all of a sudden, it overflowed when I wasn't paying attention. It was a surprise when my supply jumped up. I took sunflower lecithin (from Amazon - Now brand), and ate overnight oats every morning.

    After three weeks, my LC recommended pumping every three hours for five days, and then pumping every 3.5 hours for 5 days, and then settling in at about every 4 hours or six times a day. I did that until I felt ok about my supply, and then I moved it to 5 times a day once I started working. I finally dropped the overnight pump once E started sleeping through the night. My supply took a massive hit then, but I needed my sleep.
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    I was in the middle of nursing D to sleep, and he got mad about who knows what? Literally just nursing him. And cried for MIL so she rocked him to sleep.... I guess that's one way to night time wean :sad: I've gone 6 years being the preferred caregiver like, 99.9% of the time and I gotta say, it kind of stings :/ especially because MIL was in one of her bitchy moods today. Oh well.
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    Omg I would be so mad I'd leave them both at the firehouse. Sorry A&O <3
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  24. This is exactly how I felt, @MagnificentCat. It's such a headfuck. @moose youve had a crazy difficult start. Whether you bf, ep, or give formula, your baby will be loved, healthy, and happy. You are the right mum for your daughter, and you will both learn the ropes together.

    I couldn't breastfeed at all, and so I ep'd till he was 5m, finally switching to all formula at 6m. I had a very similar situation to mag cat, 2oz or so to begin with but before I knew it I was pumping about 40oz per day over 6 sessions. I actually dropped the overnight pump pretty early as E started to sleep through and I just needed to sleep. If you go down this route get yourself a good quality hospital grade double pump, multiple parts so you don't have to sterilize all the time, and a hands free pumping bra.

    Now that I am far enough away from the situation I think why the hell did it do it? It made a very difficult time even harder. Everyone has different reasons they might choose to EP but I 100% did it because I felt that I'd failed E. My sentence was to be chained to my pump. We don't give ourselves half the kindness we would show to someone else in the same situation.
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    This is pretty much how I feel. I failed by keeping her in my body where she couldn’t grow, failed by having uncontrolled blood pressure that resulted in her coming early, and failed by thinking breastfeeding was going well when in reality she was starving. I’m pumping because I desperately want to go back to breastfeeding and I have this idea that if I keep my supply up, maybe she’ll be ready once she gains weight. If not, the least I can do is give her breastmilk.

    I’ve been pumping every 2-3 hours since Thursday. On Thursday I pumped a total of 14.5oz and Friday was 16.25oz. I have no idea if that’s enough or if I’m dealing with a lower supply. It’s really confusing and frustrating.

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