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  1. megatron

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    It’s bittersweet and freeing and sad and relief and nostalgia and everything in between. And that’s ok. <3
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  2. CoolWife

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    Good Jeff Goldblum I am starving. I had two pop tarts and a frapp at like 6:30 and 3 hours later imma chew my arm off. Breakfast better hurry.
    C2 is way more into eating than C1 ever was, so yay. He’ll nurse for up to 30min after his bottle. A little frustrating because he still can’t even come close to it without a shield, but whatever. And they want him on fortified feeds for 6wks+ after we leave. Which means pumping and mixing and ugh I don’t wanna. It’s short term, it’s not forever, I just keep telling myself. But then I’m left with the same dilemma. Maintain a supply, for how long and how much? I don’t want to buy another freezer but if he’s taking 10oz and I’m pumping 40+ it’s going to be full next week, not counting all the stuff here.
  3. Comet

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    Damn, that's awesome output though. How much total is he taking per day, BM and formula combined? Not considering whatever he gets from nursing of course. Maybe you could drop one of your pumps at least? I think I remember you saying you can't donate because of a med you're on, right?
  4. CoolWife

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    Correct on the not donating. I’m pumping 5-6 times a day now. I’d expect my output to go down because I just went down from 7, but not yet. Right now he’s usually taking 1.5oz every 3 hours. So like 12oz a day.
    I think I’ll just ask an LC to stop by later. Hopefully it’s not the woman who told me to pump more! Longer! Power pump! Like ok but now...
  5. Rico Suave

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    I’m here to rant and whine and cry.

    I have mastitis again. Second time in 3 weeks, opposite boob from the first bout. It’s much worse this time. I can’t clear the clog and I’m afraid it’s an abscess now. I’ve been on antibiotics for 2 days now and the fever is gone but I still feel so run down and am still in pain. My OB told me to go to the ER for and ultrasound but I’m terrified to go to. Terrified. I’m afraid to even go to the grocery store so the thought of being in the ER is giving me major anxiety. I have an immunosuppressed husband, asthmatic son, and a newborn. I hate everything. I’m going in this afternoon. Freaking out until then. Ugh.
  6. MagnificentCat

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    That’s really stressful, Rico. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with that on top of everything.
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    @Rico Suave many ERs are at low census right now because people are afraid to go. Also, most hospitals and urgent cares are screening for covid and separating patients who may have it from those who are screening negative. Hopefully that helps bring the anxiety down some. <3
  8. Comet

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    We had to go to the ER Sunday morning for C (he is fine), and they do have a lot of safeguards in place. They screened us outside - only one parent (me) could go with him and I had to wear a mask. They moved us into a private room immediately even though there was barely anyone else there. They did all testing and X-rays in that room so we didnt have to move about the hospital. I didn't see another patient the whole time we were there either. I understand the anxiety though. He needed to go, but it was definitely nerve wracking. I hope that you get in & out quickly and get some relief asap.
  9. Fitz

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    I'm sorry, Rico. I hope the ER treatment clears it up and that this is the last of your mastitis :sad:
  10. megatron

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    Ugh everything about that is my fear right now. I hope you get in and out safely and quickly, and that your mastitis resolves ASAP.
  11. scotchbutter

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    @Rico Suave I’m so sorry you’re going through that. Mastitis is so awful already, but to get it twice and with all the other circumstances, it’s too much.

    @Comet Sorry you had to go in but I’m very glad to hear C is okay and that they were so safe. I’ve been processing a lot of fear about hospitals and getting sick/preterm labor/something happening to E lately so it does help to hear how many safeguards they had in place when you went.
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  12. ClamJam

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    Hoping that you have a fast and easy trip to fix your boob, Rico!!!
  13. Kimmers

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    I hope you’ve been and you’re back and resting up! So sorry you’re dealing with this especially now. Even in normal times mastitis is awful.
  14. Apples&Oranges

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    I'm sorry rico :sad: I hope it was an in and out process that involved minimal people.
  15. Comet

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  16. Rico Suave

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    I’m home. Very exhausted but only mildly traumatized. @Comet was totally spot on. They did a great job with screening. Basically if you had a fever they weren’t allowing you to go inside to register, you were taken to a separate area. Thankfully my fever broke by the time I got there. It was busy but not normal ER busy. I definitely psyched myself out beforehand but it ended up being okay.

    I did have a small abscess that they aspirated with a needle. It was a pretty simple procedure but it was super weird having a numb boob. It wasn’t crazy invasive or anything and I’m able to keep pumping while it heals. It still hurts like fuck because of the infection but I switched antibiotics too so hopefully those kick in quick. I’m glad it’s over with.

    Mastitis is a real bitch. I’ve only been more sick once in my life and that was when I had a wicked kidney infection. I miss holding my baby and my other kiddos and I’m ready to stop feeling like lukewarm death.
  17. A. Ham

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    I'm glad you're ok and hope the pain goes away ASAP <3
  18. Comet

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    Glad to hear it wasn't too bad and hope you start feeling a ton better soon!
  19. CoolWife

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    Man that’s rough. Hope that did the trick and the new drugs have you better quick.
  20. Zoomzoom

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    Hope you feel better soon Rico!!
  21. Kimmers

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    Glad you are on the mend Rico!

    Today is my official last day nursing L and it’s so bittersweet. I’m happy to be moving forward with IVF again and so eager to be pregnant again, but I’ve just really enjoyed this experience with her and I’m sad to be done. We made it 20 months and a day!
  22. scotchbutter

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    @Kimmers great job mama! It is definitely bittersweet but I promise you’ll miss it more than L. I also weaned around then because we wanted to try for baby #2 and it’s an exciting reason to wean!
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  24. fantasynerd

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    I’m so glad you’re feeling better @Rico Suave , I hope the antibiotics kick in quickly.

    And @Kimmers 20 months is great, and I’m so excited for you to get pregnant with babby #2 out of 7 :lol:
  25. Lh718

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    Hope the new meds kick in fast @Rico Suave !

    You're a rockstar @Kimmers ! Twenty months is amazing.
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