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    So my supply tanked while ill. Not exactly the pressing problem when kiddo was only taking 12 oz a day, but now that he’s back to his happy, healthy self, it’s becoming an issue. Sigh... I really liked only pumping 3x per day. Now we’re back to 4.
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    I'm leaning hard into the whole "they get most of the benefit of BFing from surprisingly little breastmilk" rumor. I say rumor because I've done pretty much no research of my own to verify it because a) I don't have time (I say as I chicken) and b) I don't really want to find out it isn't true. My supply has tanked this week because I'm sick too AND on my period so I'm just giving him more formula. I'm down to 2 pumps a day and I just don't want to go back to more.

    I felt a lot of shame/guilt purchasing formula for the first time at Publix yesterday (we'd been using a sample can for what we've given him so far), but I just buried those feelings. Much healthy. But seriously, it feels freeing. And I feel a bit like I'm "giving up" or failing. My goal was only to go to 6 months and we went to 7 months before giving any formula* so why do I even feel this way? This shit is complicated.

    *outside of supplementing during the first week

    Eta: I'm sorry. I started out trying to commiserate and just made it all about me. I hope you're able to get your supply back up where you want it.
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    And he’ll start drinking less as he eats more solids too! I know it’s hard to say “don’t feel bad” because you do, even if you shouldn’t. But you’ve done great and formula is great for them too! Fed is always best, and your health/mental state matters too <3
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    @Comet :kiss: I took it as commiserating. I hope you feel better!

    We supplemented a lot during the first 6 weeks because first jaundice and then when he started sleeping more it was sooo much easier and faster to pop open a bottle of 2oz formula than warming up a bottle of milk at 3 AM when he did wake up.

    Now it’s pure laziness. He hates the taste of formula. And the idea of either going through what we have now then transitioning to something new with all the mixing. It’s just easier to give him breastmilk and try to transition, but maybe I should. I should. I really should. Just, agh, more thinking!
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    I don't think C loves the taste either. I'm mixing 4oz fresh or frozen BM with 2oz formula right now for his daycare bottles. We still just nurse at home. I need to up the amount of formula in the bottles soon, but this system is so easy because my milk is all frozen in 4oz bags.
  6. I felt the formula shame too, @Comet. I kind of wanted to tell everyone who might see me with it that I had been pumping, and he'd only had bm till now, and, I am a good mum I promise. So silly, because I don't feel that way about anyone else giving their kid formula, so I don't think anyone around gave a flying fuck what I was doing. Now I think formula feeding has actually made life a load easier for us and I'm grateful for that.
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    Yes! This is it exactly!
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    Maybe I’ve internalized this about the formula and here’s where my hang-up is: the WIC director for our area has a daughter my age and we’re friendly acquaintances. In the past I’ve given her extra diapers after M has outgrown the size to pass on to her mom. We still have the sample formula cans and maybe 2-dozen of the 2oz ready-made bottles of supplement.

    So a couple months ago when I ran into her, I ask if her mom will take unopened formula. And with this overwhelmingly patronizing look and tone she asks “Are you having supply problems?” Because obviously when you have supply issues you try to give away all your formula? I just said no as I wasn’t back then; R said later her face fell like she was just waiting to tell me The Only Way to do things (she’s like that). Anyway, 4 months later and I’m still upset when I think about it about it so maybe that is my issue. And clearly it’s more my issue with her and how she’s always looking for how I’m momming wrong, but agh! I was just trying to keep something from going to waste.
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    Wowww what a bitch, she must know how lifesaving (and generally nourishing) formula is if her mom works for WIC.

    I had huuuuuge hangups about formula and breastfeeding, and they definitely were perpetuated by "well meaning" people telling me I was "doing the best thing for my baby" by giving him breastmilk.
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    Okay I have a very stupid question but would appreciate the reassurance. J just had his 4 month check and hes at 40th centile adjusted or 16th by birthday. Thats right where he was at 1 month too but down some from 2 months. The thing is we were so worried about his weight early on I was basically force feeding him and he was spitting up CONSTANTLY. We even had a sick visit between 2 months and now where the doc was like, stop feeding him every 2 hours.

