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    For weaning A, I had the best luck when I latched her initially with the shield on, so she had a couple minutes of milk and then wasn’t so hangry. Then unlatch, quickly pop off the shield and try to relatch her. Try again and relatch if it really hurts or is a bad latch. It may take some trying, and some pain on your side (sorry, nips), but just keep trying! If she’s successfully latching the one side then you should be able to clue her in to the other side eventually too.

    Teeth are not awesome if you nurse lol. But if you have a good latch, you won’t feel the teeth unless they bite you. That only happened a couple times to me because I would unlatch A when she bit me and make her wait a minute before trying again. They will hopefully figure out you won’t feed them if they are going to bite you because it hurts mom.

    Edit: although A was bad at chewing on my nips sometimes with her gums (before teeth), so maybe I was partly desensitized to the chomping and partly had trained her not to do that by the time teeth came along.
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    Thanks for the tips mega. She freaked out on the good side now even after feeding with the shield for a bit. I don't even know if she has a decent latch and can't figure out how to tell since there's so much boob in the way.

    We'll likely be starting weaning around 6-8 months anyways to prep for me going back to work so maybe I'll dodge teeth completely.
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    With biting, they learn pretty quickly not to do it if you put your boob away the second they chomp.

    Source: had a piranha baby.
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    Ugh we finally got released from jaundice treatment and now it comes up J has been the same weight all week. Google tells me this is not shocking for a preemie and he should start gaining steady now that hes a week old and more awake, but of course it means yet another appt on Monday for a weight check. I feel like I am on a test this weekend now to prove my worthiness to this ped to BF. I told A once he goes back to work I cannot balance having both boys at home and doing BF, pump, bottle, repeat because C will get totally neglected. (Right now if J needs a top off after a feed A feeds him while I pump). I really hope his weight is good and we can just stick to BFing. He seems to be doing so well with it so I don’t understand.

    Of course my mom is here and she was like “I had a 34 weeker and left the hospital 24 hours later! He didnt get to birth weight for 3 weeks! I was a NICU nurse I know a sick baby and they are overreacting!” Also our ped was out of town for todays visit, this was a sub and I don’t like her very much. Shes competent but has the personality of dried glue and seems ultra conservative.
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    Weight checks, so obnoxious. See if your ped will prescribe a visiting nurse to do them if you have to do more. That’s what I got with C and it was a huge lifeline. She was so nice and I didn’t have to deal with going to the docs office.
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    Agh. I have a plugged duct (again) and now about 12 hours later I’m like ‘is it hurting because it’s not getting better or is it hurting because I’ve been repeatedly jamming my thumbs at it to massage it out?’
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    Clogs.are.the.worst!!!!! Hoping that you get sweet relief soon !
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    What a huge difference a supportive work environment makes.

    First day of work:
    Me: So you know my son’s 6-months old? I’m going to need to lock the door to my office around this time.
    Boss: No problem, but you sure you wouldn’t prefer to use the mother’s room downstairs? Let us know if so so we can get you a key.

    Coworker knocks on door while I’m pumping so I ask if he can come back in 5-10 minutes.
    Co-worker (later): I am so, SO sorry about that. I didn’t even think... my wife when she went back to work... anyway, I am so sorry!

    Contrast this to when my coworkers would shout through the door “how much longer”, try to conduct business through the door, or stand outside my door until I was done. Apparently stress does impact milk production because I’m up 1-2 ounces and pumping in a much shorter time frame.
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    That is FANTASTIC @MagnificentCat . You need a few (hundred) wins at work. Glad to hear it’s going so well!
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  10. Fitz

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    So wonderful, I'm so happy for you Mag.
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    I swear every time I think I’m about to get my period back (endo pain starts showing up) L has a sleep regression or gets a new tooth or whatever, starts waking up a million times a night to nurse, and scares my period off.

    Yay for no period 12 months pp but damn I am tired this week.
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    Any tips on keeping people from banging on your closed office door while pumping at work? And/or something to respond with that's not awkward AF? I don't necessarily want to announce to everyone that my boobs are out when they have already ignored the closed door.
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    Well there goes my door plaque idea.

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    I had a coworker use a whiteboard to denote where she was/if she was free. Could you do that? Then you could leave a note like “Currently unavailable or in meeting. Will be available starting at 3pm. Please email me if you need assistance before 3pm”

    I think that leaves it vague enough you could use it for conference calls and pumps and people hopefully aren’t rude enough to push it. My old boss would just open closed doors and one coworker had the one office that didn't lock and she was terrified he’d just come in. She hung a sign with a cow on it while pumping. That sounds more in your face than what you wanna do though haha
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    I wish I had a magic phrase, but at the old place they still tried to barge in even when they knew what was happening.

    It sucks and I’m sorry you have to deal with rude boundary-ignoring people who don’t think a closed door applies to them.
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    People at my current job have been very polite, but were confused the first few days when my door was closed since it was a new thing. I just told them I had to pump and that seemed to work, but I worked with good people.

    I start a new job in a couple weeks and did confirm when I accepted that I would need a private place to pump and they gave me some options, but I’m dreading the first day of work where I have to go into my office and close the door while trying not to be super awkward.
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    @Comet I bought a white erase board for my door. I put my meeting times on it AND if I was pumping, I would write "PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB".
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    I think it’s going to be harder than I initially planned to give up the pump. This lactation room is a fucking spa.
  19. Comet

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    See also: things you never thought you'd say?
  20. MagnificentCat

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    Right? The reserve this room for an hour so I’m not rushed, and this is a mighty nice break before lunch.

    ETA: Except when some noisy Nancy on this floor knocks on the door! We have an airplane lavatory lock... don’t say you’re “just checking,” you know it’s being used!!!
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  21. Don't tell them you stopped, use it as an actual spa!
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    Just checking what exactly? That someone didn't accidentally lock herself in?
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    There’s only one other person in our complex who has scheduled time and you’re supposed to schedule to be approved to use, so my best guess is it’s either them being noisy (‘who’s in my space?’) or someone who used to have the room and is still using it as a hideaway who has had their card be deactivated. Either way, next time I’m not responding and if they’re out there when I get done I’m going full condescension “was the lock that said ‘occupied’ not clear enough for you?”
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    I kind of hate breastfeeding. I feel like I’ve already forgotten what the LC showed me and my nipples hurt every time. She’s also cluster feeding and won’t go to K at all. I’m just so tired and after combo feeding with E it’s just so tempting to give it all up.
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    So do it? I mean I know it's that simple but if you hate it & you're tired - especially with 2 kids & it'll make your life easier go for it!
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