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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Tumnus, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. Tumnus

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  2. Zoomzoom

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  3. Tumnus

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    I'm kinda surprised by this since they just bought the new house.

    I also did not see that NikkieTutorials announcement coming but good for her.
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  4. Rico Suave

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    STFU you're wrong. I’m trying not to be a snarky bitch but it just seems convenient. Like, I wouldn’t be surprised if they magically got back together in a few months. Idk. If it’s legit, then yeah it’s sad. I don’t particularly like Jeffree, but I liked him and Nate together.

    Fuck the mother fuckers who threatened to out Nikkietutorials. Not cool. I thought he video was great and I got a little choked up when she talked about her mom’s support. <3
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  5. Tumnus

    Tumnus Chicken

    I don't particularly like him either so I have no clue why I care, I think I just like the drama and ridiculousness.
  6. allmaple

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    I love Nikkie and cried watching her video. While I wanted her to name and shame the person who was trying to blackmail her because they deserve to be publicly flogged. I have always loved when she has done videos with her mom, I'm glad she had such a supportive family but it sucks that she couldn't talk about this on her own terms.

    I don't really like Jefree as a person, but yeah I love drama so I watch his videos. Seems weird he just had this empty house tour of his obnoxiously large new house with Nate when they knew they were broken up at the time. Their relationship did seem genuine and like they were a good match with Jefree being so over the top and Nate being more down to earth.
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