    Anyway, today our ped said she’s not worried about his weight, especially once I reminded her he was early, but asked a ton about my supply. It seems fine? He always has some milk dribble after eating and isn’t fussy. I check it by seeing if I can hand express after he finishes and I always can (lol is that weird? Idk how else to tell). You think that means I’m good to go yes?

    I wish A could have come. I am horrible about hearing one thing and tuning out any reassurance she gives as I freak out over whatever questions she asked.
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    I would think you're fine. Everything you're saying sounds like he's a happily fed baby.
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    So since M and I never connected really well on exclusively nursing, I would follow up with a bottle after to see if he was still hungry after nursing. Usually yes, but sometimes he turned it away.
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    If he seems satisfied I wouldn't worry at all, especially if he's still gaining when you aren't offering him the breast as often.
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    Thanks y’all!

    @CoolWife and he grew 2 inches so I feel like thats normal and he gained 2lbs so not the “perfect” of 3lbs but not like horrifically off. A also mentioned that neither of our kids ate much this past weekend while traveling because they were so off their schedule, so I’m wondering if that messed him up too.
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    D was born around 40ish percentile for weight, also a tiny bit early (37 weeks) he chunked up for a couple months, up to like 60/70ish percentile (cant remember exactly). But by 3 or 4 months, it started going back down again, but never below his birth percentile. I was worried personally, but the doctor never was. He always grew, and his length stayed in the same percentile, it was just his weight. Ive read somewhere that BF babies follow a slightly different growth curve, but don't have time to search for it atm.
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    Thats helpful! J is at the same centile he was at for 1 month, its only that 2 month appt he was ever off/above this centile. His length has stayed the same too.
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    My supply spent 2 days dropping and 2 days of me confused AF. Replaced the tubing and all is well again. I guess I should replace pump parts often.
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    Ugh that’s so annoying. The little flappy valves would always tear on me at the worst times. I started keeping spare everything in my pump bag. Even a spare hand pump for when it all went to shit.
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    The holidays have been terrible for my supply when we’ve been out and about and bottles have been more convenient. I’m hoping drinking more water and upping pumping sessions will help get it back or else we’re going to have to get some formula, which whatever, it’s just expensive. But it’s a panic inducing experience going to pump and getting 2 oz less than you usually do.
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    Is the Spectra S1 Plus likely to be worth me paying $75? It's just for the ability to not be stuck to a wall, but is that worth it? I'm willing to charge a pump, but not to deal with changing batteries all the time.

    My plan, ideally, I think, is to exclusively breast feed for about 4 weeks, and then gradually start pumping some, not sure how much. I'll probably go back to work when the baby is between 4 and 5 months old. Then I think I'll pump in my classroom during recess, maybe lunch, maybe right after school (with a sign on the door). I think I'd like to avoid supplementing with formula until at least 6 months, but obviously fed is best. The priority is doing whatever works best for our family.

    I really want my pump to be as quiet, efficient, and easy to clean and generally deal with, as possible.

    I'm also considering (these are covered by my insurance in full):

    Spectra S2 Plus
    Lansinoh Smart Pump Deluxe (app seems cool)
    Evenflo Advanced
    Ardo Calypso Essentials
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    I really like my S1 because I can carry it around with me. The battery hasn’t needed to be changed and I charge it every so often. It’s also small, portable, and quiet.
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    I have an S2 (insurance pump) and purchased a used S1 pump, and yes, in my opinion the ability to not be tethered to the wall is worth $75.

    The S1 needs to be charged every so often, I normally plug it in when going to bed every couple of days. It’s great.
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    I think so? I bought a battery pack for my Medela for $25. I had to use it to pump in my car, at the airport without an outlet, and when the power went out. It is not necessary, but totally nice if you have it. My plan was also to breastfeed directly, but E and I were not compatible, so I pumped.
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    Got it, thanks chickens! I’ll go with the S1 then.